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How Embracing Love Helped Me Manifest a Beautiful Relationship

In this article, I want to tell you my story with my lover.

Honestly, I stopped called him specific person a long time ago. Why? Because it came to a point where I truly understood and felt the oneness among all of us, among the whole world. My person, my sweetheart, as the entire physical world, it’s nothing but my reflection. By the way, this is my second article for this amazing website. If you want to know more about my journey since discovering the Law, I invite you to read that article before, as it will give you a framework for my story of remembering who I truly am.

Nevertheless, and as I stated in the beginning, this article is going to be focused on my romantic life.

When I first learnt about the Law, I did what all of us have done- affirm, try to visualize. For me, changing my state was something I didn’t understand how to do. I affirmed, but I felt the same. I wanted this man back in my life, and I felt so sad, so abandoned. For context, I met him when I was still in a relationship that I knew had to end, but I never found the courage. At that period of my life, my self esteem was so low and honestly I had almost resigned to the story of not being truly happy in a relationship. But, believe me, when I met this man, I felt something.

I was not attracted to him in a physical way, but something much deeper. I felt at home. It felt like a voice inside me said, “I am the one who will give you everything that you want”. This man was in the same situation as me, but with a child, therefore things were more difficult for him. He showed interest in me and we started texting. I eventually broke my relationship off, as I started to fall in love. At the same time, a lot of fears surfaced in me, and without being aware of what was happening, I embodied a strong fear of rejection. Things started to become hot and cold and eventually he stopped answering my messages, and honestly, I felt an unbearable pain.

During the next few months, I thought about him every second. I felt very miserable, stupid, rejected. I also started to feel a lot of resentment towards him. At the same time, I couldn’t forget him. I felt so attached to him. I reached out several times without success. I remember thinking, “Why can’t I overcome this? Why is this man that I hardly know so important to me?”

Some friends reproached me for not being able to forget him, and I started to feel guilty, as I wanted so badly an explanation or an apology from him. I started to look for ways he could come back into my life and guess what? That was when I came across Neville Goddard for the first time. Then, I found some coaches, but as I wrote before, I was affirming like a parrot. It was very hard for me to accept myself as being God, the illusion of free will, the illusion of separation. At that point, I thought I should have felt like a God, powerful and strong, but all that I felt was pain, loneliness and now, confusion.

The biggest thing I learnt in the past year was to accept and embrace all of my feelings, allowing them to arise, knowing that they are never a problem or an obstacle. Knowing that they don’t change my True Nature. This huge realization came to me once I understood, thanks to Jennifer, who I truly am. Not any identity, not any kind of lack or limitation.

I Am everything. I Am the Universe. I Am God. As Rumi said, “You are not a drop in the ocean, you are the ocean in a drop”.

I will be honest with you, it took me a while to fully assume this truth. I met my person almost two years ago, and we started a relationship last November. Every journey is different, and I don’t condemn mine as I believe everything has happened exactly how it should for me to reach this amazing point in my life. Jennifer always encourages us to be authentic and do whatever we feel, going within and meeting our true needs instead of following techniques that make us feel uncomfortable. Going within and also trusting our True Nature taking care of everything.

Nothing is more powerful than your faith in your True Self. And if you are already everything, you’re already your desires. Lack is always an illusion, and for me, another key has been to not fall for it. Every time the three dimensional world has showed me something apparently opposite, I haven’t accepted it as true. You don’t have to ignore anything, force yourself to feel a certain way or to fight with any thought. You just need to remember that everything is already present, and that although your ego may be projecting an unlovely story onto your physical world, it would never be true because you lack nothing.

Is this an easy process? No, it’s not. Even when my person came back, I still faced suffering several times. I have cried so much, I have faced very ugly circumstances sometimes.

My story is not about applying these realizations and knowledge perfectly and having the perfect results in three days or something. My journey is a journey of going within, of learning, of experimenting. Of accepting there’s nothing wrong with me. Of seeing beyond my false ego stories of limitation. And you know what, I think it has been perfect. Moreover, despite the bad moments with my person, every time I (and him) have gone through them, our relationship has grown so much.

Nowadays, we live together. I know his son and soon I will meet the rest of his family- who has said to him that they have never seen him so happy. He says to me he has never been like this with a woman. Let me tell you that he’s even better than in my dreams. He’s absolutely perfect, the man of my desire. Why? Because despite every circumstance, I persisted with my desire being the only Truth and on him being God as I Am.

What is God? Love.

I decided to always see beyond the circumstances, beyond the false masks that my ego could be projecting onto him. I decided I Am God, already whole, complete, fulfilled. Everything is already within me because I Am the whole Universe, including all the possible identities to embody. Consequently, being rejected or unloved, unworthy, etc., is just an illusion that I won’t ever accept any longer, despite the feelings that my scared ego may feel in a human moment.

I don’t need to suppress these feelings, but to accept them with love, knowing that they come from a false identity that created a false narrative. I can soothe that part of me like a baby, always remembering who I truly am. Yes, I Am Loved. Yes, I Am Everything. And as my person and I are the same, he reflects exactly that, the Love that he and I truly are.

Embrace Love, your True Nature. Let your ego speak and let all of its illusions of limitation dissolve. Don’t fall for them, and let the magic happens.


  • emilyandthemoon
    November 8, 2022 at 10:42 PM

    Such a beautiful post, Moon – thank you!
    Can you tell us what exactly you did to find your God state between when he disappeared to when he came back? I’m most interested to learn NOT how you “got him back,” but how you were able to embody yourself as the God of your reality.
    Congratulations on a beautiful love story!

  • Guylaine
    November 9, 2022 at 6:18 AM

    What a beautiful story. Your lover seems to me being your twinflame the exact mirror of yourself the perfect match. I awakend to my Twinflame one year ago but didn’t meet him yet. Also married but facing this love it doesn’t mean anything. I discovered LOA and I hope this will help me too to meet him, working on my self concept in the meantime to avoid lack and pain. I wish you lots of Love and happiness in your beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it, It helps me knowing it’s worth it going on, fighting for it even if it’s not easy.

  • Pamina
    November 11, 2022 at 3:45 AM

    Thank you for this beautiful, honest article!

  • sylvia
    May 20, 2023 at 12:16 AM

    Dear Moon, I don’t know if you read the comments, but I really want to ask you a few questions. I am also in a similar cycle, I am studying, but you described so well what I want, that I have a few questions that would help. (I am not a native English speaker, sorry for my English)


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