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You Are In Barbados – Reader’s Submission

“You went to Barbados, and you went first class.”

Abdullah’s words to Neville have never resonated with me better. 

As I feel a sudden push to write this article, I am reminded of how we, as CREATORS, and as the OPERANT POWER, are constantly creating. There is never a stop to manifesting. Every desire is already a seed planted. It is an inner calling from the God (your imagination) living within you, that you are. And when you water and nurture that seed with this deep-set knowing, nothing on this earth can stop it from unfolding into your reality. Your manifestations happen instantly, effortlessly and abundantly, for YOU in your absolute favor, every single time.

I experienced this awakening this year, after being in Law of Attraction communities for almost a year prior. I thought the power to manifest laid in vibration, and the constant need to feel positive all of the time, and that my manifestations would somehow be ‘attracted’ to me. If only I knew how far this was from the true Law. And how much I had to force myself to stay in a fake mood; as though our moods would affect anything once a seed has been planted.

Before I knew of SATS or visualisation, I naturally adopted this knowing that whatever I desire is MINE without question. This brought me many things, but I always felt there was this assumption that it was not possible to get everything; which is again, untrue.

I was in this transition period of life, about to start my days in university. The number one thing I desired the most, was to stay at my dream residence on campus. Their facilities are wonderful; however, it was the most competitive residence to get into. They would receive hundreds upon hundreds of applicants, for only <200 spots. There was a vigorous selection process and fees were not always the cheapest. My relatives were not willing for me to live on campus, and it was not something to be compromised. There were assault cases on campus as well, and that deterred them even further from saying ‘yes’.

At this point, I stumbled across a recommended lecture from Neville Goddard. I almost couldn’t believe what he was saying, and his bold claims. How can I, or my imagination, actually be God? What even is living in the end? Yet somehow, I was sent down this rabbit hole I just couldn’t ignore. I knew this desire was mine, but I was extremely upset with the world of Ceasar. It was almost as though everything was against me. Then it clicked:

Feeling Is The Secret

These 4 words changed my entire outlook on life. It wasn’t that same ‘feeling’ that LoA circles constantly talked about, but it was simply that knowing and persisting in the assumption, even if it doesn’t seem ‘logical’. As Neville says, we are called upon to test the Law ourselves. Nights, before I fell asleep, I visualized a very simple scene. Instead of lying down on my own bed in my own room, I was actually in my bed in my dorm room. I would close my eyes in this world; and open my eyes to the true world in my mind’s eye. There, I felt the softness of the sheets beneath me. The placement of the window, with the wind coming through. I saw my table with my laptop, and school textbooks/notes scattered, like I was studying. I heard the whirring of the fan, and suddenly a knock on the door. My boyfriend came into the room to congratulate me of my success, and I thanked him for his kindness. I felt the floor beneath my feet and saw the view of the campus below. Then I opened my eyes back to this other world. It was so real and vivid to the point it was as though I had transported to someplace else. I did this for several days before I slept, until it was natural for me to know that nothing could rob me of that haunting desire. I revised comments and situations that occurred along the way, all in my mind’s eye. However, there was also something else specific that I desired – for my first semester fees to be wavered completely for this stay.

Months had gone by, and I did not mention this topic again in this world of Ceaser. I watched how the world started to conform to my inner convictions. Not only was I accepted into the residence, but my relatives were more than happy to accommodate my stay. I received a letter in my mailbox about abundant education funds, that I could use to cover the cost of my stay. All of this happened with ease, and there wasn’t a need for me to lay a finger on anything. I didn’t concern myself with how I was going to get it, I just knew right down to my very core, it would harden into fact. When I moved in, the room I had imagined wasn’t the same – but it was actually better. It was the most ideal room one could stay in, and here I was staying in it with costs wavered!

This experience gave me the awakening. I was seeing how my inner conversations started appearing onto the screen of space. This made me realize, that the concept of time truly does not exist. There is no buffer period to wait for your manifestations, it is only a limitation placed upon our imagination. Time is only a projection. There is no here as now, and there as later – imagine it ALL as now, because now is the only time. The events of the past, present and future are not separated, they are all aligned together in perfect harmony. 

To you, dear reader, realize the wealth of power within you. The depth of imagination is unfathomable. Anything is truly possible to him who believes, literally anything. And sometimes you will have doubts arise, and it’s okay. It is the process of metamorphosis – the old is being purged, to make way for the new.

Once you truly know that something is yours, nothing can rob it from you. Do not feel constrained with creation – there is no need to follow specific techniques, or repeat something obsessively over and over. The obsession with techniques is also nothing more than a myth. There is no systematic or right way to manifest anything. Why put restrictions upon something that is supposed to be as easy, and as natural to you, like breathing? Your power lies in persistence, in knowing, in abandoning the old man and putting on the robe of the new man. The deep power within – your universe is yours to create. Down to the very last detail. Persist.

About The Author

After having discovered Neville Goddard’s teachings, Maxwell has been practicing Neville’s teachings and living the manifestation lifestyle. 


  • Candice
    October 23, 2019 at 8:37 PM

    How do you visualize so vividly? And how do you revise? Also another question, do I just start assuming all my desires in my mind?

  • David Tounquet
    October 24, 2019 at 9:17 AM

    Beautiful text!! so amazing and well explained/written.

    Thank you so much for opening my eyes even more 🙂 I truly grow everyday it is amazing. I Am so happy to have this life, this dream, I can’t express my gratitude enough to this gift we all have <3!!!

    I am so so so thankful, so thankful

  • Sophie O
    October 24, 2019 at 10:14 PM

    Congrats on your manifestation!!! We are the Operant Power is something I always LOVE reading! It reminds
    me of an essential truth, the cause is never out there. Empowering to the nth degree!!! Cheers. 🙂


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