Remembering Who You Really Are / Self-Concept

Defining Ourselves & Creating A Mental Image

How To Define Ourselves In Our Favor

Often times we question who we are, or define ourselves with certain terms, that in some cases can hold us down. For example, “We are an introvert/extrovert”, “We are ugly or dumb”, and many more labels. These terms can seriously hold us down, but they are actually invalid.

We are not a “term”. We are not an introvert/extrovert, we are not dumb or ugly. We are what we believe to be true.

This means that we are the ones that decide who we are, and how we term ourselves. By all means, if you define yourself with what empowers you, then please continue to do so. Everything that empowers us should be continued. The trick, is to only define yourself with what empowers you. But if it makes you feel worse, then please throw it away since that is not who you are.

“As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”

KJV, Proverbs 23:7

Changing Our Mental Images

Our mental images are crucial. It is how we see ourselves and everything around us. Think about it. If we hear about a pink elephant, we will see a pink elephant in front of us. If we hear about a white house, we will instantly imagine an image of a white house. Unconsciously, we always have mental images in our minds. The most beautiful thing is that we can change our mental images to our liking. It’s what we believe to be and see, right now, what counts. Not 5 minutes ago, or a week ago, or even years ago. We can change our mental images right now, meaning we can change our life right now!

In this exact moment. Because a new mental image creates new feelings, which means a new life. The feelings are the secret.

I’ve written a simple, yet effective, method which I call the TFA method, to get a clear picture/mental image of how we want to see ourselves, and the world.

TFA stands for Thoughts, Feelings, Actions.

I created this method because I know it can be hard to create a scene in the wish fulfilled. So how does this method work? All we have to do is write in the wish fulfilled.

What thoughts would we have? How would we think about life, people, ourself? What perspectives would we have?

How would we feel? This is the most important step in my opinion.

How would we act? What would we do? How would we interact and/or dress? How would we behave? This step is to get a clearer picture of the desired state.

What if we desire to have more money?

So how would we think if we have that money? We would think that we can buy anything that we want to have. We have a wide perspective of our financial capabilities.

How would we feel? We would feel free, or that there are no restrictions financially, whatsoever.

How would we act? We would walk through stores never checking the prices. Or when we get a bill, we would instantly pay it, since we KNOW that we can.

These 3 key parts give a wide mental image of the wish fulfilled.

Are We Truly Living In The End?

Often times there are questions as to why our crush, or money, isn’t here yet, even though we are convinced that we have done all we “need to do”, and we are fully living in the end.

Would we ask this question if we were truly living in the end? Would we ask why we can’t pay the bill, or why our crush hasn’t texted us yet to want us back?

No, we would not– since we paid our bill yesterday, and we booked a trip to Barbados, while our wife or husband is cooking the most delicious meal in the kitchen. Personally, I prefer a trip to Moorea but that’s just me. Jokes aside, I think this is a key part of manifesting, that is often times overlooked. If we know we have it, it is already done. We don’t need to question it, and neither would we question it. It is that feeling of knowing our desires already ours. We know we can walk, and therefore we can walk. We do not question every step, and to be honest, we do not question any step at all. We just know we can do it.

“Your assumption guides all your conscious and subconscious movements towards its suggested end so inevitably, that it actually dictates the events”

-Neville Goddard (The Power of Awareness)
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  • Vidya
    October 24, 2019 at 10:36 AM

    Very nicely put! And this should become a way of life…empowering thoughts.

    • Marcel Hamerslag
      October 26, 2019 at 5:10 PM

      Thank you so much Vidya! Definitely!

  • Sophia O
    October 24, 2019 at 10:00 PM

    Amen! Recently I experienced deeper insight into what Living in the End really means and that it is also Thinking FROM the end, I had manifested many things but on some ‘bigger’ things wondered why it is ‘eluding’ me. Those were things I was approaching from a problem or solution solving approach. NOT anymore! I’ve seen the LIGHT. lol
    Manifestations spring forth quicker and without strain. Truly liberating!!! ?

    • Marcel Hamerslag
      October 26, 2019 at 5:12 PM

      Thank you so much for your comment Sophia O! I am so glad to hear that! You should definitely submit your success stories to us <3

  • Tommy
    October 27, 2019 at 7:04 AM

    Hey Marcel,

    Leuk om eens een Nederlands persoon te zien die zich hiermee bezig houdt! Ik voel vaak enige weerstand omdat het lijkt alsof dit alleen voor mensen ‘ver weg’ werkt.

    To be honest I’ve been struggling a lot with mental health issues due to past traumatic events but I really want to change my mental image not just for my own mental health but also because I want my life to be different. My difficulties are being very result oriented (which is wonderful in science) and your method makes it seem more attainable.. So thank you and (hopefully) I’ll have a success story to share really soon.

    Girl with Tommy tattoos

    • Marcel Hamerslag
      October 28, 2019 at 5:43 PM


      Haha ja! Leuk dat je op onze site kijkt. Neville is nog niet zo groot in Nederland maar ik denk dat dit nog wel gaat groeien. Af en toe hebben we ook een paar Nederlanders in de Whatsapp groepen maar niet zo vaak. Je bent trouwens van harte welkom in de Whatsapp groepen(groep 1 zit vol op het moment).

      Het belangrijkste is om de oudere verhalen niet meer te herhalen en nieuwe verhalen gaat aanleren. Deze site is de perfecte plaats daarvoor en ik kijk zeker uit naar je succes verhalen, stuur ze maar op naar ons. Bedankt voor je bericht!

      Translation : Haha yes! Glad that you browse on our website. Neville is not that big yet in The Netherlands but I think this will grow. Every now and then we have a few Dutch people in our Whatsapp groups. You are very welcome in our Whatsapp groups(Group 1 is full at the moment).

      The most important part is to stop repeating the old stories and create new ones. This site is the perfect place for this and I really look forward to all your succes stories, you can send them to us. Thanks for your comment!


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