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Messing With The Middle + Time

I get a lot of questions from people asking me if they’re messing with the middle, or that they’re scared that they are, and that if they do, their manifestations will not show up. Some are even scared that if they think too far into the future, that also means they are thinking about the “how”, or creating a time lag.

You don’t have to be scared about meddling with the middle. Because like I said, you can’t do it wrong, since creation is finished. Your desire is already yours. No matter what you do, or what you think, it is all based on one thing— what are your assumptions?

The reason we tell people to not think about things such as text messages or phone calls when manifesting a specific person, is because most of the time they think this is what they need to do in order to “get” that person. And in there lies their true assumption: ‘I don’t have my person yet. I need to manifest this text message/phone call so they contact me.’ Then, they are stuck in a perpetual endless loop of only manifesting text messages and phone calls, one after the other.

However, there is a difference between that assumption, and forcefully trying to manifest contact because you are in a state of lack, compared to the assumption of: “I love getting texts and phone calls from my person. We have such beautiful communication daily. I am always a priority in their lives. Ah I love waking up to these sweet and romantic good morning texts”.

Think back to when you were first dating your person, weren’t these your natural thoughts? You naturally had these wonderful and lovely thoughts, and you did not get scared, thinking you are “messing with the middle”. Because even when you did have these thoughts, your assumption was always the same— you’re already with your beloved, in that amazing relationship. You may have even been anticipating a wonderful marriage, knowing you guys will get married.

You had these thoughts of beautiful contact, already in the assumption and knowing you both are together. You were living in the end already (you just knew they were yours). You didn’t have these thoughts with the assumption of trying to get them. Do you see the difference?

People confuse living in the end, meaning you must only think of the end result, and nothing else. Living in the end does not mean this. It means you know the end result is already yours and done, and that there is nothing more for you to do. You understand that your wish will be manifested in the 3D world, because it has no choice but to.

With this understanding, naturally the lovely thoughts about dates, traveling together, marriage, having beautiful communication daily, will come. It’s what you’ve done before. It’s what you’ve always been doing. You’ve always had lovely mental/inner conversations, and you were always visualizing and affirming wonderful things. You were just unaware of it.

Messing with the middle only refers to one thing- if you are thinking about how you will get your desire. It’s if you are stuck in contemplating how it will manifest, or when it will come. The Who, What, Where, and When. But that is not your concern. Because when you are stuck in thinking this, you are still in the assumption that your desire is not already yours. You still don’t believe you’re the God and Goddess in your reality, and that there is an abundance of love, and everything else, already ready and here for you.

If you stick to this assumption of knowing everything and everyone is already yours, then you would not feel scared about thinking about things. Because you understand you’re God and it can’t go wrong. And since you understand this, you no longer contemplate on the how or when. Instead, you are focusing on enjoying and having your desire now. And that’s all that you need to be concerned with.

Think about whatever you want. Think about the lovely things you want to do, experience or have. Think about the people you want and the lovely things you guys will do together. Because there is nothing wrong with thinking about something that makes you feel good and happy. Your manifestations will not missed. You won’t create a time lag, and your desire won’t be given to anyone else.

The reason people get so hung up on the how or the time, is because they think that they must do something to “get”. They think their person or thing will slip away, or that time is “running out”. But if you already know where your desire came from, and who you are, then you know there is an abundance of time for all of the lovely and amazing things you guys will do. You know that everything is already here for you, because it was created for you to enjoy. It wasn’t created for you to contemplate on how to get it.

When someone bakes you a cake, you don’t contemplate on how to create the cake— you just eat it and enjoy it. You may anticipate beforehand, “I’m so excited to eat this cake. I know it will be so yummy”. You don’t worry about if you’re messing with the middle by having these thoughts, you’re not thinking about how to get the cake or how you’re going to enjoy it. You don’t think about creating it. You just rest in the assumption that it is yours and you enjoy it!

The very exact same thing you are doing here. So stop being scared about unnecessary and irrelevant things. God did not give you this desire to work hard or to stress you out. It’s here for you to enjoy and have whatever lovely thoughts you want!

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Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


  • Joe

    Another amazing article and I’m absolutely loving the posts coming here. I love coming onto this site and reading other LOA people’s insights and for myself personally on my own journey, this article has pretty much been an outpicture of exactly where I am on my journey. I wake up every morning and fall asleep every night in the complete conviction that I’m married to the woman I love and I walk in that assumption so convincingly that there is no concern over anything in the middle or any time delay because if it’s happened, how can it be late?

    Great work again Jennifer, sending love and light.

  • Rosan

    Thank you again for this bright article, Jennifer. Have been feeling quite confused lately, but what you wrote is soothing like a soft blanket. I wish you a wonderful day! <3

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