This a very common occurrence on the manifesting, spiritual and self improvement journey.

You’ve begun to do the inner work, you’re practicing showing up differently, and then you’re faced with an unlovely circumstance or unlovely feelings come to the surface.

A lot of the times it’s tempting to the ego to see this as failure or to immediately give in and assume the worse about yourself or your desires.

However, it is in these moments where we need to show up differently the most.

It is in these moments where true change and shifts are made, because it’s easy to persist when everything is going well.

But when you reach deep within yourself and step out of your comfort state, you will learn so much about yourself.

This is where shifts and changes in our realities and in ourselves are made.

There is a lot of power in pausing and going within where it feels like things seem opposite.

Of course, this is only a part of the divine game of life. It is normal and a natural part of the process.

Instead of immediately assuming something unlovely about yourself when things occur, pause and reflect on what this reaction you’re making is telling you about what you are accepting and believing for yourself.

And then choose differently.

Soothe the ego, choose a new story. Choose a new perspective. And of course, you don’t need to feel a positive emotion in order to trust.

If you need help trusting or understanding what’s keeping you back from trusting, I have coaching sessions available in our bio where we can reflect on what’s holding you back and come up with solutions together. And I will be making more content on this!


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