This a very common occurrence on the manifesting, spiritual and self improvement journey.

You’ve begun to do the inner work, you’re practicing showing up differently, and then you’re faced with an unlovely circumstance or unlovely feelings come to the surface.

A lot of the times it’s tempting to the ego to see this as failure or to immediately give in and assume the worse about yourself or your desires.

However, it is in these moments where we need to show up differently the most.

It is in these moments where true change and shifts are made, because it’s easy to persist when everything is going well.

But when you reach deep within yourself and step out of your comfort state, you will learn so much about yourself.

This is where shifts and changes in our realities and in ourselves are made.

There is a lot of power in pausing and going within where it feels like things seem opposite.

Of course, this is only a part of the divine game of life. It is normal and a natural part of the process.

Instead of immediately assuming something unlovely about yourself when things occur, pause and reflect on what this reaction you’re making is telling you about what you are accepting and believing for yourself.

And then choose differently.

Soothe the ego, choose a new story. Choose a new perspective. And of course, you don’t need to feel a positive emotion in order to trust.

If you need help trusting or understanding what’s keeping you back from trusting, I have coaching sessions available in our bio where we can reflect on what’s holding you back and come up with solutions together. And I will be making more content on this!


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Let’s talk about taking action in the 3D:

I receive many questions that ask, “am I allowed to do this?”.

And my answer will always be this:

It depends on what your motive is behind taking that action.

Which state are you coming from when you take this action? What is the reasoning for it and does it support how you want to show up in this world?

Does it align with the truth of who you really are?

Is it coming from security or insecurity?

Now, it’s completely okay to take actions in an urgent situation where it is needed. I find that we hold ourselves back from taking certain actions because we fear what that would mean for ourselves and our desires.

The 3D world is filled with resources and is not separate from the consciousness we are all made of. So refraining and holding ourselves back tells us more about our state of being than anything else.

I also find that we can sometimes take actions from a place of insecurity, but even then there is no need to continuously shame ourselves.

Because a moment of insecurity can lead to security.

This is where your reaction turns into a response.

It’s where your fear pushes you to release control and change your perception.

I always assume that every action and inaction I take will lead me to where I want to be and how I want to feel.

So, the next time you take action, reflect on where you’re coming from. And if you happen to take an action that feels disempowering, how can you move that into a response?

What meaning can you give it to mean something different for you?

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Have you ever felt like it was difficult to change your perception of a person or to maintain a grounded self concept around others?

Or maybe you find yourself repeating the same cycles and patterns, experiencing hot and cold results.

Most people are trying to manifest a relationship backwards.

From a foundation with old stories and conditions.

Looking beyond our own ego stories looks like:

💖 Recognizing when we are projecting our own stories onto another person, assuming the worse and jumping to assumptions without first self reflecting on WHY we are doing that

(Note: What we continue to assume can show us a lot about our own state of being and self concept, and therefore why things continue to reflect the way they do)

💖 Remembering that there is so much more than meets the eye versus taking everything at face value and perceiving others through the filter of our own insecurities- holding onto a disempowering story

💖 Allowing ourselves to show up as our authentic and vulnerable selves, releasing the conditioning we have placed on ourselves to be perfect or to experience a perfect relationship where no triggers arise.

(Note: Triggers, arguments, breakups etc., can be a space for evolvement. They do not mean failure between you and your person. They create a space for growth and it helps us release the expectation that the person, yourself or the relationship needs to be perfect in order for it to last and be manifested.)

Try recognizing when you unconsciously play out the above in not only romantic relationships, but also in other relationships. Recognize when you unconsciously do this within and bring awareness to it.

Making this a lifestyle goes beyond only embodying the feeling. Creating consistent results, and not merely hot and cold manifestations, require complete shifts💖

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