It’s funny when things happen in your reality that you’ve thought about, be it the “good” or the “bad”, as we would pigeonhole it. I find it bittersweet at times, but yet a fantastic reminder of just how powerful I am when I know for a fact that I have thought about something and it then manifests days, weeks, months, sometimes even years later.

As Neville talks about, everything that you’ve focused on and claimed as yours within your imagination has its own gestation period. Yet, I find this is the part of the process, if you wish to call it that, which people tend to over-complicate and over-think the most. In today’s modern world, we focus on instant gratification, instant messaging, everything can be found online within seconds. So when we have to wait for something, the majority of us feel as though nothing is working and we need to effort more in order to get.

People tend to wonder what they have done wrong when the one major thing they wish to manifest hasn’t appeared yet, but the irony behind this is, you haven’t done anything wrong. We know by now that everything that we view with our eyes is dead. It’s the old beliefs and thoughts which have manifested, and the world of Caesar is just an illusion. However, if you truly understand these teachings, it’s why we’re always told not to react to that which we see with our own eyes. I understand that it can be difficult to gauge, and even process that when you’re new to these teachings, and even how confusing it can be. But the point remains that the world outside means nothing, it truly doesn’t.

There are so many different realities out there within the here and now, which makes it so much easier to deflect from the current reality onto the reality that you desire. If you are focusing on why your SP isn’t in touch with you, then because that’s where your focus is, you’ll keep seeing this in your 3D world. However, if you flip that and think from the end, as the ladies here write about frequently, then you’ll already know you’re in touch daily with your SP, because you are in a beautiful relationship with them. When you see yourself as a God/Goddess of your reality, you know that you have the power to change things as you wish, you know that you can mold people to how you want them to be. Yet for whatever reason, part of us still takes solace of the goings on of the world of Caesar, because it’s what we’ve always done until we knew all of this information from Neville’s teachings.

When you know that everything you desire is already yours, it takes the pressure off, because it means that you don’t have to effort or work hard for something that is already yours. Think about it like this, we all have mobile phones, do we go around worrying all day that our mobile phone could be someone else’s? Of course we don’t, because we know it’s already ours. So when you’re thinking of your SP, or your job, when you look at it from that approach, you have nothing but good thoughts and feelings towards it.

Would someone who knows that they literally create everything in their reality, worry about such insignificant things when they know that their true power, their imagination, is the ace in the card deck? It can be a lot to process and take on board. I understand that, hell, I was there, wondering what I was doing right/wrong, why things weren’t working. But at the end of the day, these are the doubts that coincide with your human self, not from your God self.

I want to tell you that it’s okay, no really, everything is perfect in the here and now. You have this amazing and fantastic power, your imagination, you can desire anything and it’s already yours. You know that if you change your thoughts, you can have anything you wish, because that’s how a God/Goddess lives. People throw around the term mental diet a lot, but when you are thinking from this god tier, or pedestal that you put upon yourself, you tend to only think of the good things anyway. You know that if a bad thought potentially crops up, that it holds no power over you, because you are the only one with the power in your reality to accept it or turn it around in an instant.

It’s why I would implore people to just test this, faith is your confidence in yourself, let me repeat that again, FAITH IS YOUR CONFIDENCE IN YOURSELF.

I’d like to share a story that I told Jennifer about last week that I always knew would happen, I just didn’t know about the when (as we’re told not to worry about that). So for me, I’ve always been a big pro wrestling fan (everyone’s got a vice) and had my favourites throughout the years, one of whom took a sabbatical last year and nobody really knew why. At the time I felt sad, this was someone I looked up to in my teens and early 20s. This is someone who is only 4 years older than me and I thought, you know what, I don’t think this will be him retiring and he’ll be back soon when he’s ready. Days passed by, weeks passed by, months passed by. Finally, a year after he took his sabbatical, he returned to a national audience and told everyone why he left. He never ever mentioned retirement and said he was careful to have never said that he never saw himself retired, he just knew he had to focus on himself for a little while. But when I heard he was back wrestling again, I just got that “holy crap” moment in my stomach and that feeling when the electricity surges down your spine. A year previously I had said I knew he’d be back, a year later, he came back. Neville always talks about ignoring your current reality, and the how/when of things. I can safely say, that this was a prime example of that. Was it significant? Absolutely. And I now intend for him to be happy in his life and delighted doing what he enjoys.

The point of what I am trying to get at here is, never put your stock on what is visible to the naked eye. Never accept something in the world of Caesar as fact, if you do not agree with it. Always remain true in your mind. If you don’t like something in the outside world, change it with your thoughts, your inner talk, your visualization, whatever you feel resonates and works best for you. I’m sure we’ve all been there when someone has said something we don’t like or agree with, yet, the best thing I can tell you to do from my experience, is to ignore what they’ve said and hear them say within your mind/imagination that which you wanted to hear.

If you read a message from your SP that states they do not wish to be with you, don’t react, just ignore it and in your imagination (be it inner conversations or thoughts) focus on what you would have liked them to have messaged. A lot of the time it’s a belief or thought which you used to focus on, or that was what was part of your awareness, that the person is saying back to you. This was before you knew just how powerful at manifesting you were.

Everyone is you pushed out is so amazing when you can finally see it happening before your very eyes. I’ve personally tested this out recently with colleagues, friends and family. Hell, I’ve even used this on my SP, whom has initiated contact with me twice in the past 2 weeks. Any situation can be turned around, you created it all, so of course you can un-create it. The majority of us here, are always wondering what more we need to do. You don’t need to do anything more. If you think of someone a lot during the day, that’s fine, but always think from the end. Never worry about the here, and now as you know, it’s just old/beliefs and thoughts anyway. Focus on what you want, what you desire, you know then, that it’s already yours. I want to tell you, that you don’t need to focus on time either, because when you do this, your subconscious mind is picking up the information that what you desire still isn’t in your life right now. Feed your mind beautiful, loving thoughts about everything. It cannot possibly go wrong, even in the times where you may be feeling weak or doubtful, everything has its own appointed hour. You just need to have the faith in yourself that it is done and that person, job or money is already yours.

When I first started with all of this, I wasn’t the same person I am today, because I understand this more than what I did when I first started. I understand that I am happily married to my SP already, I already know I am a teacher, I already know I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams, I already know I am loved by everyone in my life unconditionally and I already have everything I desire. But yet, I still have these thoughts throughout the day, but they are positive thoughts that make me smile about each and every situation. I catch myself thinking how beautiful my relationship is with my wife, I think to myself how lucky I am to have my dream job, I simply choose to ignore what is happening in the world of Caesar and focus my awareness on what I desire/have, and it feels so damn good.

This is as easy or as difficult as you accept it to be, are you going to play the role of the creative director or the perpetual victim? I know which one I’d rather choose to be.

About The Author

Matthew is a Psychology graduate located in Scotland who is looking to further his career by becoming a Primary School Teacher. He has been an avid Neville follower for the past 3 years but has only recently truly dived all in with his teachings. He is looking to inspire and spread awareness at just how powerful people are at creating.


  • Mary
    September 5, 2019 at 4:06 PM

    Hi Matthew,

    Thanks for that amazing reminder. Now and I then it’s helpful to stick with the end.

    I love every paragraph but when you suddenly wrote my own dreams down. Happily married, being a teacher. This is me big time. I just changed my studies at uni to elementary school teachings.

    It feels amazing to see that I am not alone in this.

  • Darren
    September 7, 2019 at 2:47 AM

    Hi, great article and thanks for sharing it, however I have a burning question I must ask as the way I see it, you’ve contradicted yourself many times and I’d like to understand why or how you view it…

    You mentioned about the wrestler coming back after one year, because you knew he would, then go onto wish him well in life etc..

    Then you go on to say every one is you pushed out, and everybody outside is dead, we’re the only ones alive in our reality and our thoughts dictate how others act assume.

    So my question is this, if you truly believe that everything outside is *dead*… why would you wish the wrestler well in life when you know he doesn’t truly exist? Because remember, everyone is you pushed out..

    Please clear this up as this “everyone is you pushed out” concept, idea, is the hardest thing I find to grasp.


    • Matthew
      September 7, 2019 at 10:24 AM

      Hi Darren,

      Thanks for your question, I’ll hopefully be able to explain it for you.

      With regards to the wrestler – the world outside is dead simply means it’s old thoughts/beliefs, which makes it so much easier to not react negatively to anything that happens that you see visibly etc. So when I was speaking to Jennifer about him coming back etc, we are always taught to think lovingly and positive about others, he exists in my reality because I consciously had thought and think about him. The story I had for him in my head, was that it must have been something bad going down for him being on a sabbatical as if you take a year out doing something you love, there has to be something going on behind the scenes to make that happen. What was his reasoning? Well exactly what I thought it would be, no word of lie!

      I understand where you think the contradiction comes from, but people only exist in my reality if I am aware of them and give them my focus. That’s the whole point with this. For example, if you see someone daily and believe they are negative and react to that, then you are accepting they are a negative person. Whereas if you think of them in a positive light and see them how you wish to see them, then the world of Caesar, as Neville writes about has no option but to show you that person in a positive light.

      Essentially, your thoughts/beliefs/assumptions dictate how others act, so that’s why you’re always told to think lovingly and positively about both yourself and everyone else. Nothing can go wrong then if you are only having good, positive thoughts.

      Hope that helps

  • Joan
    September 7, 2019 at 4:16 AM

    Hi Matthew, your post is lovely.

    • Joe Reid
      September 8, 2019 at 3:53 AM

      Hi Matthew,

      Absolutely fantastic post and very resonant. Also fascinated that you too live in Scotland. I myself have a YouTube channel where I explain Neville teachings and always looking to connect with fellow teachers, particularly ones based in Scotland.

      If you search for Joe Reid on YouTube, you should find me there and I would love to connect with you directly.


  • Mady
    October 25, 2021 at 12:10 AM

    Hi Matthew,

    Today, finally, I read something in your post that made me click about “why circumstances do not matter”…..I always had a bit of difficulty understanding that concept, although I accepted it at face value (because I hear and read it so much in the manifestation community) and I understood it intellectually (but not yet intimately inwardly). But when you said that everything we see with our eyes is dead bcuz it is the remnant of old beliefs/thoughts, I finally got it!

    Thank you so much…..The more I read and dive into Neville’s teachings, along with all of these blogs/articles that teach NG’s teachings, it is slowly starting to sink in….Mady


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