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Manifesting With Anxiety and Fear

I have recently published a podcast/YouTube video on the topic of manifesting with anxiety (posted below), but I also wanted to write an article addressing this topic as it is close to my heart.

I used to suffer from debilitating anxiety, the kind that would make me feel afraid to leave my house and would confine me indoors for months on end. Everything seemed really hopeless during these times and I thought I might be stuck for the rest of my life. I tried to blame everyone for it- my parents, the previous men in my life, the people around me. And while I did accept and recognize that those people played their role and their part to reflect back what I needed to let go of, I had to then accept that it was now my responsibility to decide whether I would continue to keep myself small or reclaim my power.

Our Power

In the beginning of the episode, I mentioned how it was important to reflect upon what it means to “be” God for you. In actuality, we can’t be God, we just are God. To “be” God could imply that I could be anything else other than the True Self. However, the “I” that I am referring to here is I AM, God, Consciousness etc. As you can see, this True Self can be called anything because God is infinite and is not limited. So, when I say to reflect upon what it means to “be” God, I am asking you to reflect upon what that feels like for you, what it means, what it represents for you- to recognize a truth that has been there all along.

It is amazing to realize that, as the True Self, you are the operant power, you are one with everything and everyone and beyond the human physical form. However, when you really sit with that and internalize that, what does that spark within you? What does that make you feel about yourself and life now? How does it shift everything you once knew was true, including how you identified with your anxiety?

In my opinion, these are all very important questions. Because I see a lot of people parroting off of what others are teaching and saying and not really reflecting upon what that awareness truly means. The reason I believe this is so important is because coming to this recognition, and truly accepting it beyond the surface level, is going to require trust. Don’t worry, trust can be realized- it is who you truly are. Trust is already something you naturally are, that you naturally have within you.

However, anxiety can cause us to distrust ourselves and the process and journey. And a lot of times the anxiety is stirred up when the fear of the unknown is heightened along with a lack of trust. Truthfully, we are still trusting something- the misperception of what the anxiety means- rather than trusting the True Self. So, we’re distrusting the True Self and trusting the fearful self, the parts that are anxious and uncomfortable.

The question that then arises is, is the anxiety the issue or our perception of it? Our identification with it? Do we need to not trust the fearful, anxious self at all?

It goes back to perception and really understanding what is happening internally. As Neville Goddard stated, our True Self is God, but in this human experience we are God “keyed-low”. All this means is that we have to remember that we are still in a human body, having a human experience, navigating this world- and this is not random!

“The building in which we now are seated, everything here, the lectern, the clothes you wear, name anything here. You may go into other parts like the trees. We didn’t make those by imagination, but it was the Divine Imagination, the same as the human imagination, only we are keyed low. It is the same imagination, for there is only God. So, human imagination is one with Divine Imagination. On our level, God keyed Himself low with the weaknesses and the limitations of the body, God [literally] became as we are, that we may be as He is.” [Wm. Blake, “There Is No Natural Religion”]

In becoming man, He couldn’t pretend He was man. He had to actually become man, with all the weaknesses, with all the limitations and frailties of man, and assumed it completely. Then, in time, the whole thing unfolds within man, and man discovers that he is God! He discovers he is God because the drama is completely recorded for him. Everything said of Jesus Christ in Scripture, you are going to experience as something taking place within you. Not something of which you read as in the case of reading about another, no, it is all done within you.”

Neville Goddard, Lecture: Imagination Plus Faith, 1971

So, when I speak of perception, I am referring to the internalized recognition that the anxiety you feel, the weakness and limitations it makes you feel, is all for a purpose. And that purpose is the unfolding of Scripture within you. Believe me, I know this can feel way easier said than done. Along with recognizing the higher purpose of these intense emotions we feel, I believe it is also important to highlight other roles that fear plays in the human experience.

For example, it is fear that stops us from running into oncoming traffic in front of a driving vehicle. It stops us from placing our hand over a burning stove etc. So, actually fear is important in the human experience. It becomes an issue when it consumes us so much that we react from a disempowering place, further identifying with the old self, never giving ourselves space to lean into the True Self. Your True Self is already very much aware of this role that fear and anxiety plays here. This is why I have written many times that faith and trust is not something we force ourselves towards, but it is something realized and recognized.

Faith and trust naturally come up on their own the more we recognize our True Self. Fighting to feel faith, forcing yourself to believe and berating yourself if you don’t, is pointless. Because when you do this, you’re fighting with the natural unfolding of scripture. Then again, I suppose even fighting with ourselves at some point is inevitable, thus could be deemed as a natural part of this experience. However, we don’t want to stay at this space either.

Your fearful, anxious parts will try to convince you and protect you in its own way through feeling anxious and fearful. The difference will be now you know the reasoning for it, therefore you will have a different perception of these moments. If you feel called to do so, you can further reflect upon where this anxiety comes from and where it is rooted. However, in my opinion, anxiety further aggravates because of our misplaced understanding of it and distrust in the True Self.

Trust in your True Self begins with the understanding of why these intense feelings feel so consuming and the role they play in experiencing Scripture within you. Because, as I said, your True Self is already very aware of this, so becoming aware of this will help you to bridge that illusory gap between your True Self and your fearful, anxious self. There is no actual gap, but when we misperceive why the anxiety etc., comes up, it can feel like that.

Manifesting With Fear and Anxiety

Now that you are aware of the role your anxiety is playing, you may be wondering how you can use this awareness to help you to manifest your desires.

I can make an entire podcast on how you are one with your desire and that you’re not trying to will your desires into existence. However, one reason you could be feeling this way is because of your misperception of your anxiety. If you believe that your anxiety is something that you are bind to forever, or will hinder you in some way, you have already concluded that you don’t trust your True Self without realizing it. Your anxiety will hinder you if you’re misperceiving its role in your journey. It will also cause you to feel like you are striving to make your desires appear and that you need to struggle to experience the things you desire. Your anxiety is actually an inner calling towards letting go of the struggle, the fight and the battle- hence to experience Scripture within yourself.

When I feel fear or anxiety, I tell myself “fear is allowed to be here, but it doesn’t have to be in the driver’s seat”. It can be there, as a passenger, that I am fully allowing on my own. In this way, you can understand that you are actually getting a say on why the fear is there. Also, we can allow the fear to be present without feeling threatened by it because of our understanding that it is not truly an obstacle- because we have given it permission to exist. Not only have we given it permission to exist as a part of manifesting our desires, but as a part of trusting I AM, our True Self.

Now that you have allowed the fear to exist and to come along for the ride, the next step is to understand that you are already the person you want to be, you are already this True Self that I am speaking of in this article. You are already the desire itself. It does not matter how much you don’t believe it or feel it, because this is still your Truth. It always will be and it always has been. If this is true, can anxiety and fear stop your desires from manifesting?

Well, it can’t stop it because it already exists!

We might need a telescope to see the planets with our human eye, but just because we don’t see them without a telescope does not mean they don’t exist. The same goes for your desires. When you allow the anxiety and fear to come along for the ride, the paradox is that they will actually feel less intense. Acceptance of what we feel helps us to surrender to them. As that saying goes, “Let Go and Let God”. You are the desire and the desire is you.

We can delay things from manifesting in the 3D world if we misperceive what the fear is. However, what if you allowed the fear to exist, your awareness of your True Self and your desires all at once? Because actually all of those things do exist here simultaneously. Your tunnel vision on only one existing at any given moment, or “cancelling” out the other, is your own misperception, but not the truth.

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Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


  • Patty
    May 16, 2024 at 3:01 PM

    Absolutely Brilliant! Thank you for sharing that ALL is still the ONE indivisible infinity called God (I AM) and that we, the whole of humanity, ARE each this same I AM. We are each simply expressing through an I AM Presence and extension of God into human form as I AM Jennifer. All is perfect and we are fulfilling Scripture playing our roles beautifully.

    We came into this Dream of Life of seeming separation and duality in order to know through direct experience how to consciously operate our Creative Power and Wisdom (I AM). Neville was hands down the BEST teacher pointing us back to our True Being AS God. There is no other Being (I AM), so we are each God veiled to play these human beings to have the remembrance and realization of our True Infinite Eternal Immortal Being. Most people cannot accept it, but thankfully Neville walked us through Scripture and his personal experiences so that we could prove it to our Self and know with certainty our True Identity.

    Now here you are as the I AM playing Jennifer sharing the One Truth and being it. You are such a blessing to the world. Thank you for all of your wonderful writings and podcasts sharing this Eternal Truth with all those who are open and willing to receive it. Many blessings to you, Divine Sister.

    • Jennifer Ramdeo
      May 17, 2024 at 9:38 AM

      thank you so much Patty! Your words mean a lot to me, as I love how you describe and outline things. Thank you for supporting and reading and sharinng your wisdom 🙂 <3


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