Letting Go / Living In The End

Letting Go & Dropping Your Desire

I had a wonderful session with a client the other day, where the topic of letting go was the main focus. I realized how many people are caught up in this story they tell themselves. This story they tell themselves that they absolutely must drop their desire or let go of it completely, and that, that is the only way to be able to manifest your desires.

We actively preach to understand who you really are on our website and our other social media, because truly, this one concept can be a total game changer for you.

Who Are You? You may think you are (your name), but you aren’t. It is a merely a shell that you’ve inhabited to experience life here as a human. Not only that, but you are literally in your own universe. There are infinite amount of universes, just as there are infinite amount of realities, and in each universe, you are experiencing your own personal dream. You have total and complete freedom to be able to experience life exactly as you choose.

So what does this mean really? It means you can quite literally create your own rules. Yep, your OWN rules. You no longer have to abide by the rules of someone else, unless it serves you in some way. This means you don’t even have to follow the rules of people laying out to you how to manifest something. You can create your own rules, and you should. Each story you have going on within you, is an assumption about yourself, others, and the world around you that you decided to accept as true for yourself and your world at one point. You did this because you were unconscious of who you are.

Assumptions harden into fact.

“When imagination fulfills itself so naturally, it is easy to question that your assumption had anything to do with it. But I tell you it could not have happened without your assumption, for your awareness is the one and only cause of the phenomena of life.”

Neville Goddard

The story you tell yourself of letting go and dropping your desire, is truly just that— ANOTHER STORY. Why did you accept this story as true? Because you saw the success of others who said “as soon as I let go and dropped my desire, I manifested him/her back”, or “as soon as I dropped my desire, I received that money from an unexpected source”. Now, I did this in the past too. But as I manifest more and more each day, and spend time with my loved ones, I realized this story we tell ourselves.

Your awareness is placed so much on the fact that you need to let go, that when you actually let go, that’s when your desires manifest. Why? Because you created that rule for yourself. And since the Law is always working, and you are God, this rule will now be expressed in your reality and you will see evidence of this in your external world. This means you will convince yourself so much that you only manifest when you let go, and so therefore you only manifest when you let go. See how you’ve created this rule for yourself in your universe?

It is truly unnecessary. Now, I am not saying you should think about your desires 24/7 and obsess about it. For one simple reason, that probably isn’t natural to you. And as you might have read from my other posts, this needs to be natural for you. If you are thinking about something all of the time and obsessing about it, chances are it doesn’t feel natural or good to you. You are most likely still in lack.

You don’t wake up and say “ I want to breathe today. But first I need to let go. I must live in the end”. See how that makes no sense? This is exactly how you should be viewing all of your other manifestations. I get tons of questions from people asking me if they are doing something right or wrong, or how to do a certain thing. But if this is your universe, and you are God, then why would you think you can do something wrong? You can only do it right.

No results, are still results. If you are manifesting something undesirable, you are still doing it right. Meaning you were living in the end of that undesirable thing at some point, and so you manifested correctly. Yes, you didn’t manifest what you wanted, but you still used the powers within you, by making assumptions, to manifest it. Everything around you is a manifestation. You are literally manifesting an entire world all at the same time.

Drop these old stories and old assumptions you have created. You don’t need to let go or detach from your desire, you have to drop this story completely and only place your awareness on the end. If your awareness is placed on how to let go, and that you need to let go, or that you’re terrible at letting go, then guess what? You just created a rule for yourself. You’re going to keep focusing on letting go for months, rather than strictly on the end.

The reason why you manifest quickly when you drop your desires is not because it’s “small”, it’s because it’s so insignificant to you, that you didn’t create a story for it. I highly doubt that you create a story for manifesting free cups of coffee, butterflies, pennies, etc. You just assume it’s so easy to manifest because it’s so insignificant and so you drop it. Some people actually do create stories for these small desires, and that’s probably because they are so detached from who they truly are. They are still too identified with their limiting human beliefs.

Assumptions harden into fact.

The God that we know of in the Bible, do you think he was walking around telling himself that he needs to let go? He simply shifted his focus and awareness on what he desired, and it always manifested. When you are focusing on letting go, you are not living in the end. You are still in desire/lack mode.

There’s a reason why Neville says go straight to the end. Because everything else is insignificant.

“Until man lets go of that which he is now conscious of being, he will not become that which he desires to be; and Judas is the one who accomplishes this through suicide or detachment.”

“The twelfth and last of the disciplined qualities of the mind is called Judas. When this quality is awake man knows that he must die to that which he is be- fore he can become that which he desires to be. So it is said of this disciple that he committed suicide, which is the mystic’s way of telling the initiated that Judas is the disciplined aspect of detachment. This one knows that his I AM or consciousness is his savior, so he lets all other saviors go. This quality — when disciplined — gives one the strength to let go.” ~ Neville Goddard

What you’re actually letting go of is your old concept of yourself. You need to let go of being identified as someone who is limited by the rules you place on yourself. God cannot do anything wrong, and God never questions whether he/she is doing something right or wrong. God just knows.

Again, you are not constantly reminding yourself to let go and live in the end of the things you are currently doing in your day to day life, and yet it manifests so easily and effortlessly. All you did was create a story at one point that this is how your life is, convinced yourself of it day in and day out through your self talk (mental diet), and lived completely in the end. Meaning you perpetuate it each and every day.

For those who are telling themselves they’re bad at letting go or that they need to let go, what you’re actually doing is living in the end of needing to let go. You’re living in the end of not living in the end.

Stop wondering about what to do or what not to do, and just stick to the end. Only do what makes you feel good. Don’t force yourself to follow the rules someone else accepted for themselves just because it worked for them. It felt good to them, and so it worked. Feeling Is The Secret.

Start now by creating your own rules. Assume that nothing you do is wrong and that even if you slip up, your desire is still manifested. Because it is already yours and existing now, so there is no reason to not assume this. It doesn’t need to be created. Your reality where your desire is yours is not waiting to be created somewhere and is going to disappear just because you had a low day.

Your universe is always waiting on your instructions only, not someone else’s. Stick only on the end and convince yourself that this is yours now. Stop worrying about letting go. Stop worrying about resistance. You create your own resistance. Your focus should only be on the end. Anything else is because you don’t understand that this is how reality works.

I remember when I was manifesting my boyfriend back, it only took 2 weeks and I constantly thought about him. The thoughts were so overbearing at times, and I definitely was not “letting go”. Throughout all of this, I just convinced myself that I’m the only woman for him, and I’m the only woman he loves. That nothing I can do is wrong and that he’s still mine. I would constantly place my awareness on the love we have and our amazing relationship and marriage together. I did not wonder and ponder what I’m doing right or wrong or that I’m not letting go. I simply shifted my awareness and assumed we are perfect for each other in every way. I didn’t even care that I was crying. I’m God and nothing I do is wrong. You have to develop this mindset. How? Through persistence.

This is how a God/Goddess thinks. All of the other stuff is simply you being caught up in your old stories and limiting human beliefs.

Test it for yourself. Change some of these uncomfortable and unnecessary rules. Be brave and be bold.

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About Author

Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


  • Ulrike Schoefend-Böhmer
    May 27, 2019 at 2:37 PM


    Today I worked with my friend on the real state of „god-Consciousness!“
    There was this moment, when I thought, I will ask her about letting go, because I think, the…
    „i am in Barbados!“ -story is not telling about letting go, more of…holding strong on it…
    I got this link…

    I thank you so much for sharing that.
    It is that what I felt, but I was so confused by all these things people are telling about letting go…

    • Jennifer Ramdeo
      May 27, 2019 at 2:39 PM

      I am so glad it resonated with you and helped you 💖

      • Cyrus
        May 27, 2019 at 10:17 PM

        Hi Jennifer.. I identify with so much of what you shared… & I have a question related to you sharing your thoughts related to getting your boyfriend back, You shared, “my thoughts were so overbearing at times. & I definitely was not letting go”

        Doesn’t that imply a state of not having him back, & trying to bend his free-will to your advantage, as a control-type dominance ?

        And from “nothing I can do is wrong.. & he is Still MINE, & instead I simply shifted my awareness to we are perfect for each other, etc”

        This feels like I would be controlling the other persons will to be as I choose, or want them to be as perfect for each other by my choice.

        As an Empath, & Hynotherapist, I’m very intuitive with sensing Energy from people, animals, plants, & events..
        I usually put what I desire out to the Universe, & let it go, for my Highest & Best for my-Self, & all concerned. And whatever it is… will show up, or not manifest. And this works for me.

        I don’t force anything into being.
        I also sense whatever it is, a person, place, thing, circumstance, or condition, as it is going to be happening, or soon to be happening. And it often happens when I let go of wanting to make it happen.. and then I’m more in a NOW state of receptivity… with an inner knowing.. of acceptance.

        And I’m feeling joyful, & happy with or without whatever, or whoever it is.

        What are your thoughts related to letting go completely, once your intention is declared ?

        Neville shares, “assume the state of the wish fulfilled”

        Yet, sometimes our Higher Self, leads us to something different in the process… which becomes seeing from a different perspective with a new, or different clarity. I follow mostly my Higher intuitive guidance, aka Higher-Self connectedness.

        And I appreciate your whole article, just the relationship part I am questioning.. ‘we are perfect for each other’…. what about his Feelings in YOUR perfect match?

        I appreciate your response. 💖 Cyrus

        • Jennifer Ramdeo
          May 27, 2019 at 10:35 PM

          Hi Cyrus, thank you for taking the time to read my article and respond. There is no such thing as free will. As Neville clearly states “everyone is you pushed out”. Some people believe in free will, and since they make the rules in their own universe, then the illusion of free will of others is going to exist for them.

          Assumptions harden into fact. Whatever we believe and assume about a person, is how they will show up in our reality. There is no such thing as other people’s feelings being separate or independent from you. It’s all you.

          There are no others. Everyone is simply an extension of yourself. A state in a human body. There is no such thing as influencing, controlling or manipulating people because there are infinite versions of people. All you are doing when you make an assumption about another person and changing their behavior, is projecting out a different version of them in your reality. All of these versions already exist. This is how reality works. We don’t question the Law of Gravity or why it works, we just know it exists. The same thing should be applied to this Law too.

          What you are discussing here is not Neville’s teachings. It’s more in line with the teachings in the Law of Attraction community. Neville advocates that we are God. We are the universe and we are Source, therefore there’s no such thing as putting something out into the universe or the universe doing something for us. Everything is being done by us, because we are God and the sole creator in our universe. It’s who we really are.

          There are no rules and there is no right or wrong way to do something. If someone feels like letting go completely is something that they can easily and effortlessly do and still stay in a state of having, then great for them as well. I always go back to Abdullah’s story with Neville. When Neville told Abdullah about going to Barbados, he didn’t tell Neville “now you must let go. Get rid of your blockages and resistance and then you can go to Barbados”. No he simply told Neville, “you are in Barbados”. Nothing else. This is what being in the end means and this is what Neville taught, as well as what I’m referring to in my article. That’s great that what you’re doing is working for you!

          • Vinanti
            July 3, 2019 at 3:36 AM

            Hey Jennifer ♥️
            I love your articles and I’m becoming a fan of your work. I am so glad I read this article and randomly went through the comment section to find this explanation about free will. This was a concept that I was struck with for a very long time and now I’m kind of gaining clarity on it. Thank you again for this beautiful explanation.
            I would request you If you can please write an article/blog related to the free will and the concept of projecting a different version of them.. a general concept about relationships as most of the times we are struck with the goodwill part and the control part.

            Thank you for being the light ♥️

      • David
        June 29, 2019 at 3:13 PM

        Amazing insights and so helpful appreciated and many thanks 🙏🏻

      • Bhavna
        January 26, 2021 at 2:01 PM

        This is deeply appreciated from the bottom of my 💖. Your perception on things are lovely, and yes, because you are love.😘😘

  • Cyrus
    May 27, 2019 at 10:26 PM

    I wanted to add to my above response..

    And since we are each creating everything…. then your boyfriend is your creation, & that means he as a person.. has no choice ?
    Because it’s all happening within your story ?

    Can you give some clarify with my questions above… much appreciated. 💖

    • Hope
      January 8, 2020 at 11:58 PM

      Bravo Jennifer; AGAIN! You are such a treasure my dear. I, like so many others, started out with the teachings from the Law of Attraction before Neville. Two years ago when I first became curious about LOA, I found Neville during an internet search; but at the time, his teaching didn’t really resonate with me. After about a year studying LOA, I just felt there had to be a more simplistic way of getting the things I desired. To me (no shade at LOA or followers), it didn’t feel natural to me. I saw minimal results. I felt like I was always “efforting“ and trying too hard. I was always worried whether or not I was putting out the right vibes and far too worried about resistance. I was forever looking for signs and synchronicities from the universe that I was doing it right. Needless to say, I was constantly disappointed in myself because the signs often indicated I needed to try even harder to think positive and all that jazz. I tried the “no contact” rule and other “rules” that kept me spinning on a cycle of none sense! Yes; LOA works for others but it’s definitely not a one size fits all technique. Neville took the effort out of my journey. Why worry about being on this vibe or that vibe when I can easily imagine, feel it, and assume the wish fulfilled by living in the end? The Law of Assumption is so simple yet so profound! It works for me every time and is always working.

      Thank you for sharing your experiences. You are a breath of fresh air!

  • Juanita
    May 29, 2019 at 1:33 AM

    I have found letting go just means believing it is done. It happens naturally. You wear that state like a new suit, giving it all the tones of reality breaks the suit in until it is so comfortable it is now just a fact.

  • Camilo
    June 4, 2019 at 7:38 PM

    I am in the process of reuniting with my SP. I read a reread your post when faith starts to waver and the ego comes in kicking and screaming. I think a post solely focused about everyone is you pushed out, how there is no free will for others in our world. How creation is finished and how our ego carnal mind messes with is, would be amaizing. Something we can all read and re read when doubts come in. Something to read every morning and meditate on it. I specially love how you explain how you personally got your boyfriend back mainly by convincing yourself that he loves you. Further explanation on this and your mental diet/story/assumptions would be incredibly helpful.

    Just a thought.

    Much love

    • Jennifer Ramdeo
      June 8, 2019 at 11:36 PM

      Hi Camilo! Thank you for reading our posts. We truly appreciate it. We have noted down your reccomendations and will definitely be making future posts about this 🙂

    June 6, 2019 at 3:17 AM

    Do you mind if I quote a few of your posts as long
    as I provide credit and sources back to your blog? My blog is in the very same
    niche as yours and my visitors would genuinely benefit from a lot of the information you provide here.
    Please let me know if this alright with you.


  • IamGoddess
    September 20, 2019 at 11:49 PM

    Hi..i just wanna ask..what if i assume I cud manifest even if my imagination feels not naturaL to me? can i still manifest my desire

  • Sriram
    October 8, 2019 at 9:19 AM

    I need personal e-mail coaching drom Jenniffer Ramdeo. Could you’ll help us in connecting with her.

  • Darlene C Brown
    May 6, 2020 at 11:18 AM

    Ugh, you are my absolute favorite! Thank you for being you…for being me pushed out. I have experienced so much freedom and power since reading your articles. My universe, my rules! Thank youuu! <3


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