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It Is Done – Knowing Your Desires Are Yours

When a desire comes upon you, no matter what it is, your first instinct may be to question the how, why, what, who, or when. But when you truly understand how reality works, you’ll know that when you have a desire, it is automatically yours. For you would not have it in the first place if it weren’t. You are the embodiment of God consciousness made into flesh. Every single atom, every single fiber of your body, is made up of this God consciousness. This quite literally means you are naturally whole, complete, perfect, and love. You are more than enough, and you are more than worthy to have every one of your desires.

Your imagination is the Lord, the God within you. God is dreaming that they are You in this world, so they may experience whatever you are experiencing. It is like a lucid dream. When you dream at night, do you wake up and believe that you were someone else, other than your own self? Probably not. You may even tell another person, I dreamt that “this and this happened”. No matter what, you were aware that YOU were the one doing the dreaming.

Now, since you understand that right now as you are here, God is dreaming of you, and when you wake up you are going to remember you are this very God (just like when you wake up from another nightly dream and remember who you are), then there should be no doubt of the powers that you possess. There should be no questioning or wavering of your capabilities. As a matter of fact, you have an upper hand of actually remembering Who You Really Are in this dream. And so you have the advantage to use your God-given powers– your imagination.

When you have a desire within you, it is like a nudge from the God within you saying “Hey I want you to experience this. You are Me, and I want to experience this through You. You have the powers I have, since you are Me, so please use it to experience this thing”. This is precisely why Neville says that when you have a burning desire and you put it to the side, or question it, you are sinning. Because you are depleting your Godself from experiencing what He/She truly wants to experience. You may push it to the side, and forget about it because you’ve deemed it impossible, but sooner or later it will come back.

Now, it is perfectly okay and normal for your desires to change, and for you to want something else. This is still the God within you that you are, wanting to experience this new desire. So when a desire comes upon you, the first thing you should do is accept that it is done. You should accept that this desire is yours already, and remember that God is nudging you to experience this exact thing. “Nothing is impossible to God”, and God makes no mistake.

Knowing It Is Done

Start off by knowing that your desire is yours and that it is done, simply because you said so. And since you said so, now it has NO CHOICE but to manifest. Accept your God consciousness and assume that because you want something, it must be something you are meant to experience. You don’t lose anything by assuming this and having this mentality, as soon as you desire something or someone. Ask yourself, “What do I have to lose by assuming that this thing or person I want, is already mine?”. Seriously. Ask yourself this right now. What have you got to lose? I am assuming you want this thing or person because it makes you happy. What is so bad about assuming that something or someone that makes you happy is already yours?

You may think “I don’t want to get my hopes up only for it to not happen. I don’t want to get hurt”. Most likely you are thinking this because you view yourself as someone other than the God that you are. Your concept of yourself is someone who might get let down or who might get hurt. In other words, you are identifying yourself as your human self. A part of you still believes that something bad can happen to you. If you didn’t view yourself as someone whose hopes can get let down, then you would not question yourself.

But you see, when you focus on this old concept of yourself, this old story of yourself– your awareness is still placed on something undesirable. You are still focusing on something that makes you feel bad, so of course you are only going to get more of that. Either way, you don’t win. You feel bad because you are putting yourself down and questioning yourself, and then your desire is still not made manifest. If you think about, it’s a sort of quiet (or not quiet) madness.

When your awareness is focused upon images, thoughts, and feelings that make you happy, then you win either way. Firstly, you feel good and powerful, and I see nothing wrong with that. Secondly, you manifest your desires and you manifest beautiful experiences that match the things your awareness is focused upon.

But then you ask, “So why am I questioning it? Why am I fearful? Why does my mind keep going back to the bad things?”. I’ll tell you why.

Doubts, Fears & Negative Thoughts

There is only one reason why you doubt yourself, have fears, or are scared of your negative thoughts. It is because a part of you believes that, that bad thing can be true for you. A part of you may have accepted this story somewhere in your life, and when you react to these doubts or fears, you accept it in your reality. You nod your head at it, and are basically saying “Yep. This can happen to me. This might happen. It will happen”. Any one of those things, it really doesn’t matter. In other words, you still don’t believe you are God. You would rather accept something that makes you feel bad and let it consume you, rather than something that makes you feel happy and powerful. Is that not a sort of madness?

I’ve asked myself this question on my own journey, and still continue to do so. It is absolutely crazy to give in, and to place your focus and awareness on something that makes you feel bad when you know you have the ability to do otherwise. I don’t mean this in a harsh way, only to have you contemplate on this.

When a fear or doubt comes knocking, understand in that moment that God is knocking at that exact same moment. And God is knocking 10x louder. You have the ability to choose in that moment, which door you are going to open. Will you open the door that leads to a pathway that makes you feel bad? The pathway that is personified as “the devil”. Or will you open the door that God is knocking on? Anyone with an ounce of common sense would choose the door that leads to a pathway of making you feel happy, and manifesting your desires.

There is absolutely nothing or no one that is controlling your mind, and the things you accept as true in your reality and about yourself, beside You. Repeat this out loud: There is NO ONE making me feel bad, beside my own self. And how beautiful is it, that I no longer have to feel this way? What if you didn’t have the choice, and you had to feel bad just because that’s how things were, and there was no way out? So be grateful that you do have the choice, and use these powers that you have.

Negative thoughts only have power over you if a part of you believes in them. They have as much power as you give them. If you remain the observer of these thoughts, and replace them easily, rather than being the reactor, they will eventually dwindle and die. Even if they do pop up, your awareness of who you really are will be so strong, that they will no longer bother you. I like to think that my negative thoughts do not like me as much as I do not like them. When they pop up, they’re like “Hey, I don’t want to be in here”, because the light of the presence of God is so strong and so overpowering. The knock on the door is so loud.

I am sure many of you at one point wanted magical powers, or the same abilities that superheroes or Harry Potter has. What if I told you that reality is actually more like Hogwarts, than what you think it is? And what if I told you that you do have these exact same powers and capabilities?

How To Get Into A State of Knowingness

First, acknowledge that you already are the God/Goddess that knows your desires are yours, and has the utmost faith in yourself. You already are this person. It’s who you really are. You don’t have to try to get to this state by forcing yourself or even wondering how. You simply must acknowledge that you already are someone who has complete faith in themselves, even if at first it doesn’t feel believable. You are what you believe to be true for yourself. And you never manifest what you want, but what you are. Now that you have acknowledged this, test this power out for yourself. Testing your powers will only increase your faith more and more. It will peel the layers of human limitations, and you’ll crack open the shell you’ve been too comfortable in.

“Perfect Love Caseth Out Fear” 1 John 4:18

In the presence of God consciousness– a focused awareness and acknowledging of who you really are, in the moments of fear or doubts, quite literally, has the power at any moment to consume and destroy anything which makes you feel bad. Not only to consume the thought, but the emotion and feelings associated with it, and any undesirable manifestations that followed.

If you question yourself, or tell yourself you’re bad at believing, your subconscious mind will say “your wish is my command”.

If you feel like crying, do so. If you feel like feeling bad for a few moments, do it. Never repress anything, only acknowledge. Then move forward. Do not focus on the fact that you had your moments, maybe it’s just what you needed. Focusing on it will not serve you in any way. Persist in reminding yourself at any given moment, that you are God. Ask yourself, what would God think right now? How would God act? I AM that I AM. Whatever you affirm to be true for yourself is exactly how reality will unfold for you. If you don’t tell a new story of yourself, you will only continue to act out the old habits.

When you are aware of the powerful being that you are, you naturally start to think lovely things, living in the end comes naturally, visualizing and mental/inner conversations also come naturally. It feels lovely. It feels blissful. It is a total acceptance of the wish fulfilled. Nothing feels like a force.

I want to end with stillness. “Be Still And Know That I AM God” (Psalms 46:10). When the thoughts are too overbearing, and the anxiety or uncomfortable feelings are too much to handle, become still. When you are still, you are one with the presence of who you are. It is why being still feels so relaxing. It is the state where “Perfect Love Caseth Out Fear”. The presence of the God within you is so strong in that moment, if you allow yourself to feel this Oneness and be patient with yourself. Or you can choose to struggle and repress your bad feelings and get angry at it. I am sure Jesus didn’t choose the latter.

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Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


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