This is my first success story of manifesting a healthy relationship with my younger, loving cousin brother who lives in another city within India. We both are the only child of our parents, but we consider each other as our siblings. We not only love each other so much, but we also guide each other in every way. 

Last year, when he was preparing for his higher secondary school examination, along with the national level engineering college admission examination, well known as JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) in India, he was very involved in social media, that he got diverted from his studies. He has been a continuous topper since childhood, but his sudden diversion from his studies really disturbed me, as I was scared that he would not be able to qualify with good marks. So I had to make a strict decision and I informed my maternal uncle, i.e. his father, about this. My uncle took away his phone and deleted all of his all social media accounts, so that he can only focus on his studies. This made my bro furious and he misunderstood me. He stopped all communications with me. 

Every time I used to call my uncle and aunt, and asked them to hand over the call to my bro, he simply denied to talk to me. I was too upset and started blaming myself. 10 months had passed, but still he never talked to me after my failed attempts. During mid of May this year, I came to know about the Law of attraction. Although at that time I knew nothing about Neville, but still I imagined the end scene that my bro has called me and we were laughing and talking the same way we used to do earlier. I just imagined it once. For the next two days, I was quite desperate, but then my second semester examination of diploma in Russian language was declared on the 27th and 29th of May 2019, and I got so busy with my preparations that I almost forgot about it. 

This year, on the 24th of May, was the day for Brothers Day celebration here. Since it was my parent’s anniversary on the same day, I forgot about it. The next day, somehow there was an extreme urge inside of me that I should send a nice cake to my bro on Sunday, the 26th of May, for belated brother’s day. Although I was doubtful regarding his behavior, I still I sent it through online. 

Around 11pm on 26th of May, when I was deeply involved in my studies, as the next day I have my 1st paper, my aunt called me. I thought that she had called to talk to my mom as her phone was discharged. I picked up her call and said, “Aunty speak to mom”. My aunt joyfully said that my bro wants to talk to me and she handed over the call to my bro. To my surprise, he talked to me in the same way I had imagined. It seemed like there was no misunderstanding between us. I broke down in tears of joy. My bro got nervous and said, what happened didi (this term is used for elder sister in India)? I joyfully said nothing to him.

The most important thing that I learnt from this, was to keep immense faith and to let go of all the fears and doubts. I just visualized once and didn’t affirm anything. I just lived in the end and was happy. Everything you want is yours as you are God.

About The Author

Tulika is a research scholar of Biochemistry and is living in India. Singing, dancing, cooking, writing and reading good books are her hobbies. She has been ambitious since her childhood, and she believes that if one has faith, one can achieve anything he or she wants in their life. 

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