Remembering Who You Really Are

Remember Who You Really Are

God. The all encompassing. The all knowing. The one and only. The only source to whom we are all one with. The only power that animates the universe(s).  

He is within us. Within us all. I don’t know the exact intention behind why God would come down to earth and reside within us. Or to have experiences through the medium of flesh, heart and blood of a human body, but that was what He had decided.  

According to Neville, God (the Father) came down to earth in the human form (as the Son). Only the son can recognize his father and vice versa. After the drama of life has ended, when the curtains have fallen, and the actors have played their part in this drama of life (I don’t mean actual drama. I am referring to the theatrical term), the Son returns back to his Father. Back to the source. Back to Himself. He no longer suffers amnesia, and he remembers everything.  

As a kid, I was told about heaven. How everything we desire would magically appear before us, without us lifting a finger, or as much as batting an eye. I suppose if the Son were to return to his Father, a.k.a God, doesn’t everything always manifest magically and instantly for God anyway? And God brings forth whatever he desires. He doesn’t have an ounce of doubt that it isn’t ‘His’ already. 

My guess is that God perhaps got bored of things always magically appearing in microseconds. So, He decided to spice things up a bit, and come down to earth and reside within every being that there is. All the while having amnesia about His powers.  

So you see, we are limitless. Everything is possible for us. Our world is merely a shadow, but it’s ours. We can consciously decide what we want to experience in our world, rather than let our minds go awry and worry about everything. There is literally nothing at all to worry about!

I laugh as I type this. Because we literally have the most powerful force in the world, whom is loving, protecting and guiding us. We are immensely loved and taken care of. Everything – this play, this drama – is being played out by actors. These actors are playing out the script perfectly as we wrote for them! 

We are not powerless. It is all within us. 

Like Mufasa repeated a million times in the movie ‘The Lion King’, “REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE”

I came across a post on Facebook the other day, where someone pointed out a quote from the Dark Tower Series (I’m a huge Stephen King fan! Please comment below with your name, so that I can credit you for bringing this reference from the Dark Tower series to light). 

The quote is: 

“I do not aim with my hand; he who aims with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. 

I aim with my eye. 

I do not shoot with my hand; he who shoots with his hand has forgotten the face of his father. 

I shoot with my mind. 

I do not kill with my gun; he who kills with his gun has forgotten the face of his father. 

I kill with my heart.” 

I remembered reading this quote years ago. I was impressed by this quote. I am always impressed by Stephen King’s writing (I have been a Stephen King fan for 8 years now. I have an entire Stephen King book stash back at home. It is one of the many things which I treasure, and that I am proud of). I came across Neville Goddard’s teachings last year, but I had long forgotten about the quote that you read above. 

“forgotten the face of his father….” 

We have indeed forgotten that our true identity is God. But this line, it just hits the mark! I bet Stephen King is into Neville Goddard’s works too, or is influenced by it. Boy, can he write!  

“Aims/Shoots/Kills with Hand”.

This implies humans performing ‘actions‘ in the shadow world to change the realities that they’re experiencing. Now, since we know better, we know that doing ‘actions’ out of fear in the 3D world, is pointless. You just need to remember who you truly are. That you already have everything you desire. Heaven is within you. No actions are needed. Go within and explore the greatest depths of your lovely imagination, imagining lovely things for yourself and others, as that is the only reality that there is. This is the only ‘action’ that you need to take.

Doesn’t it bring you immense satisfaction, relief and happiness? To know that the Kingdom Of Heaven is within YOU!  

You can live the life of your dreams NOW. I urge you to imagine. To explore your true soul’s desires. To never give up on your dreams. To love. To forgive. Since they were just ‘you’ pushed out anyway. You can’t blame an actor for playing out a script that you yourself wrote for them. Don’t blame yourself either. You don’t need to get all serious about it.

Breathe. Relax. Everything is perfect in the now. Because everything has always been, always is and always will be. You just need to change the script, that’s all. Write a new script for yourself. For your life. Of the life that you can dream of. Better than the best. This isn’t just me talking about cotton candy and rainbows. Imagination is REALITY. Be smart. Invest, rather than spending your thoughts, and invest wisely.

Like I said before, our world is just a shadow. We can change it to our desired physical reality if we really wanted to. And if you really want to, then put in the work. You do not have to be Miss/Mr perfect all of the time, monitoring your thoughts 24/7. It can get exhausting for some. You just need to remember who YOU are! When you do, the magic starts. You know you got this! Because hey, you have the most powerful force in the whole entire universe(s) backing you up, and wanting you to experience what you truly desire.

You have everything to gain. You are marvelously safe and secure in the best hands that there could possibly be.  

When you remember who you are, you know that everything is always working out in your favor, in order to manifest your desires in the physical world for you to experience. Hence, don’t be disheartened if something that you observe in the physical world doesn’t turn out the way you wanted it to. Be secure and relieved in the knowing that, no matter what, your desires are only yours and they belong to YOU. Be the best version of yourself. Prosper, grow, dance away. Travel, take yourself out, have cheesy romantic dates with your hubby/wife, walk this world with your head held high, because why not!

The universe is literally arranging itself to hand you what you want.  Live your best life, because you deserve it. Don’t settle for anything less than what you have imagined. Always know that what you have imagined is the only true reality that there is. One day you’ll experience it for yourself in the 3D world. Again, like I have said in my previous articles, time does not exist. There’s no need for haste or hurry. Time is another entity that is defined by you.  

Offer love and gratitude to your human body for housing your soul. Offer thanks to the eternal power within you, as Heaven is within you. It is already yours! There are no others. They exist only if you create it/summon them into your reality. There is only YOU. The eternally beautiful YOU, that has set foot on this planet. The YOU that is experiencing the world play their part, with the play written by you, the author. 

Remember who YOU are. 

About Author

Amy works in the Information Security field. She's passionate about fitness and her work. She discovered Neville in 2018 and being the researcher that she is, she dove deep into Neville's teachings as they resonated with her beliefs too!


  • Dominique
    October 14, 2019 at 7:48 PM

    This might be a stupid question but how do you exactly “imagine”?.

    • Shane
      October 14, 2019 at 9:33 PM

      You’re imagining all the time. There is no out there. Everything you seek is within. Your inner conversations or mental diets. Every intention. I love doing SATS. All of it. You are God and God is your wonderful human imagination! Test it and apply!!!

  • Pamela
    October 15, 2019 at 9:46 AM

    Wow, this post was definitely meant for me! I was on Pinterest this morning as images from “The Lion King” popped up on my feed.
    Thank you for this gem. And *high-five* it’s lovely to read a Neville article written by a Stephen King fan. I’m a huge admirer of his books as well. The man is truly a KING.

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  • Thais
    December 16, 2019 at 12:14 PM

    Amy querida,
    Que POST maravilhoso! Obrigada por lembrar-me quem eu sou. Tenho tido resultados maravilhosos com algumas questões, porém com outras pareço não sair do lugar. Quero pra mim uma mudança de cidade e um novo estilo de vida. Muitas vezes imagino e sinto que já estou neste lugar, com todo o meu ser. Já tenho feito isso há quase dois anos, mas não houve nenhuma mudança na minha realidade física. O que pode estar acontecendo? Sigo estudando e encontrar esse site foi maravilhoso, gratidão!

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  • Mariangela
    January 27, 2021 at 3:16 AM

    Beautiful soul, I send you a big Hug ???

  • Mo
    June 17, 2021 at 10:45 PM

    Thank you for this message today, take care 🙂


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