I would like to add a trigger warning before you continue reading: this article includes topics on alcoholism.


Let’s go back briefly to the basics. The only thing we have to do to manifest anything in our lives is to assume a state: the state of having your desire already. There are many ways to enter into this state and embody it every day. And the more we practise this state, the easier it gets to embody it. Until it feels natural and we just live from it.

It is as simple as it sounds. A piece of cake. However, in this article I want to talk about those moments when it doesn’t feel as simple as I described in the previous paragraph. When our feelings and our minds cannot even conceive the idea of assuming a state that seems to be so far away from our current one. We know that we understand how the Law works, we remember perfectly that the 3D is just a reflection of our old state and that it doesn’t matter what’s occurring, but our heart and mind are all over the place.

Before I continue, I want you to know that if you have lived an experience where you felt like you couldn’t control yourself, and you were able to recognize that situation but, you felt like you couldn’t control your emotions, that’s perfectly fine. That is exactly what you had to do. And if you didn’t recognize it there, but you realised it later, that’s okay too. Don’t you ever blame yourself for reacting- we can revise it, we can let it pass, we can move on and assume again. What’s the big deal? We can’t lose anything either way.

Our aim is to be aware of the truth every day in any given circumstance: good, bad or indifferent. This awareness is very important, because when we realise what is going on inside ourselves, we are connecting with who we really are and from there deciding which way we want to follow next. Changes come from within.

We don’t need to change what we are feeling in that specific moment, it is not a requirement, and I wouldn’t recommend to supress your feelings. We are living a human experience and having emotions and feelings are very humane. Being aware of these feelings and knowing why they are there makes the difference. Our word and our will are more powerful. We command what’s going to occur, so we don’t need to be afraid of our feelings.

A few months ago, I faced a situation I lived constantly throughout my entire life. It had stopped during the past two years. My grandfather was an alcoholic since a very young age, and my family lived with that for many years. It had stopped, but suddenly, I had to face this situation again.

I know the Law now, so I knew exactly what I had to do. However, I was anguished. It was not something easy and it was something where I definitely felt like I couldn’t just assume a new state, and “ignore” the circumstances. My grandfather is 71, his body is not the same from years ago.

Either way, I assumed he was fine. I didn’t want to give it too much attention, even when he lives very close to us and, because of his condition, we had to see him frequently. We had to take care of him.

As you may know, alcoholism can be strongly related to depression, and usually when someone drinks they express everything they think. So, he started to say sad things and he began to hurt us with his words.

The time went by and everything got worse. I felt like I couldn’t embody the state I wanted and the situation was just chaotic. People started to reflect my worst fears, I was afraid he would die. So, between all my emotions emerging and my thoughts all over the place, I just took the decision to give all I had. And I went back to the basics.

I did it Neville style. I leaned on the back of my chair, closed my eyes and imagined a scene I would experience if everything went back to normal. I imagined my grandfather washing his car (as he does every single day), talking to me and when I was close to him, I could smell his perfume again, and not the smell of alcohol. I’m not going to lie, I felt terrible but, imagining this gave me peace. It was something so average, but so relieving.

I did this every time I thought of my grandfather. I imagined these things whenever I needed it- while working, before going to sleep, after seeing him. And even when I felt bad many times, I just told myself that I would feel better, calmer. That this was a done deal. This is something I would strongly recommend when you feel like you can’t manifest something or feel sad: to manifest your own mood and calmness.

Long story short, he went to rehab. He called us one day and told us he decided it, and he made the promise to never do it again. One day, when we went to visit him to the institution, he asked for more clothes and other things he needed. Now, guess what particular item he asked us to please not forget to bring him- his perfume.

“Begin to understand why you were told, “Go thou and do likewise”. Begin now to identify yourself with this presence, your awareness, as the only reality. All manifestations but appear to be; you as man have no reality other than that which is your eternal self, I AM, believes itself to be”

Neville Goddard, Who Am I? (Your Faith is Your Fortune)

Our awareness is the only reality, and our emotions arising are not an issue when we persist in this knowing. They are there to remind us that we are in a human body that feels and perceives our environment. They are not a problem, and they are not something we need to get rid of as soon as possible.

When we assume a state, it doesn’t matter how bad circumstances may seem and how much anxiety and fear we feel. The more we give ourselves those moments to embody our wish fulfilled, and to remember that this is our new reality, the more we will start to feel calmer. We begin to let that new state take control over the state of worry.

I want to finish this article by reminding you guys to be gentle with yourselves, always, and remember that your desires are yours and a done deal no matter the circumstances nor your emotions. Remember you can manifest being in a more loving state and that nothing can mess up what you have assumed as true for yourself, your life, and others. Persist in your new state, stubbornly, because it will respond.

About Author

Camila is a Literature graduate. Since she knew about Neville Goddard, life started to make sense and now she enjoys every experience through the power of awareness. She aims to help others to realize who we really are.


  • Ankita Saurya
    January 3, 2022 at 10:46 PM

    Thank you for this email, It was required very much, I can’t describe the state I was into, thinking so disappointed but now I feel much better. ❤️

  • Donna
    January 4, 2022 at 1:33 PM

    Please explain states. I keep reading about it and can’t get a good answer as to what it is.


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