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Specific Desires vs. Going General – Why It Does Not Matter

One of the most controversial topics in manifesting are romantic relationships with a specific person. But not only about relationships, but also about money and careers. People might tell you to be not specific and let the universe pick the means of fulfillment. Especially in the huge Law of Attraction community, you might become insecure about your desires. After hearing many times that what you truly desire is something else, but not that person, that job or that place to live. I am sure you heard at least once, you actually desire to be happy and content.

Still, these critical voices are you pushed out and reflect your inner conflict, but you can overcome this by understanding who you really are.

We all desire happiness – still we are allowed to be specific

Having desires and growing with them is part of our experience here. We all do have specific desires, and it is totally fine. This is what makes us all unique. You don’t need to justify yourself about being specific. Even if you are not serious about your relationships, you still may have them. You do not need anyone’s approval to get a specific job – it is yours as soon as you desire it. And only you define the end of your desire – a friendship, an adventurous affair, a relationship, a marriage – it is your decision.

Tonight, know what you want and go right in and occupy it. Don’t ask anyone’s permission; just put yourself into the state you desire to experience by asking yourself this question: “How would I feel if I saw the world from that state?” Do you KNOW you can put yourself into any state?” – Neville Goddard

Neville Goddard – Conception

This is your life and you don’t need to compromise for anything if you don’t want to. No one gains anything if you settle for less than you want.

Desires grow and change all the time, because you grow and change. Nothing is set in stone and you are allowed to try out whatever you want, and you always may go for something new if you want to. You don’t have to stick with your manifestation for a lifetime.

When a manifestation was successful and you want to go for something else, it doesn’t mean your desire was wrong or not what you truly want – it is your nature to go for new experiences and adventures.

Manifesting desires don’t have to be serious business. Stay playful and don’t follow any rules you don’t resonate with.

There is no outside force deciding for you – it is all you

Every person and relationship is a manifestation done by yourself, you just were not aware of it. A friend, a lover, a relative, a colleague and the foreigner next to you in the train – they are all you pushed out. With all of them you have specific beliefs in relation to yourself.

You don’t need to prove yourself in really wanting something in order to receive it. You manifest things every second without asking for them actively. This is your nature.

By telling the universe, God, or any other outside force to decide for you, the manifestation process does not change. It is still in your hands – because you are God. It is all about you.

Things happen for a reason, but this reason is you

You will encounter the phrase “this person is an ex for a reason”, or “you did not get the job, because something better is waiting for you”. This is a way to create rules in your world, but do you resonate with these rules? Do you want to create a world, where better things are still out of reach?

Isn’t it weird to assume something better is waiting, when you actually can assume that the best is already here for you, without exception? And still good and new things can arrive anytime.

Having a specific desire does not exclude new and wonderful experiences.

In a world that is you pushed out, things are only less good if you assume so. Why not be joyful with your desires, by always assuming the best, with all the wonderful surprises life has for you, but without the limitation of “less good” things?

Go general for the sake of your emotions, not because you may not desire something specific

Remember the story of Abdullah and how he taught the Law to Neville. When Neville had the strong desire to go to Barbados to be with his family, Abdullah did not tell his student to go for a more general desire. He did not claim that the universe knows a better island and new, better family figures. He did not say to Neville that he actually desires to be happy and loved and it is not about Barbados.

Abdullah knew there is no limitation, nor a reason not to be specific. He fully supported Neville and said: You are in Barbados.

Learning about the Law, and living in the end, comes with a process that can be challenging in the beginning. Old beliefs are still running. You might have moments when you forget who you really are, and the specific or “big” desires might not feel natural to you yet. Then it can be helpful to go general to find relief – by feeling always safe, always loved and always blessed. But none of this excludes your specific desires.

When you’ve truly accepted who you really are, a general positive mindset comes naturally – since there is no reason anymore to believe anything less about yourself.

A new face does not mean a new relationship – since both are all you pushed out

The world is you pushed out means you cannot escape your responsibility for patterns and beliefs by simply manifesting new things into your life, when old things did not work out. New things can be wonderful, a new lover is exciting, but if you don’t change your self concept that created the mess before, the overall experience can’t change.

You might have experienced already, how a pattern in relationships, friendships and work repeat itself. This can lead to a bitter mindset, thinking, every relationship is doomed, because people are always the same or you are never treated the way you deserve to.

The world has no choice but to reflect what you project.

Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people; they are only messengers telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.

Neville Goddard – Your Faith is Your Fortune

This is why it does not matter if you want to reconcile or improve current relationships, or if you go for something completely new – everything starts and ends with you. Follow what feels good to you and what keeps you envisioning wonderful times. There is nothing to miss on both sides, and so there is equal abundance.

Soulmates, twin flames, karmic partners – many rules and many excuses

A magical connection feels wonderful and this bond between two people out of this world is what many people are longing for. If the concept of soulmates makes you happy and leads to more happiness for you and others, you can of course go for it.

If you are looking for twin flames, you might find these stations of karmic relationships or soulmates. It has been said that you can not be with your partner until they have learned what they need to learn. Or that the station of loss, separation and pain is necessary to prepare for this divine relationship.

This is not just an emotional addiction as a result of lack of self-love, it’s also a complete misunderstanding of what love is all about.

So many people keep suffering from a separation, because they truly believe that the other one is still not ready, waiting years for reconciliation – not being aware, that the world and the other one only reflects what they keep projecting. What they assume hardens into facts.

Sometimes magic happens, and when you meet a person you feel that wonderful connection to. You start to believe, that it can’t go wrong, no matter what, because it is destiny. And then things come together in wonderful, magical ways.

Why not treat every person you love as a soulmate? Why not always assume the best about all the relationships in your life and that nothing can ever go wrong?

The Golden Rule in a world of abundance

The Golden Rule is about to not hurt others. Many people think you may not have specific desires since it can harm other people.

But by assuming you might harm someone with your desires, you bring this into life in the first place.

When other people are involved in your desires, it is never about manipulation. You never force anyone to do anything. But everything does happen regarding your assumption. Even if you abandon your desires, you can’t undo that reflection of your inner world. You do neither yourself nor others a favor by suppressing your desires. Even if you give up and let go, people are still you pushed out. So why not always assume the best from the very beginning?

When you live a life of endless abundance, you won’t hurt anyone – because you can always create the best for others, as you do for yourself.

Love is our birthright. Love is the fundamental necessity of our life. Do not go seeking for that which you are. Those who go seeking for love only make manifest their own lovelessness and the loveless never find love. Only the loving find love and they never have to seek for it.

Neville Goddard – By Imagination We Become

The only reason why someone doesn’t love you, is because you keep assuming so. It is your belief that you need to search for love, that creates the lack of it. But you can change this. From this moment on, you can live in the in the assumption, that the fulfillment of your desires will be also the best for everyone involved – there is no reason not to believe so.

Remember who you really are, remember you are love. When you understand this, when you feel this, all of these questions about others can be answered with: I am the love.

No matter what you want and no matter who is involved – it is always, always about you.

About Author

Nikki is working as a graphic designer, she illustrates fantasy themed artworks. Some of her work can be found on book covers and her own books and graphic novel projects. Since she knows about Neville Goddard and his teachings about the Law, she wishes to combine art and Conscious Creation.


  • Love , Faith and Hope
    June 17, 2019 at 1:16 PM

    That’s such a Lovely post , Nicole ?
    You cleared a lot of doubts
    Looking forward to more amazing posts from you ?

    • Nicole
      October 1, 2019 at 4:28 AM

      Thank you very much for your feedback and support! <3

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  • Dreamon
    July 2, 2019 at 1:56 PM

    This was very reassuring. Thank you for explaining this!

    I have a question: If our desires are done and what we want is already ours…how do we deal with the time delay until in manifests in the 3d world? What should be doing? Can we speed up the process?


    • Nicole
      July 11, 2019 at 3:51 AM

      There is no time delay in your imagination and your inner world. When you accept, who you really are and that your imagination is as real as anything you experience outside, this world can bring you bliss and calmness. If you struggle with impacience, you don’t have yet accepted your desires truly as yours. You can’t look and wait for “outside” results while living in the end, being content and fulfilled. You would be serving two masters then. Same for “speeding up the process” – You can’t speed up, what is already yours.

      • Dreamon
        July 11, 2019 at 8:30 AM

        Thank you very much, Nicole, for your answers to my comments on several articles! They are extremely helpful!

        However, I don’t yet know how to incorporate this concept of time…I feel that my desire is mine, so nothing can stop it from coming true, but at the same time desires don’t come to us instantly, so hence the delay I am speaking about…

  • Dreamon
    July 3, 2019 at 1:27 PM

    So how do we change the conception of ourselves?

    And what are we supposed to do in the time delay between when we ask and our desire manifests in 3d reality?

    Thank you!

    • Nicole
      July 11, 2019 at 3:53 AM

      You change your concept of yourself by burning the old man, by deciding, who you want to be – and being it right now.

      When you know, your desire is a done deal, you can do whatever you want to. There is nothing you can do anyway, but accept your desires as yours. So you have all the time to enjoy yourself and to fill your time with things you love and that makes you happy.

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  • Neha
    August 19, 2019 at 3:07 AM

    This is lovely, Nicole.
    I red this twice so that I could take in all that was written and I realised that I was focusing on just manifesting SPs but not really working on myself (though I thought I was). I finally found why I have been able to manifest my jobs and health. First I believed that I can and lived as if it was done even before it manifested in my reality. It just felt so natural. But with the SP it didn’t feel so because of the way I see myself. I have an image of myself and somehow it’s not inline with how I see myself right now. I now know what I need to focus on. The unquestionable faith and belief that I have in other areas of my life is the answer.

    • Nicole
      August 20, 2019 at 6:50 AM

      I am glad it helps you, Neha. I see already your success story here. 🙂

  • Sue
    October 3, 2019 at 7:38 PM

    This is so true. Love is within. I am love and I am loved. Thank you for this beautiful article.

  • Manisha Sharma
    January 11, 2020 at 7:10 AM

    Love this <3… Thank you for writing such a beautiful article 🙂

  • Sara
    May 30, 2020 at 11:22 PM

    “It is your belief you need to search for love that creates a lack of it”. Ouch! This really hit me and I know this was my past belief.

  • Nea
    December 15, 2020 at 9:02 AM

    I re-read it again after months of experience and I love “no one gains anything if you settle for less than you want.”! and I never truly resonated with a mental diet – it just kept me living in my head and actually being a prisoner of my thoughts and replacing physical with mental action. I pay attention to my feelings and go within. I decided that only my positive thoughts (If I ever think) manifest and that having a calm mind is so much better than being worried about “oh, I must make sure I’m thinking only thoughts of my desired reality”. I just let thoughts pass by as clouds and my mind gets quiet quickly. Imo, a mental diet is not for everybody, if it works for some, fine but it’s not a one size fits all or the magical key to your desires.


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