1-on-1 Coaching

Each coaching session is tailored specifically to tackle the issues and questions you are encountering. We will target your limiting beliefs and come up with solutions for you in order to figure out what’s holding you back from manifesting your deepest desires. We will teach you how to become aware of who you really are and how to use this knowledge to manifest easily and effortlessly, without feeling exhausted using tools or techniques. You will receive insight on how to change your perception on manifesting, and the world around you. We will also answer any questions you have related to the topic you choose to discuss.

We think coaching is for you if: 

  • You have at least a foundation level understanding of Neville Goddard’s teachings and have been practicing them in your everyday life. 
  • You are relatively clear on the areas of your life that you need extra guidance with.
  • You are committed to taking full responsibility for your circumstances.
  • You are ready to take the time to invest in yourself.
  • You are ready to implement what we teach you in the sessions and are determined to persist.
  • You are ready to accept that the physical world is an illusion, that everyone is you pushed out, and that your imagination creates your reality. 
  • You are not using coaching in the place of a doctor or mental health provider. 

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