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A Manifestation Lifestyle

Recently, I have been manifesting things like CRAZY! Gifts, people changing and acting the way I prefer, thousands of dollars, health for others, free things, compliments, food (my favorite!), and just so many things per day, that I have lost track! But most importantly, I’ve manifested the FEELINGS associated with having these wonderful things, before I received them, in order for them to manifest in the first place.

I made a decision a while ago, that I would never settle for less, than an amazing life, filled with exactly all of the experiences, things, and people that I prefer. At some point, I was tired of “trying” and wanted to become. To become exactly how a Goddess would be, in my eyes. To sum it up, I wanted a Manifestation LIFESTYLE. Not just some things here and there. I wanted it all, and I knew I could have it.

To make it short, I took a leap of faith, and decided that I deserved these wonderful things, and finally felt good enough for them. Ask yourself if you truly feel worthy and deserving of the things you’re manifesting. Do you feel good enough for them, or do you question it all of time?

Warning: Next Paragraph is a bit “negative”, as I explain some things I went through before I got to this point. So feel free to skip it if it might trigger you, etc. I totally understand!

I was literally broke, depressed, suicidal, in thousands of dollars of debt, hated myself and life, had eating disorders, covered my mirrors because I hated how I looked and didn’t want to see myself, self-harmed, and wouldn’t leave my house for months, because of anxiety and panic attacks. I was also the definition of a clingy, insecure girlfriend in my previous relationships.

But, I was able to go from all of that^ to who I am now. To becoming aware of who I am. The point is, YOU CAN TOO. And I guess I’m making this post to let you know, nothing is impossible. You can not only have exactly the things you desire, plus so much more, but you can also become the person you desire. Even if it seems so far in the future now. Things are always going to get better if you simply allow it to. If you do the inner work, and never settle for less. One important thing, was that I got out of my comfort zone.

At some point, it felt really bad to feel bad, and I became highly aware of how bad it did feel. I didn’t like the bad feeling no matter how familiar it felt, so I made the conscious effort to get out of my comfort zone and to start accepting and rejecting my preferences.

This allowed me to finally accept who I am, and to assume my desires are mine, simply because it felt bad to assume anything else. Once I shifted my thought process, my state of being shifted too, and then everything and everyone else shifted as well. If things got worse, I knew I had the ability to reject or accept anything I didn’t prefer. No matter how much the odds were stacked against me at times.

And because of this, feeling my desires to be mine now, and accepting it, helped me to have fun with my life and this process. Sit back, relax, and watch things come to you!

I decided, I didn’t want just one thing. I’m not going to stick to just one thing, receive it, and then revert back to my old ways. Nope, I was going to make this a habit. And this is what you should be doing too! All throughout the day, only choose your preference. Don’t like the weather? Intend for it to be better. Want something for free! Intend to have it. Want to feel a certain way? Say that you are feeling it now! And I mean, all throughout the day, just causally and nonchalantly drop those seeds.

This is how I got into the habit of never settling for less than what I wanted. Even if some of the things didn’t manifest right way, or even a week or two later, I kept choosing my preference. Because you have the power and abilities to do this. It’s your birthright! To speak things into existence and not try so hard! It shouldn’t feel like effort or force. Speaking things into existence and only choosing what you want, should feel lovely and satisfying.

The only thing that can make you feel frustrated, is if you’re holding on to these things when speaking them. Wondering if it may or may not manifest. This is why I do it all day, so I’m not fixated on one thing, and most of the times I forget what I’ve chosen, since I’m doing it all day with everything. This isn’t a technique, and shouldn’t be confused with one. This is a lifestyle change.

This is how you create a Manifestation lifestyle, and the life of your dreams. Not by forcing yourself day in and day out, and getting hot and cold, or little to no results. It’s never settling for less than you desire, and having fun with it. Choosing to change your perspective from “ugh now I have to try to manifest this. What if I doesn’t work out” to “you know what, I’m actually going to give this a shot. I have nothing to lose!”.

Accept what you see in your reality that you prefer. Give thanks for it, and move on. Accept the things you desire and also give thanks for it, for it already being done. Reject the next thing you don’t like, make it known that this is no longer part of your reality, and then move on. I surrounded myself around people who were actually happy with their lives.

When I was broke and in debt, I didn’t surround myself around people in places who I knew would reflect my previous state of being. I went to all of the “luxurious” places, and choose my preference. “This, this, and this is mine”. I enjoyed seeing other people happily spend, and buy whatever they want without worrying about their bank balance. And because of this, I started to feel this way too!

Eventually, I became that exact person! It’s to the point where money just appears in my bank account, and I still have no idea where it came from! But like I always say, I’m not complaining!! And it was because I chose my preference. It costs nothing to go to places and choose your preferences, and it costs nothing to go into your imagination and experience having and enjoying that thing you desire right now!

I’m not saying any of this to brag, but to remind you of what has always been yours, and always will be. To show you it isn’t impossible, and to remind you to never settle for less!

I hope this post helped you in some way! I believe in you guys!! I can see it in my imagination. Lots of love 😘


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Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


  • Elsie

    I love this!! 🙌 I’ve made a similar shift in my life as well, and have been thinking of starting a blog to help others, too! This is super inspiring! Thank you! I really love the idea of choosing your preferences all day long. I’m going to add that to my repertoire! I know for sure it does take that kind of consistency. What an awesome post! Thank you!! 😍

    • Rea

      I recently found this blog and it’s helped me to really understand Neville’s teachings and to implement them. Literally every area in my life has improved by leaps and bounds except my love life. Every time I even think of it as being positive or having my dream partner I literally forget all I know and get consumed in this feeling of lack and lonliness because it’s seems like I’ve been able to manifest a partner just like the one I want for those around me except myself. When I finally get out of that funk and try ‘live in the end’ I read things like “don’t constantly fixate on your desire” then this upsets me and I feel like I’m just getting it wrong. Please help me in understanding how I can just stop with this kind of thinking. It makes me feel like how I used to before I drastically improved my life, sometimes even worse.

    • William

      This is a beautiful post and a vision of positive Godself life. I know when I wrote “Dear Children”, A Manual for Adult Children of Divorce, I had also gone through much turmoil in my life but wanted to make that change happen. When I intended the Godself author in me to appear, I began writing my first book about how to positively change the outcome for children and adult children who had experienced divorce and any associated negative energy in life. Poof, it happened! Whatever the mind can believe and conceive, it will achieve. In my book I wrote of the ability as Godself creators we have the mind conscious capability to create whatever we desire as we believe we are abundant beings. Whatever we focus on, whatever our mind thinks, it will attract. Thankfully, recognizing the unconscious moments of neurological corruption with bad programming of the past, has made me more aware of when and how I need to recreate in order to change the path or current undesireable outcome. I am fully grateful for this new state of consciousness and the life it is manifesting. Namaste 🙏🏻

  • S

    Hi Jennifer – Thanks for sharing! Would you be able to give some examples of some assumptions/beliefs you created for yourself in order to convince yourself that you can have anything and anyone you wanted in your life? I have decided to make a complete shift into this lifestyle and would love some tips on how to start, for someone who believes but still has some limiting beliefs getting in the way at times. Thank you so much! <3

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