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Ignoring The External Reality

How to ignore your external reality? Don’t.

Shocking, I know.I think this strong urge for everyone to want to know how to ignore their external world, comes from the fact that many of you are still holding on to the belief that your imagination is not much more real than your seemingly solid outer world. Probably from the many years of being told that your imagination is fake or to “not live in your head”. But this is why I said you have to throw EVERY belief out of the window, that doesn’t serve you anymore. 

If you truly understood, to the core, that your imagination comes first, and everything comes second, then you would not feel this strong urge to battle against something that is completely old and dead (the outer world). You would just remain unmoved and unbothered.

Look at what’s in front of you right now. It is literally dead.

Yes, it may seem like others are moving about and like things are happening separate from you. But that’s only because there’s an invisible string attached to absolutely everyone and everything in your outer world, extended from your consciousness. Those strings are moving about based on all of the assumptions and beliefs you have going on within you. This is how I like to see it. Every time I make a move within my consciousness (my feelings, reactions, emotions, actions, assumptions, etc.), then the outer world moves too. That’s literally the only reason why anything in front of you can exist. Because YOU (not someone else), projected it out. You made this world alive by rearranging things in your mind and then convincing yourself that this is how your life is.

When we say that your imagination is much more real than your external world, we do not mean “kind of”, “figuratively”, or “theoretically”. This is not wishful thinking. We mean LITERALLY. Just like how you literally need oxygen to breathe, your imagination is literally more real and more solid than the dead outside world. If you see yourself in your mind eye’s with your love, or have a lovely thought about them, then that is LITERALLY more real than “them” ignoring you or not texting you in this seemingly “now’ moment. Yes, it is true!

So you see, if you understood all of this to the core, then when you come face to face with something in your outer world, you wouldn’t feel the need to struggle to ignore it. You are not ignoring what’s in front of you, or covering your eyes and trying to make sure you don’t see it. No, you are simply acknowledging that what you see is an echo from the OLD you. From your OLD state of being. You can laugh at it, remain absolutely emotionless to it, and just stare at it, remaining completely unmoved and unbothered. It’s more of like “eh, whatever. I know this is the old stuff and I already know I have changed my state and planted the seeds. So I don’t have to give much importance to this”.

If you are able to look at your outer world and feel this way, this is a very good indication that your state of being has shifted (or is shifting), into a knowingness. Into you understanding that your wish is completely fulfilled.

Since it is all an illusion, and you know it’ll fade away, then what is with this strong urge to want to ignore it so badly? This is way too much force and effort on your part. It is truly unnecessary. You can acknowledge the world of Caesar, work your way through it, all while still being in the state of the wish fulfilled. This is what living in the end is.

Never, ever, ever take cues from the outer world. Never look at what-is and decide that this is how things are, or that something bad is happening. Since you are God, and you literally create your own rules, then you have the ability to reject or accept anything in your world as you please. It could be the simple thought of, “Okay, I know I have to pay these bills now, but I know that I have already made my new assumption, and all of this money will come back to me”.

Neville did this when he imagined his rent for his new apartment being less. He planted the seed and assumed it was already done, since he understood that only the imagination is real, and it has NO CHOICE but to externalize itself into the way you’ve assumed. During this, he still paid his old rent, but remained unmoved and unbothered by it, because he knew the seed he had already planted. He worked his way around the world of Caesar, fully being aware that it was old and dead, and would fade away soon. In the end, he received all of that extra money he had paid, his rent was lowered as he imagined, and he received some extra furnishings to his apartment because the landlord felt bad for making him pay extra rent that he didn’t need to.

See, you are not being delusional. You are being fully aware that this old stuff will fade away, as long as you stay in the state of your desire already being fulfilled. Your strong urge to want to completely ignore the external world, and getting angry at it, is a huge sign that you are still not in the state of your desire being yours. You are most likely looking or seeking for validation on the outer world, and so that’s why you place so much emphasis on it, when you don’t see your desire yet.

Consciously choose to ONLY see your preference. When you see something in the outer world that you don’t like, keep going back to the scene in your mind. Keep persisting in reminding yourself that it is old and keeping having those lovely inner conversations with yourself. Only live in your mind’s eye, and keep dropping seeds throughout the day by only seeing in your imagination (the only world that matters), your desire being yours. You do this all the time anyway, and have been doing it for your entire life. You’ve just been doing it unconsciously, completely unaware that what is in front of you is old.

If someone says something to you that you don’t like, try not to react in that moment. Just stare at them right in the face and hear them say your preference instead. You can smile and nod at them too, because they’re just yourself pushed out anyway. They won’t think you’re weird unless you assume they do, because they’re not real! Do this with everything. Only see your preference at all times. Only keep going to the end of it already being done. This is how you actively impress your subconscious mind with the new story. By persisting in doing this. Eventually you will feel yourself shift into that state of knowing it is done.

But you really have to be patient. Like I said before, it’s not like that reality where you have your desire is going to run away or exists far away somewhere in space. Creation is finished, you have it now. It is done.

Please don’t over complicate or over think any of this. Do not ponder on what more you have to do. It is truly simple. The human/ego mind is what gets in the way with the logic and reasoning. You have to change your concept of yourself and only identify yourself with who you truly are.

If you would truly just take the leap of faith, and understand that there was never any lack to begin with, and go all in understanding that everything is already yours, you would realize it simply makes no sense to feel anything other than fulfilled. There is no such thing as something not being yours, only your illusion and false assumptions in thinking so. Truthfully, not theoretically, everything is already yours. You just place too much emphasis on the outside world and what your mortal eye sees, rather than the only world that is actually real— your imagination.

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Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


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