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Proof, right now, you can have what you want instantly

Part of knowing who you really are is knowing you are creating every circumstance you come across. So, I read some comments in the Facebook page. I have noticed some people have said they have been trying to manifest for a long time, and have seen no results. Do you realize that this statement, in itself, is an assumption? You just assumed this. The Law of Assumption states that our assumptions create our reality. So, congrats, this is evidence of the law. If something is bothering you, know that this is proof that you manifest your own reality. Because, we are manifesting 24/7.

For example, I notice some people might say a specific person is hard to manifest, a million dollars is a rare manifestation, you believe you didn’t do manifesting right, you keep messing up, and never see full results. People that think these thoughts, are going to continue to manifest this in their lives. Unless, they change their assumptions. If you are experiencing these thoughts, then I dare you to change these around.

Instead, assume that you have been manifesting everything you want for a very long time now. It is so natural for you to get whatever you want. Manifesting love, relationships, a million dollars, and specific people are easy, and, you always see results instantly. You always keep feeling the wish fulfilled, and know you are always doing it right. Because, the results are always better than what you can hope for or expect. Now, compare these thoughts to the previous ones. These are the types of assumptions that will change your life, instead of thinking you are helpless over the reality you created.

All I did was change the old negative assumptions to positive assumptions. When it comes to your assumptions, it is best to come from a place of power. It is as simple as just thinking these thoughts, and assuming that this is the truth. Instead of arguing for your limitations.

Years ago when I first began with Neville’s teachings, these were the things I thought I struggled with. Sometimes I would assume I was on the right track, but, I would lose faith because of a success story that differed from my experience. An event I ASSUMED wasn’t in alignment with my wish fulfilled, or something someone would say to me that I didn’t like.

Because I assumed this, that is why I felt the feeling of trying to consciously manifest what I want, and, feeling like a failure. Again, do you notice how I assumed all of this? One day I began thinking and started to realize this. I felt like, “WOW! I actually am manifesting 24/7! This was my proof.”. I then began assuming I always get exactly what I want– I manifest instantly, I have the best loving relationships, my romantic relationship is stable, I always have beautiful positive assumptions, and I have a luxury lifestyle. When thoughts I didn’t care for popped up, I would change it to the positive. It was so fun, and, it felt so good.

Every time I see a thought that comes up, I get excited, because it gives me a chance to see what I was assuming. If I felt frustrated about something, I could just assume positive things and persist. At times I would notice I assumed something negative about something that was not in alignment with my wish fulfilled. I would then see them in my mind seeing me, as how I want to be seen. I now do this with everyone. Instant manifestation of my wish fulfilled became easy for me, because I didn’t accept that I had to wait for my desire to come about.

Another example of how I got caught up, was when I was imagining my wish fulfilled in the now. I had passing thoughts like, “This isn’t real. I am being delusional to think I can have something like this in my life. This is a bit extra, people don’t manifest things like this. I am being naive. I am just kidding myself”, etc. These thoughts are not something I would have wanted to create, but, I was still imagining and assuming this, while also, imagining my wish fulfilled. I then created these kinds of circumstances.

When I noticed this, I expeditiously assumed the opposite. I started assuming thoughts like: “This luxury lifestyle, loving relationship, and everything I am imagining for myself is real, right now. This is more real than anything in my life right now. I actually do feel it’s real. I am smart to assume this is real, because my thoughts do create. I know my reality always reflects back to me what I want, easily.”

People assume things all the time. I am just doing it consciously. Experiencing this glamorous lifestyle and beautiful loving relationship is the new normal for me. I see people living glamorous lifestyles, millionaires exist, and I know people have beautiful, loving, stable, passionate relationships. People do manifest things like these. I AM one of them. So, these assumptions made me feel phenomenal. It made everything easier for me. Also, when I was assuming these things I was believing them as facts.

I wasn’t looking for evidence, because I was the evidence. There is nothing out there besides you. People are what you assume. And, your circumstances are what you assume they are. There is no such thing as an obstacle, unless you create one. There are no reasons why you can’t have what you want right now. There are no “what if’s” or “but’s.”

If you think of any reason why you cannot have your wish fulfilled, then now you know that, that is an assumption, and, you can change it.

So, today if you feel like you are struggling to manifest what you want, I want you to realize that, that is your assumption. Right now, you can assume you have it. If you feel like you never manifest instantly, and always have to wait, assume, right now you always manifest instantly, and, you never have to wait for what you want. This is how life works. Whatever you think your circumstances, people, and your lifestyle is, this is how it will be. Period. There are no contradictions. Unless you make one for yourself. How great is that?

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The Law of Assumption has taught me to live my life the way I want to live. So, I make my own rules through bliss, love, and ease. I am an avid traveler, and the law has made it easier for me in all areas of my life. I am currently working on fashion and beauty projects. I have a love for Harry Potter, movies, tv shows, and good food.


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