Inner Focus and Self Knowledge

“Your attention must be developed, controlled, and concentrated in order to change your concept of yourself succesfully and thereby change your future.”

Neville Goddard

Getting in control of our outer reality means we have to start controlling our inner focus. But how do we train our inner focus?

As mentioned in Jennifer’s article, this is a lifestyle. Not something we do once and then stop. It’s a way of life. Often times we get asked “why is it not working? It doesn’t work”. Sometimes it feels we think there is an off/button like a light switch. Now it works, but yesterday it didn’t.
There is no button, the law is always working. Have you ever questioned the law of gravity or thought that one day it works but the other day it doesn’t? The answer is no!

When we accept this as a way of life, we spend time on training our focus every day. Taking the time daily, even if just for five minutes, to focus on the feelings within as well as our self-talk can do more than anything else. It’s so simple that it is often overlooked. We are so busy that we sometimes forget that everything starts within us. Sitting down to train our inner focus can be so crucial, whether its meditation, scripting, or whatever makes you feel good. Doing this for just five minutes a day every single day will do more than whatever else we’re doing.

Get to know yourself and what works for you.

Remember to always improvise your own ways of approaching this and what feels right to you. What feels good for someone doesn’t mean it resonates with you. We have to find our own way and choose what’s right for us. So learn to know yourself and what works for you! If meditation doesn’t make you feel good, then try scripting can, or vice versa.

If your inner self-talk doesn’t make you feel good, switch it up. Get to know yourself and what works for you. You and your feelings are the center of this. You are the creator.

Make the teachings simple for yourself.

Sometimes these teachings can seem hard to understand but it’s much easier than we make it out to be. You just have to be who we want to you. “Hold a vision in your mind of who you want to be and hold on to that vision” — that doesn’t sound too hard, right?

Making steps easier and understandable for ourselves can be that easy. You just have to feel it. The feeling of knowing it is done is the foundation of it all!

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