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Important Parts of Manifesting A Specific Person

Hey guys! We haven’t made a video specifically on manifesting a specific person in a while, so we wanted to make this one for you guys. I have included a transcript for the video here as well, in case you guys need it/find it helpful.

Thank you guys so much for supporting us, it truly means a lot!

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Hi everyone, we’re Marcel and Jennifer from I AM Love

And today we’re going to explain our best tips for manifesting a specific person/soulmate.

And I’m so excited for this video and to share it with you all and we’re gonna number these tips in steps and not in order of importance

This video will focus on us being the operant power and everyone and everything being us pushed out

Which our next podcast will also be on, so stay tuned for that

We want to share with you guys what we think are the most important parts of manifesting a specific person

That podcast is definitely going to be so exciting

And I’m looking really forward to making that podcast

So when it comes to manifesting a specific person, in my opinion these are our best and most important tips

And I’ve personally experienced this in my own life and this video will not only help you with manifesting a specific person, but with everything

So guys, grab a pen and let’s hop right in

Step number one is to take responsibility

Jennifer and I made an entire podcast about taking responsibility which you can find in the link under this video

Taking responsibility for our inner being is such an important step

Because this is how we take control of our life instead of letting it play out and reacting to it

There’s no one that can make you as happy as yourself guys

It’s true. Happiness comes from within

And trust me, it might seem that our specific person will fix our struggles, but they don’t since they are just our reflection

Yes, and of course it is completely fine to want your specific person to make you happy

We all want that in relationships. However, there is a difference between understanding that the 3D world is simply a mirror of your own inner state and then blaming the other person for how we feel

As I’ve said in the podcast on taking responsibility, instead of asking yourself “why did this person say this to me?”

Ask yourself, “what did this trigger within me?”, “what did it make me feel within?”

This is what taking responsibility is. This is what manifesting is

To me, taking responsibility is also validating ourselves. Giving ourselves the reassurance we need, rather than allowing the 3D world to determine whether we are doing things correctly or not

Remember, you’re always on the right path no matter what the 3D world is showing you. Because of who you really are, because of your true nature

So, by default you’re always on the right path. Every single thing that you are experiencing is part of the fulfillment of your desire

Every time you think in this way and you remember this truth, you are embodying the state of being of someone who trusts in themselves and in their desires

It’s trusting in yourself and in your desires so much that you are not allowing anything in the 3D to take away from that

But rather allowing yourself to see the 3D as a part of the bridge. As a part of the manifestation

It is knowing that you have the choice to choose your preference in any given moment

And that you never have to accept anything as final in the 3D world, no matter what you see

Yeah, I absolutely love that and I totally agree

And I know that taking responsibility is not always an easy task

And I want you all to remember to not blame yourselves for off days. We all have off days

In fact, don’t blame yourselves for anything

You know, let’s be kind to ourselves. We would give this advice to others, right?

So, let’s apply it to ourselves too

It’s okay if you texted your SP in desperation, Just take a breathe. Breathe in breathe out

And don’t get mad at yourself for reacting

I’m not saying you need to reach out to your SP or that it’s bad if you do so

You can reach out if you want or not. These actions do not matter

I’m saying here that if you did so out of fear, then don’t be mad at yourself

It’s okay, The situation doesn’t hurt you, it’s yourself and how you perceive it, and what you’re mentally saying that determines how you feel

You are an amazing human being, you just have to believe in it

I love that. And, remember, what we’re taking responsibility for is how we perceive the world,

others, and ourselves. A few questions you can ask yourselves in order to take the responsibility back

and validate your own experience

“Is how I’m viewing myself, others and circumstances coming from love or fear?”

“From trust or more seeking?”

“Is it coming from my true self? Is it coming from knowing the end result is already done?”

Sometimes we resist going within and asking ourselves these questions, because we are too afraid of the answers

and what may come up

But remember, part of embracing your true self is remembering that there is no separation and no difference between the moments when the doubts come up and what you want to feel and experience

There is only the now moment guys. The present moment

And even if you in this now moment are experiencing difficulties, or opposing circumstances

It cannot be separate from your desire ever. Literally ever. It cannot be separate from it

Because creation, love, who you really are is right here in this now moment

It cannot be far off

It cannot be something that you strive for

It’s not something to attain

It’s not something to attain after you’ve cleared all of your doubts and fears and fixed yourself and did the perfect technique

As Neville says, to say God is near implies separation

But to say I AM in this very moment, is to acknowledge that you are your desires, and that your are one with God

and this moment and every other moment is inclusive and a part of that

So right now, say to yourself, say I AM

And know that I AM in this moment experiencing the unfolding of my desires

No matter what I see, no matter what has happened five days ago, five years ago, five decades ago [laughing]

five minutes ago, five hours ago

That right now in this present moment, everything good bad, indifferent, no matter what you’re dealing with, is part of it

Exactly. By the way, if you haven’t grabbed a pen yet, make sure to grab it right now and write it all down

Because we’re gonna head over to step number 2 right now

And step #2 is self concept

Self concept is how we see ourselves and how we see ourselves in relation to our specific person

How do we speak about ourselves, what is our self talk saying?

It is not only my main tip if it comes to manifesting a Specific Person. It’s my main tip always! Don’t skip this step guys!

Why is self concept so important you may ask and how is it related to manifesting a Specific Person?

Well, our 3D world, including people, are reflections of what is going on within ourselves, so it is so extremely important to work on this

Everything and everyone is us pushed out. Our specific person is reflecting our inner state too, they are no exception to the law

It’s actually so much fun to raise your awareness of what is going on within. And feel yourself more aware of it everyday

Like you feel the heaviness dropping off your shoulder and everything feels so light and easy

When you work on your self concept you become more aware of being the operant power. As Neville would say, there is no one to change but self

And as I’ve written on Facebook on how I manifested a relationship with Jennifer, I always believed in my personality

Even when I had so many doubts and insecurities, it did come through

I was doubting myself, whether I was worthy or not. And doubting if I could ever find the love of my life. But I kept pushing through

Think of your self concept as how much you identify yourself as being one with God, as being the operant power

as being consciousness

That’s essentially what self concept boils down to

How much you are acknowledging your I AM-ness

in this present moment

When you remember your true divine nature, your true self, you stop trying to fix yourself

You start knowing that you are worthy of having your desires, not based on the amount of times you say

“I am worthy, I am worthy, I am worthy”

but on who you are right now- that constant being that you are that never changes, no matter what you believe about yourself in this current moment

Remember, you are God expressing a state in this moment

God isn’t a state. God is the awareness that encompasses all of the states at once

And knows that none of it can take away from its truth

Although we do remind you guys to be aware of what’s coming up to be released,

I really don’t want you guys to fall into the trap of thinking that you are releasing something that is holding you back

Because the truth is that there is nothing that is stuck to you

That you have to peel away in that sense

It really is just what we use for the sake of the linear mind to understand what we mean

When we sit with our doubts and fears, we are releasing the identity we have attached to these doubts and these fears, by remembering that power that we are, the universe that we are

Sometimes we keep striving and searching for that perfection, forgetting that our perfection is right here in this moment

It’s not something that we have to strive for. It’s not something that we have to attain

That’s why we remind you guys that your doubts and fears cannot affect things or take anything away from you

Remember, enlightenment is not something you have to attain or strive for

Enlightenment is your entire being, it’s what you are right here

And like I said earlier, there is no separation between where you are right now and where you want to be

To know yourself as the creator, you must first start to be that thing. To acknowledge that thing right now

And as you guys know now, you already are that

It is your being-ness

To identify yourself with your true self, is to embrace that your existence alone is enough to see that love and relationship, and that desired version of a person reflect back to you

You will think that what you’re currently experiencing with that person is opposing what you want to experience

and it’s not. You should see, again, all of it is encompassing and leading you to one thing

Because love is not something we need to work hard at

When we live our lives with this presence, we allow ourselves to be just as we are,

our authentic self, and experience our desires as well

I say, it’s more than just a concept of ourselves to be honest, but who we are in every moment

To feel and realize you are God, is to embrace all parts of you as being part of the wholeness, oneness and completion that you are

And you know, for me, in the beginning when I was manifesting specific people, relationships

especially my current relationship, one thing that I have learned a lot is

who wants to always have to affirm for every little thing that you want from your person

Like you don’t want that every time you want your person to text you something sweet, or be there for you,

or give you a gift, that you have to do a whole bunch of affirmations for it, right

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with affirmations

I’m not putting it down. I myself love affirmations. It’s just more so how we use them and the state that we do them from

But, I don’t want to be the person who has to affirm for every time I want thousands of dollars, or I want that love or that recognition or that support

I want that it just reflects back to me normal, just like that. By itself, without me having to do anything

And that comes from just being. Being as you are right now, knowing that you’re enough as you are

And that you don’t have to strive and work so hard. So think about it from that perspective

And if you’re going to use affirmations, use them as reminders to yourself of what you already have

Not something to try to convince yourself of

Everything that we described here, this way of thinking, is what it means to accept your true self. To connect back to it

It’s essentially what it means to shift your self concept

I love that so much and, with that being said, let’s head over to the last step which is persistence

And what does persistence actually mean?

It is to continue moving forward even when it might seem like the wind is against you. Moving forward because we know that we are the operant power

It is believing in the unseen. It is knowing that miracles aren’t miracles, but just realities being acknowledged since everything is already real

It is knowing that we can be whoever we want to be and remember guys that assumptions harden into facts. Persistence is such a crucial step

This is a way of life and not just a one day thing. Yes obviously we can do it in one day

But working on results staying consistent and stable is definitely a key part and not only for the topic of a specific person but for everything

Persistence is the difference when you are wondering why it sometimes feels like the law isn’t real

We’ve all been at a point wherein we question the law and most people stop at this point

But this is the time to keep going and not to stop

We have to Stay consistent with being aware of what is going on within and our lives will make incredible shifts

Start living your life consciously as the operant power

Persistence doesn’t mean persisting in doing more things to get somewhere/something. Remember, you are one with your desire

It already is available to you. It’s already what you are

And I know this is really hard to remember when you’re dealing with lots of doubts and fears

And I’m not even saying it’s gonna be always easy and effortless in that way

I went through a lot of struggles in order to manifest the type of relationship that I wanted. It’s not gonna always be like that at the beginning

But, that’s okay. That does not mean that you’re not on the right track

Just because it’s not as easy as another success story that you saw on Facebook or wherever the case is

You have to validate your own self and plus everyone is just a reflection of you. What you believe about others, about yourself

So yeah, you’re one with your desires. It already is available to you and the way has been made for things to unfold, without our need for intervention

Now, when I say without our need for intervention, I do not mean something about messing with the middle

Because I know lots of people bring that up. I don’t believe in messing with the middle

I have an article which I can link in the description below on messing with the middle

But for me, messing with the middle just means that you’re seeing the things that you’re experiencing as having nothing to do with the end result

But I think it’s perfectly fine for you to, you know, think about things that you desire such as dates and communication and things like that

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. Then again, you need to validate your own self. You need to give permission from yourself to think, and allow yourself, to think these things

And to entertain it, without always thinking that there are gonna be consequences

Just as we are one with God consciousness, because that is who we are, we are also one with our desires

What we are persisting in really is remembering this being

This self where everything springs from

We are persisting in remembering this oneness with our desires and the person we are manifesting

We are choosing to see the fulfilled desire in every moment, whether it seems opposite or not. Persistence is a consistent awareness of the information that we have shared so far

Yes exactly, and I would like to add that visualizing ourselves with our Specific Person obviously works but this video is focused on manifesting a Specific Person but also improving every other area of our lives

These tips are here to help you out if you feel you’ve hit a wall

This way of looking at things, will help you guys continue to embody the state of being in a relationship

Living in the end comes naturally from this place, and so you don’t need to hyper focus on whether you are living in the end correctly or if you’re in the right state

To be honest, in my every day life when I’m manifesting something I don’t wonder whether I’m living in the end correctly or whether I’m in the right state

I just, be. Be my authentic self and know that even if I have tantrum, if I forgot who I am, if I’m extremely positive

That none of that, again, can take away from the unfolding

Remember it doesn’t have to feel effortless or easy right now, like I said earlier. It’s completely fine

And also, if it’s taking longer than usual, that also doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong track

You’re never on the wrong track. Think about it, if this game of life was literally manifested by your consciousness,

by the very being that you are, All That Is, then that means All That Is, this direct experience has to be on your side

in some form. Even if we can’t understand in this moment

So guys, we hope that these tips have helped you

And just remember, that this is what we think are the most important parts of manifesting a specific person

It doesn’t have to require long drawn out steps, and actually nothing needs to be viewed in that way

Be your authentic self when tackling manifesting, especially a relationship

Thank you guys so much for listening, and I love you so much

Yes guys, thank you so much, everyone. We love you guys so much and we’ll see you guys in the next video

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Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


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    Hello Jennifer,

    I absolutely loved this article (read it mostly). It has really helped me understand why all my relationships always ended up with unhappiness and cheating.

    I realized I was never authentic and always made my life about that SP, rather than me.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

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    This article was absolutely beautiful and so true to the insights I have received during difficult times myself. Thank you and keep on writing and sharing your wisdom! You have a way of reminding people of their power and that is so important in this day and age when people are tempted to rely on external factors before going within.

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