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Reader’s Submission: What You Really Need To Understand

Most of us find out about the Law Of Attraction and finally Neville because we are desperate. Desperate to find solutions, desperate to get out of the rut we are in. Desperate to fill up the void inside of us. We are dying to feel that sense of security and happiness, which we think we can get only and only if we have our desires. And that is okay. I came to know about Neville’s teachings when I was most desperate to manifest my ex.

We go over techniques and methods, lectures and books and posts, thinking that something, something might click and we will finally attain the power to manifest all that we desire.

Firstly, how many of us really want to understand the Law, and how many of us are here just for quick fixes? Searching and searching for one method. That one method which will manifest that ‘important desire’ of ours? Ask yourselves?

I understand that you want to have that person, or to have that job or house or money (or anything for that matter), as quickly as you can. But do you want to lose them/it quickly too? NO. Not at any cost, right? Being your present self (in your present old state) and meditating, doing SATS and other techniques, might manifest your desires, but it won’t have the strength to keep them. After all, quick fixes are that– quick fixes!

Neville repeats again and again, leave the old man, accept your new realization. That you are God, and that you create your own reality.

Yes, you really are Gods. If you take a bucket of water from an ocean, it is that same salty water, right? Does it lose its saltiness? Same way, You, not the physical you, but the I AM inside of you (and if you don’t want to say God), is a speck of God. You have the very same powers as God.

You don’t realize it, because you don’t believe it. And why is that? Mostly because since childhood we have been conditioned. Conditioned by our well-meaning parents, relatives, friends, school, surroundings and society. By the time we are adults, we are so very well conditioned to believe in lack, fear, unworthiness, insecurity and all of those negative things, that we somehow, forget that we are Gods. We so passionately start believing that we have no power, that God is outside of us, that we fall victims of our lives and circumstances.

When I was 14, I was told to have an incurable, rare disease, and I accepted that. For years I lead a miserable life and after running to at least 15 odd doctors, finally a doctor told me that I could be saved if I had a liver transplant. I did not want to have a transplant but, I did want to get well. Fast forward, at 23, I slipped into a coma and finally underwent a liver transplant (which I didn’t want), but also, I got into the best health (which of course, I did want).

At that time, I didn’t know about the Law of Attraction, I didn’t know who Neville was, and I didn’t know any Manifestation techniques. What I did know, and repeated in my head most of the time was, I don’t want a liver transplant, I want to get well. And I manifested both. Now I realize how my fearful thoughts about not having the transplant manifested it. And my strong desire for wellness manifested too.

I am not a Neville or Law of Attraction expert, but when I look back into my life, I realize that I have been manifesting my entire life. My life is proof that I create my own reality. And you do too.

From being bedridden for 5 years, to being my country’s university topper, manifesting scholarships and relationships. Keeping them, losing them– everything is my creation.

So my dears, once you understand that you truly are God, and once you really accept that, once you trust that well being is all that is, and that you are here to live everything you desire, it gets easy. Very easy.

Once you realize Who You Really Are, self-love comes easily. Trusting comes easily, persistence comes easily, and yes, manifestations come easily. And you keep them. Each feeling, each manifestation, each person is yours, for as long as you want them to be with you.

No techniques, no lectures, no hard work are required then. You don’t doubt if you are doing it right, or how it will happen, or when it will happen. You don’t jump from techniques to techniques, and you don’t search for books and lectures and posts. You don’t question if you can manifest or not. You just trust and believe, because you are Gods. You have a desire, you acknowledge it as done and that’s it.

Trust yourself. Trust your inner God. You are not living just for the sake of living. You are living to live the life you desire.

P.S – I also dissolved my so called incurable, abnormal, movements since birth, (much like Cerebral Palsy) in a day, just by accepting that I AM GOD.

Much power to you all!

About The Author

Aanchal Chhetri is a free spirited Japanese Language Expert trying to overcome limiting barriers and break free. She helps others understand their innate I AM God power through her writings.

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