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What It Means To Actually Live In The End

I am assuming that most of you came to learn about Neville’s teachings after first learning about the Law of Attraction. Maybe you realized that the teachings did not resonate with you, or you just knew there was more to how everything really works. That was how I felt. Until I came across Neville’s teachings and then everything clicked for me. I feel confirmations day after day from the God within me, reminding me of who I really am. It’s like a burst of energy that courses through me. I know that this is how it is.

One of the most important aspects of these teachings is to be able to drop the desiring, and live in the end of your wish already being fulfilled. You must become the embodiment of that thing, and it can no longer be a desire within you. For if you are living in the end, then you have it and there’s no more wanting, right? There’s no more questioning whether it is yours or not, when it might come, how it might happen, if it will, etc. You just innately know it is yours and there’s no stopping it. You’re not putting that thing into the future. It. Is. Yours.

I see many people doing things such as pretending, forcing or “acting as if” (as described in the LoA community). But when you truly understand how reality works, then you know that there is no such thing as pretending, acting as if, and therefore no need to force something to happen. When you understand that creation is finished, the hard work goes away. Because you aren’t trying to make anything happen and you never will be. It is a knowing. A knowing that what you desire is already yours.

Creation Is Finished

Creation is finished, simply means that every single possible reality that you can think of exists right here, right now. Plus an infinite amount more! When you close your eyes and you bring a scene in your mind’s eye, or when you think of something you would like (or wouldn’t like), you are actually remotely viewing something that already exists. You are literally looking, thinking, conceiving of something that is happening right now at this very moment. It is not something that you just made up in your mind, and now you have to try to make it a reality. It exists now.

When you are embodying this state and trying to live in the end, you are not pretending. Because pretending means to “speak and act so as to make it appear that something is the case, when in fact it is not”. This is absolutely false when it comes to how reality works. You are not pretending like the thing you desire is yours, you are not acting as if it happened. Neither are you trying to make it appear. It already exists and it is happening now. You are here, there and everywhere.

You are quite literally bringing that thing that already exists, onto the screen in front you. You are selecting and choosing a scene from the infinite amount of scenes that are already playing out. It is excluded from your view right now, because our human minds and our eyes are not capable of seeing them all at once or conceiving them all at once. But God sees them. God knows they exist. God understands this and that’s why God remains unmoved by anything. God knows the truth.

And so do you. Because you are this very God we speak of. Start seeing yourself AS God. Don’t bury this concept behind your limiting beliefs. See your world through the eyes of God, not John Smith. Be Still.

Ecclesiastes 3:15: “That which is, already has been; that which is to be, already has been; and God seeks what has been driven away.”

Based on the state you are embodying, is what will be reflected back to you.

When you walk around in your day to day life, stop thinking that you are pretending. All of your desires, all of the infinite amount of realities you can conceive of, are already yours. It has your name written all over it and no one can take it away from you, and it’s not going to disappear, run away, or cease to exist.

Once you truly understand this to the core, then you know you’re not acting as if, faking it till you make it, or pretending. You know that your desire is already a truth.

Once you practice this and you become more aware of your thoughts, reactions etc., you will be able to make out how you projected out even the most subtle things.

Fake Living In The End

Fake living in the end occurs when you don’t understand these concepts to the core. It’s reacting to circumstances, and then you say “Why did this happen? I thought I was living in the end”.

You must start living, thinking, breathing, sleeping, eating, showering, driving, everything, FROM the eyes of someone that ALREADY has their desire. You can not do this from the eyes of someone that is still in desire mode. Because you’re not actually living in the end. You are acting as if. When you’re fake living in the end, you say things like “I’ve been living in the end, but I don’t know if I’m visualizing correctly”. When you are talking about it as if it isn’t yours already, when you talk about what is, when you make assumptions and take external cues, when you question whether you did it right or not, when you dwell and dwell, you are not actually living in the end.

When you are aware of lack, you still don’t see yourself as someone who already has their desire.

This is precisely why you don’t need to work hard to “get” your desires, and the only thing you need to do is to embody that state by feeling it already done. The only “hard work” you truthfully have to do is the inner work. Even then, you don’t need to make this hard for you. Yes, it might feel hard at first and like a struggle, but you have the choice to change your perspective from “I have to force it. This is really hard for me”, to “I am becoming the best version of myself. I am awakening my Godself”.

Put On Your New Outfit

So stop with the whole fake living in the end thing. You need to wear your new state like a brand new outfit that you didn’t think you could afford before, but you took the leap of faith, bought it, and maybe you feel awkward at first. Maybe you think everyone is staring at you or maybe you question whether you did the right thing or not, or whether it was worth it, or if you had enough money for it. You could afford it because you have more abundance than you can even conceive of. It’s yours so now you enjoy it. You don’t question it any longer. You know you are worthy and deserving of this because you are naturally whole and complete. It’s Who You Really Are.

It is important to add, now that you understand this, do not beat yourself up over your past creations or projections. Do not blame yourself or get sucked into a cycle of thinking of all of the things you could’ve done differently. The purpose of being here is to experience. To learn and grow. You didn’t know better then. You were not awake, but you are now. Remember that even the seemingly negative things are still perfect in its likeness.

About Author

Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


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  • Enzo tala
    May 10, 2019 at 10:50 PM

    Absolutely love your blog

    • Jennifer Ramdeo
      May 10, 2019 at 11:05 PM

      Thank you for reading ?

      • Esther
        August 11, 2019 at 9:44 AM

        Love how you explain ‘living in the end’! I feel I have almost shifted into that knowing! I have a question regarding changing my appearance – how do I go about it from the ‘living in the end state’? For example if I wanted to change the color of my eyes 🙂

        • Kris
          May 20, 2020 at 10:58 PM

          This is really helpful. I know I’m close to what I want, but I was definitely not living in the end “correctly”, definitely some pretending going on there. This will help a lot thanks.

      • Blessedqueen99
        January 10, 2020 at 11:15 PM

        Jennifer thank you thank you. Today I woke up with one intention: to be in the flow of learning about manifesting my desires mainly more money in my bank account. And I came across your blog. Am so so loving your expressions of living the wishes fulfilled.

  • KT
    June 1, 2019 at 3:53 PM

    This is amazingly well expressed. Thank you!

  • S
    June 3, 2019 at 9:08 AM

    Just recently found your blog. Absolutely love it. Please keep writing more and inspiring us.

    • Jennifer Ramdeo
      June 3, 2019 at 9:09 AM

      You are so kind. Thank you for your kind words and for reading our blog! I appreciate you ?

  • winter
    June 4, 2019 at 10:49 AM

    Your articles make me cry, they are so accurate! Im grateful you had the courage to fully accept this for yourself and are now sharing with us so that we may as well <3

    • Jennifer Ramdeo
      June 4, 2019 at 1:14 PM

      You are so kind. I am really happy it resonated with you! Thank you ?

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  • Mike
    November 19, 2019 at 7:32 PM

    Nice article. Me personally, too much time has been wasted to go through even more analysing and also this process, which could take a long time also by the looks of things. I don’t really have the abstract type of thinking that this seems to involve. 20s and pretty much my 30s are gone so years of this also, what I’ll be 50 before I start probably living this way. In the next life if I catch this earlier, that would be sweet. Good luck.

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  • Julia Malykhina
    June 22, 2020 at 9:53 PM

    You are right, Jennifer, about reading such articles every day in the beginning of a journey. That is when I am at right now and am marveling over Neville’s books and lectures and your blog very single day. Even though the main ideas are being repeated I still manage to click with and absorb yet another detail that makes things so much clearer.
    Thank you!

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