Manifesting FAQs

Below is a list of frequently asked questions that we get asked in regards to manifesting a specific person and relationships. We decided to make this page because we receive many questions regarding this topic, so we decided it would be easier to dedicate an entire page just for this, that you can use as a general reference guide. The answers to these questions can be applied to anything.

We will be updating this page periodically, when we feel there is more to be added, or if more questions arise. Since each editor is contributing to this page, you will see each separate answer in between a specific color, which will indicate the writer.

1. How do I stop thinking negatively?

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“Assume that you’re always thinking positively. You only have positive thoughts, and even if you do think negatively. It is best to assume that you never manifest anything negatively, and you only manifest positive things. Also, you can assume you never believe your negative thoughts anyway. This way you have sort of a safety net around your thoughts. If you are God, you need not fear your thoughts if you create your own rules. 

For example: 

Specific person: You are assuming you’re with your SP, but you think some nasty negative thoughts. Your whole mood is down, because you think you have to combat these thoughts. Fighting these negative thoughts feel draining to you. Now, you’re worried they will manifest because you thought of these thoughts too much.

If you decide these negative thoughts will never manifest, they will not. You can think these thoughts thousands of times. If you think only positive things manifest, and expect only positive things to happen, then this will be your new reality. You will only have positive things happen to you.  If you have the assumption that you don’t believe your negative thoughts anyway, these thoughts will not affect you. You can think they’re cheating on you, and you will be assured time and time again they’re not. This with the combination of assuming you never think those thoughts, will be effective for the stop of negative thinking altogether.”

Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

“I find that the main reason people ask this question is because they are afraid of their negative thoughts. You can only be afraid of your negative thoughts if you give them a negative meaning. A common misconception when manifesting is the belief that if you don’t flip around your negative thoughts, then that means you are entertaining it, or it will manifest. However, this is furthest from the Truth.

Give your thoughts no meaning at all. They are just thoughts, words, syllables. It is a natural part of the shifting process, that when you are shifting into a new state, old thoughts will resurface. Allow them to pass on by. It is never these thoughts that matter, it is always the state you are in. If you have been going within to shift your state, remembering who you really are, then your natural thoughts will be those that correlate to being a person who understands their desires are theirs no matter what. That it is a done deal, and nothing can stop that. Shift your state and a vigorous mental diet will be old news. Your negative thoughts have no power over you. A tip is to stop calling them negative thoughts all together. They are just thoughts.

Having negative thoughts is not a indication that you are doing something wrong, or that you are on the wrong track. It is never the actual thought or feeling you might have within (such as those knots in your stomach), it is always, always, how you are perceiving, labeling and tackling them.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

2. Why isn’t my SP responding to me?

“PART 1: You are GOD. So, remember whatever question you ask yourself, you are the one who decides the answer. Everything is made up of you.

For example: My SP always gets so excited when I contact them, they’re probably thinking of something romantic to say.

PART 2: If you don’t like that they’re not responding to you, then change it with a firm assumption. 

For example: They always respond to me in a way I love. No matter what I think I always get the response I want from my SP. I already have the assumption that they always respond to me in a way I love. Communicating with them is fun, loving, easy, and normal.

Because you already have the assumption that they don’t respond to you, you might be assuming that no matter what you think, you never get the response you want. You have to assume that your SP always responds to you in a way you desire.”

Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

“Stop basing the success of your manifestations off of what you do or do not see in the 3D world. The finite human mind is logical and only judges based on the surface of appearances. In other words, because you are so used to always taking things at face value, and then reacting to it, you are assuming that what the shadow world is showing you is what’s actually real. Don’t fall for these false premises any longer. Think from your True Self.

How would your True Self think?

Your True Self- your natural state of being- which is the state of remembering who you really are, and that life is on your side, knows that things are always happening. The pieces of the puzzles are coming together. Every single moment of your life, without fail, is part of the unfolding of that beautiful and consistent communication that you desire. Everything is part of the bridge of events, no matter if the logical mind can see it or not.

If you remember this, you wouldn’t be bothered by “no response”. You will realize it is completely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Your desires are a promise. If you truly accepted this, then what would there be to be worried about? “No response” is part of the unfolding of the beautiful response.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

3. Why haven’t I seen results yet?

“If you assume that you always see results whenever you want, then that’s what will happen. There is nothing wrong that you’re doing unless you assume that you have done something wrong. This causes us to look for outside sources to tell us how to do it right, but you just have to assume you’re doing things right. That’s all there is to it.”

 Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

“This goes hand in hand with my response from the question above. If you are assuming that whatever you are seeing in the 3D world is an indicator of nothing happening, then you are forgetting that your entire existence here is to manifest your desires. It is to manifest your desires, to remember who you really are, and how this all works.

If your entire existence here is to give life to your desires, and bring them forth, then doesn’t it make sense that every moment of your life is part of this fulfillment? If you are looking for results, you are not trusting in the process. To have a desires means to trust in the unfolding. It is an indicator of complete trust in life, in the journey and in who you really are. This trust is what we call operating from the state of Love. You can call it whatever you want, such as the state of the wish fulfilled. If you accept this, then you really would stop looking for results all together.

Look for results within, because that is where everything, every part of your life, is being projected from. If you are still wondering where your desires are, then that means things haven’t changed from within. So then how can things change on the outside?”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

4. Do I have to surrender to the universe?

“Regardless of whatever anyone tells you, remember this- you are God. You choose when you see results. If you choose to make up a high power other than yourself, to decide when your manifestation can come, then you can. And, this will be what happens. You will surrender to an imaginary force, instead of surrendering to yourself.

Surrender to yourself. You are an actual God, give yourself the permission slip you give yourself when you believe a technique will actually work for you. Your assumptions are what creates, and you create all the rules. HOW, WHEN, WHY, WHERE. You create it all. Just decide that you can have whatever you want.”

Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

“YOU are the universe. Another word for universe is God, imagination, consciousness, etc. So if by surrendering to the universe you mean trusting in your desires, then yes. Surrender to your desires. Treat your desires like a beautiful gift given to you. Accept it, bask in it, know it’s here, or it’s on its way, and then live your life manifesting other wonderful things.

It is a waste of energy to wonder where things are, when you could be utilizing that moment to go within and connect with your True Self, ruminating the feeling of relief, or just watching some Netflix and eating food! I can’t find the exact quote, but Neville once said, “why aren’t you imagining? Why are you telling me of it not being here? You should be imagining”. This may not be the exact words, but it is very similar along those lines.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

5. How do I manifest what I want instantly?

“You assume that you manifest whatever you want instantly. That no matter what thought you have, you always manifest whatever you want instantly.  You normalize the feeling of having whatever you want manifest instantly before your eyes.”

Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

“Every manifestation is an instant manifestation. The only reason you think one manifestation is instant, and another one isn’t, is because you are still thinking from the point of view of linear time. Drop the illusion of time, and more so drop the desperation for instant manifestation. The aim should be consistent manifestation. Once you realize this, instant manifestations, and manifesting in timeframes, will be a normality for you. It will be a piece of cake!

Do not waste energy wondering or pondering. Practice and test the Law. Connect with your True Self and intend for experiences to prove to you that time is an illusion. This is a much more beneficial way to experience each moment. This is what I did in the beginning of my journey.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

6) So, all I do is say these assumptions, and I will have whatever I want instantly?

“You are god, you answer the question with: Yes, that’s all there is to it.”

Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

7) If manifesting instantly is easy, how come we don’t hear about it that much?

“Actually, we hear it all the time. Many people just have assumptions on what you can manifest instantly. But, really there is no differentiation between manifesting a million dollars instantly and manifesting a cup of coffee. It’s just we took everyone’s idea of what’s easy and made it our own assumption. But, both are easy. Many people, like celebrities and millionaires, have the assumption that things manifest instantly for them. They’re no different than us, they’re just assuming things manifest instantly.”

Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

“You are literally manifesting an entire universe all at once, instantly.. Do you really think manifesting an SP is difficult? Look at all of the other people you are manifesting instantly in your life right now. You are doing it so effortlessly. Don’t let the circumstances, or the past, disempower you. Make yourself that inspirational success story that everyone looks up to!”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

8) Why do things manifest for other people, but not me?

“You have the assumption that other people manifest what they want, but you don’t. The same way we see celebrities and millionaires having a great life. It’s because you have the assumption that other people are living large. But, guess what? You can do the same for yourself. You can assume everyone else thinks that you always get what you want, you can see other people seeing you as someone who lives this large luxurious life. You are God, use your assumptions to your advantage”

Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

9) How do I prevent myself from getting frustrated when manifesting my desires?

“If you are frustrated at something, it is because you are assuming something that is the opposite of what you want in your life. 

For example: ‘I have been saying these affirmations, and nothing is happening.’ That will cause you frustration. If you assume that you manifest whatever you want, and you always get exactly what you want and better, then you will rarely have any frustrations.

You are a God. Create your own rules about your life. You can create your own rules about your frustration. For example, Jennifer has this rule where whenever she cries, something amazing happens. You can do the same thing with your frustration, and add your own rule to it. Such as, whatever you’re frustrated about never persists. It always turns out that there was never anything for you to be frustrated about.”

Written By: Toyin Taiwo – Read her articles here.

11) How do I shift into a state?

“You are shifting states every single second. Do not let the word ‘state’ confuse you. State means state of being or state of mind. It is referring to the self concept you have and the mindset you are in. Every article we have written, and the podcasts, are to help shift you into a different state of mind, so that you can operate in life differently and be more accepting of your desires being done. I don’t hyper focus on the state I am in, I simply make remembering who I really am a priority in my life. I operate from remembering this Truth. This alone will shift your state automatically, which will in turn cause your 3D world to shift too. No extra fluff required!

This step by step article by Kriston, on how to shift your state daily, might be beneficial to you: How I Practice Living In The End.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

12) What does it mean to live in the end?

“You do not have to pretend or ‘act as if’ all day long to manifest your desires. Living in the end just means you know your desires are yours and that there is nothing left to do. You can think about your desires and feel excited and happy that they are on the way, there is nothing wrong with that! You do not have to stop thinking about it. You can think nothing at all, it really does not matter. All of your thoughts should come from the place of knowing that you have already set things into motion, and from being the person who knows their wish has been fulfilled.

Examples of living in the end:

Let’s say you want to manifest a relationship or you want to manifest more money in your bank account. You should first remember that your imagination is more real than your 3D world and it should not be a fantasy to you. Do not let the solidity of things throw you off. Your imagination is the causation, so it only makes sense to focus on your imagination. It is where you go to select what you want to occur in your 3D world next. When we say imagination, we do not mean visualization only. Imagination is referring to your self talk, your inner conversations, your reactions, your thoughts, your perceptions. It’s everything.

When you close your eyes, you are not simply thinking of the desire, but you are experiencing it in that moment. You are moving into the real world (imagination) and stepping away from the illusion (the 3D world). You are becoming one with the only thing that is real- imagination, also referred to as consciousness, God or awareness. When you close your eyes to experience your desires, you are quite literally living it in that moment, even if you are just feeling it and not necessarily seeing it. This is not only when we close our eyes, but all of the time really. I know this sounds foreign, because you are so used to living by the 3D world, but that’s okay. Once you continue to practice and keep bringing yourself back home, it will start to feel normal. Because it is the only Truth. This is what it means to think from having your desires.

Once you open your eyes, or have declared something as being yours now, you are not in the same reality any longer. I know it may look like that, but don’t fall for it. You actually are not in the same reality any longer! You are in the reality where your desires are starting to unfold. Live in the present moment and go with the flow of each moment- good, bad or indifferent. Be aware that you are now in your new reality, so therefore everything must be part of the desire unfolding. If you know this, then you are not reacting to opposite or contrary results, it makes no sense to.

Now, you have to anchor yourself into this knowing and understanding and carry it with you. Living in the end is a new way of living life. It is a new way of operating and looking at things, as a whole. Not just for your desires. If you are aware that this is your new life now, then how would you act throughout the day? How would you feel? How would you react to others and circumstances? How would you react to your doubts and fears, knowing you are God? How would you go about your day knowing you are now in your new reality?

Would insignificant things like your specific person only saying ‘hi’ bother you? Would no communication bother you, if you know you’re already in the reality where the end result is near? Would your bank account balance bother you? Would you ask questions that imply you’re not in your new reality? Would it matter if you had some off moments here and there, or what other people are saying? Who cares about all of that, right? Since you are already in your new reality!

This is what it means to live in the end. Here is another article that might help you: What It Means To Live In The End

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

13) How do I impress my subconscious mind and how do I instill new beliefs within me?

“You do not need to worry about impressing your subconscious mind or digging up the seed. If you are the God of your reality, then you need to realize that you cannot ‘dig up’ what is always yours. God speaks to you through your desires, and when you have a desire it has already been impressed. This is why remembering who you really are is so important, because it is easy to keep living life and looking at things through the human perspective, if you think this illusionary self (with all the limitations) is who you really are.

When you remember who you really are, your mindset naturally shifts without any kind of convincing. When you make going within every day to connect with your True Self a priority, you are actually walking your illusionary self back home. You are bringing forth your natural state of being. Within this natural state of being, is where all of these new beliefs you want to have are. It’s where that deep knowingness resides. If you focus on this, and operate life from this awareness, then you will naturally start to look at things differently. You are bringing the knowingness and the new beliefs forward, allowing the Truth to be revealed. No convincing or struggling required. This is also how to change every aspect of your life all at once. This is what means to be in the wish fulfilled. As a matter of fact, remembering who you really are is being in the state of your entire life being fulfilled, not just a few wishes here and there”.

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

14) How do I go within and what does that mean?

“Going within means that you are focused within rather than the hologram on the outside. It seems silly to focus on fixing a projection, when the projector is the one that needs to be sorted. I like to take time of out my day to close my eyes, or with my eyes open, to check in with my self. I like to remind myself of who I really am, that this entire world is a dream and that my desires are fulfilled. I ask myself, ‘What have I been conscious of being today? Were you reacting to unlovely circumstances? Did you remember you are in a new reality where your desires are done?’, and so on. Then I feel the relief of knowing that there are no issues or problems, even if it seems like so. I might think of my desire and feel excited about it, or I may simply just thank God for everything going the way I want.

This is all that going within means. You can also meditate, visualize, affirm, be silent, etc. It really does not matter so long you are anchoring yourself in understanding your desires are a done deal and not contradicting this. If you feel like you are still holding onto old beliefs or concepts, or old stories, then you may want to spend time going within to declare to yourself that you are now choosing to drop them.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

15) What if I do have an off moment and I react?

“It’s okay! Just brush it off and remind yourself that you are going to keep getting better at this. You do not want to re-affirm that you are bad at this or that you have issues and problems when it comes to manifesting. Unless you want to keep staying stuck in that state. If you are re-affirming that you are bad at not reacting or that you have a lot of obstacles in your way, then that is an indicator of what your self concept is. If this is the story you tell of yourself, then how do you expect to be aware of your True Self?”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

16) What does it mean if things go opposite or my manifestation is partial?

“It means nothing at all. You give life to things with the meaning and labels you place on them, and with your perceptions. Whenever this has happened to me in the past, I kept persisting no matter what. There is no such thing as a partial manifestation. If something hasn’t ‘fully’ manifested, it only means you’re supposed to persist. It does not mean you are supposed to jump to the conclusion that your desire was only half manifested. If it isn’t the end, then it isn’t the end yet! Remember, after you declared your desires as yours (see question 12), then you are in a new reality. Which means everything is part of that fulfillment, no questions asked.”

Relevant article: When Things Seem To Be Getting Worse

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

17) What does it mean to persist?

“Persisting does not mean hard work or effort. Persistence means you live in the end of your desires being yours. It means you do not give up and victimize yourself, and you do not allow anything to become an obstacle, when obstacles are just illusions anyway. What we humans think of as obstacles, our True Self knows this ‘obstacle’ is actually perfect for the fulfillment. It’s okay if you cannot see how, that is not your job. Be free from this worry, and go with the flow of each moment. Nothing more needs to be done.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

18) How to interact with others while I am living in the end?

“It doesn’t matter how you interact with others, because nothing can mess up your manifestation, unless you assume so. You can say whatever you want so long you know your desire is a done deal. I always go with the flow and say/do whatever feels right at the moment, all from a place of knowing who I am and knowing my desires are manifesting. As I said earlier, do not make anything an obstacle, because it truly does not need to be one.

This doesn’t mean that you should react to what people are saying, it means you don’t care what they are saying. It means you are not trying to be perfect and force interactions to align with your desire. That will happen naturally on its own.

You are never lying to anyone or being delusional, if you truly understand how your assumptions are creating your reality. Make your own rules for what is right or wrong.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

19) Am I messing with the middle?

“I do not believe in messing with the middle, because your assumptions are what matters. Thinking of the lovely communication and dates between you and your person is a natural part of a relationship. I do believe that someone can get too caught up and distracted in the bridge of events to the point where they might only keep manifesting bridges, because that is what they analyze, rather than accepting that their desires are a done deal. Someone might assume that they should or shouldn’t be replying to someone, or that they might say or do the wrong thing. This isn’t messing with the middle, but more-so assuming your desires aren’t here and that something can mess it up from manifesting.

If you assume that your desires are unfolding perfectly no matter what, then the idea of messing with the middle or messing something up would not cross your mind. I believe that the most important part of manifesting is the concept you hold of yourself. Do you hold a concept of yourself in which you think you can mess things up? But, can God ever mess anything up?”.

Relevant article: Messing With The Middle

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

20) What does it mean to ‘remember who I really am’?

“Remembering who you really are just means to remember your True Self. It means to remember that everything is an illusion, that we are living a dream and that you are the Operant Power of your universe. If one only identifies with this True Self, then nothing becomes an issue any longer. And if you are conceiving of issues and obstacles, then it means you are not identifying with who you are, but with one of the passing states. However, it is completely fine to forget, we all do. You are still having a human experience. Practice getting comfortable in your True Self and you will remember without anyone telling you how to.

Article & podcast on this coming soon!”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

21) What to do if something opposite happens?

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“Something ‘opposite’ manifesting means nothing at all. In my experience, it just means you have to continue to persist. I view it as the rearranging of things for the unfolding of your manifestation, and all part of the process. I know it can be frustrating to see something opposite occurring, but remember you are now perceiving reality from the perspective of your True Self- from being the God of your reality. Since you are now in the reality where your desire is the end, then how would you react to opposite or contrary evidence?

Would you even label it as something bad or negative? Does it really matter in the grand scheme of things? Everything is perfect for the unfolding of your manifestations. Nothing ever takes away from your desires, so you must allow the circumstances to work for you. They are never actually against you. When you see an opposite manifestation, remember that everything is perfect for the unfolding, and remember that your imagination is the only reality.

Re-affirm that your desire is a done deal and drop into the feeling of relief knowing that your desires are a promise, and that there are never any issues or problems, besides the ones we accept as true for ourselves. I never accept any issues for myself and neither should you. Be still and know- turn to the higher power within the human body and remember that your desires are pure love.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

22) Do I have to say affirmations and intend all day long?

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“You do not need to do anything all day long. It is beneficial to remind yourself throughout the day that you are the operant power, that your desire is a done deal, and that you are already in the reality where your desires are here. If you feel like you need to, you can bring up your desire in your mind’s eye throughout the day and feel the reality of it. None of this is necessary because your desire is done. However, I like feeling excited about me being in my reality where my desire is here, so I do remind myself throughout the day and anchor myself in the feeling and knowing of this.

It can’t go wrong. Remember, the 3D world is simply a side effect of your imagination. It is always, 100%, a constant reflection of your inner world- your imagination. This means, whatever you are predominantly assuming and focusing on, is what will flow out from within you to project onto the screen of space in front of you. So if you need reminders throughout the day to keep you centered and focused, then that is completely fine.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

23) Is it better to go general when it comes to manifesting? Is it okay to be specific?

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“You can go general when it comes to manifesting or you can be specific. It does not matter at all because creation is finished. If creation is finished, this means that everything already exists and is ready for you to give life to it in the form of a physical manifestation. As soon as you have a desire for something, or if you can conceive of something, then that means it exists. If it didn’t exist, you would have never had the idea in the first place!

There is no such thing as a desire being more hard or more difficult to manifest, just because one is general or another is specific. That is only a limiting belief stemming from the human part of us. Drop these false illusions and no longer identify yourself with these concepts. I would never urge you to settle, rather change your attitude towards yourself (your self concept) to be the version of you who is only identifying themselves with their True Self- God. Jesus said in the bible that we can do everything he can do and even greater things. So why should you limit yourself?”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

24) How to deal with anxiety, doubts and fears?

“How each person deals with anxiety and uncomfortable feelings/emotions will be unique to them. I will tell you that anxiety and doubts/fears are never anything to be worried about. Everything is powerless in this world, unless we, as God, give it life and power. Everything needs our conscious awareness of it, in order for it to be animated in our 3D world, including doubts/fears. Which is why you can manifest your desires while still having some doubts because they actually mean nothing at all.

They will not manifest, so you do not need to fear them or swat them away constantly with affirmations, or force yourself into a better state. In fact, it is really your assumption underneath your reasoning for doing this is what will manifest. If you assume they have power over you, then they will. If you assume it is just old stuff coming up for you to let it go, then it will be so, You make the rules and you get a say on what things mean and do not mean.

Nothing has already predetermined labels or meanings on them, it is you, as God, who gives things, people, etc., this kind of power.

I always say to perceive everything- and I mean everything from the perspective of your True Self- God. So, ask yourself how would you deal with doubts, fears and anxiety, knowing who you really are and knowing that everything is always working for you and not against you? You probably would just notice as they appear, recognize them as meaning nothing at all, and then let it pass on by. This will take practice, and I understand it is uncomfortable at first, but it is a temporary discomfort for long lasting peace and relief.

Be patient and nonjudgemental with your ego. It is only trying to protect you. But you, as God, knows better now. You see everything from a different perspective and from the filter of everything being perfect. Embody being the version of you who always reacts to her doubts, fears, anxieties, and everything for that matter, from a place of love rather than fear. Remember, nothing can mess up your manifestation, not even moments where you feel off.”

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.

25) I don’t think about my desires any longer or I don’t care if it manifests. Does this mean I am no longer desiring this thing/person?

“Yes and no. No, it doesn’t mean you don’t want the desire any longer. Yes, it means you are no longer desiring it because you have moved from a state of desiring to a state of having, which is wonderful news! So be proud of yourself. You haven’t let go of the actual desire, you let go of your doubts, fears, the desperation and your old state of being. If you really didn’t care, you probably wouldn’t have asked this question! This is a good feeling, don’t worry.”.

Written By: Jennifer Ramdeo – Read her articles here.