I first want to state that everything I’m going to write about is my personal opinion based on my own experiences, and how I perceive my universe.

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This is going to be a very long post, so grab some popcorn!

Like many of you, I first learnt this concept when I wanted to manifest a previous ex of mine. And then improving other relationships as well, not just romantically, but family, friends, pets, acquaintances, and so on.

I was used to being a victim, blaming everything and everyone for my current circumstances, feelings, and emotions. I did some crazy things in the past! Nevertheless, I forgave myself and I moved on.

While learning this concept, it can sound a little bit radical at first. Yet when you really start to put the pieces together, you’ll see how you truly have manifested people being and acting the way they are. We do it every single second. There are many different factors that go into really understanding that everyone (and I mean everyone and everything, not just your romantic partner), is yourself pushed out. In other words, everyone is an aspect of yourself.

In the most simplest terms— people behave, act, feel, become, say, think, etc., whatever you assume to be true for them, and for themselves in relation to you. The free will of others to act separate from you, or that they are outside of your consciousness, doing their own thing, is an illusion. An objective reality (a universe or life separate from you and outside of your consciousness), is false.

An illusion is something that is misleading, a misconception, or a false impression.

Of course you may believe in people, events, nature, circumstances, and so on, being separate from you, and so you will generate the illusion of such in your reality. It will feel like others are solid, and like there are is a consciousness, or another brain, apart from yours. You’ll feel powerless, victimized, and like you are at the mercy of a reality separate from you, and like others are doing things to you. You’ll start to mold yourself to what others are saying and doing, rather than vice versa. You don’t conform yourself to others, others conform to you.

I like to view reality as a game. A simulation, and my own personal dream. I strongly do believe that this is how our “reality” works. It’s a waking lucid dream. At this point, I can’t deny it. I have too much evidence for myself, that there’s no going back. It’s honestly amazing how malleable people and reality is. How people can change in an instant, in a week, in a month. Sometimes as if they were never that previous person that existed. Well, because they aren’t.

You have to start viewing yourself as a God/Goddess, understanding who you really are, and how reality works, in order to really start to see evidence of this for yourself. Or else you’ll just be stuck behind the illusory veil. You might go back and forth between “they’re over there” to “oh wait no, they are only me”. And that’s okay, because this takes some time to getting used to.

I have been studying Quantum Mechanics, as well as the concept of God-consciousness and spirituality, for almost 10 years now. Although reading and learning is great, the only thing you can truly believe, is what you experience for your own self.

I strongly do believe that nothing and no one exists outside of our conscious awareness. That the minute we stop perceiving and observing of a thing or a person, it isn’t tangible or real- only a mere possibility. A possibility that can become another one of your “now” moments (since the only moment that exists is now, and not a past or future), and can be made alive— if you focus on it enough to the point where you start to believe in it. In other words, if you manifest it.

This is why when it comes to third party situations, I usually tell people that you do not need to be fearful of anything. There is no one doing anything with anyone, or being with them, outside of you. It is not tangible in your reality, if you aren’t projecting that scene out in that moment.

There are no others. There is only one consciousness.T

Again, you can believe that there are other people out there doing their own thing, and so you are going to generate the illusion of that. You’ll start to see evidence of people doing things that seems so solid and separate from you, and instead of understanding it isn’t real, you’ll probably start to panic, react, and question things. More on this later.

I remember I was once casually dating a guy, and we got into a slight argument. He told me something that I did not understand at the time. He said “You can make me disappear if you want to. I don’t have to exist in your reality. This is your dream, just delete me”. Now I do believe that this was the God within me (or some like to say their higher selves), nudging me. Since he was only another aspect of my consciousness anyway.

The only reason you can see something, is because it is an echo of your old beliefs and assumptions regarding that person.  Things are not meant for you to question them, unless you want to figure out what part of you manifested it in your reality. But I would prefer to not question or nitpick people or circumstances, and only assume what I desire is done, and move forward, knowing my waking dream will conform to this.

I see evidence of this day in and day out. I might think of someone, and in a few seconds/minutes they’ll text me or call me. I might imagine my boyfriend saying, acting, or behaving the way I desire, and then he does. The same goes with my friends and family members, and even celebrities and strangers. Things can change so quickly, when you truly get out of your own way, and stop playing the games that your old self is used to.

Story Break:

A few years ago, a previous ex of mine cheated on me and told me he got another girl pregnant. This was during my “dark” time, so I very clearly see how I manifested it due to my beliefs about men and myself in general. At that time, although I knew of all of this knowledge, I wasn’t consciously trying to use it. However, when he told me of this pregnancy, I felt the urge to reject it completely. I even told him “I don’t believe you”. I chose to not believe it, no matter what he said.

This person had blocked me on everything, moved on with someone else, etc. After this relationship ended, I made the pact to truly work on myself, and to find out who I really am. I delved deeper into Neville’s teachings and conscious creation. At first I tried to manifest him back, but I soon realized I didn’t actually love him, and never did. So I gave up, and wrote a list of what I wanted in my dream guy.

Of course he still popped up in my head, but I was really focused on myself. I then met my now amazing boyfriend, and things went great (separate SP story for this coming later). Now, I know that a new face, does not mean a new relationship (like the lovely Nicole always says). Still, I wanted a different person in my own eyes.

A few months passed (before I started dating my bf), and this ex of mine came back. He came back begging and crying for me, and he even said that he can’t go on in his life without me. But there’s one thing he said to me that really stuck out to me— “I never got another girl pregnant. I lied about that”.

To be honest, I wasn’t even surprised, because I had convinced myself of this truth already. I accepted it already, and there was no wavering (maybe some, but nothing too much). By that time, I didn’t want him back. He contacted me a few times, but I lovingly assumed the best for him and his future relationships, and moved on.

Assumptions Harden Into Fact

You have no life in my world save that I am conscious of you. You are rooted in me and, like fruit, you bear witness of the vine that I am. There is no reality in the world other than your consciousness. Although you may now seem to be what you do not want to be, all you need do to change it, and to prove the change by circumstances in your world, is to quietly assume that you are that which you now want to be, and in a way you do not know you will become it.

There is no other way to change this world. “I am the way.” My I AMness, my consciousness is the way by which I change my world. As I change my concept of self, I change my world. When men and women help or hinder us, they only play the part that we, by our concept of self, wrote for them, and they play it automatically. They must play the parts they are playing because we are what we are.

– Neville Goddard

An assumption is defined as: “a thing that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof”.

This means that before you can see something occur in your external reality, whether it be a person acting a certain way, a thing you want, an experience you want to manifest, and so on – you must assume that it is already done. You must convince yourself of this new assumption, by only perpetuating this new story. This new assumption, or story, needs to be the only thing you embody, in order for you to start to believe it.

Even if you have absolutely no proof, and all the odds seems like they are stacked against you. Or even when that person has been the total and complete opposite for your entire life, and it seems like the situation is hopeless, you must hold true to your new assumption. There is no other way to change a person, or influence your external reality, other than to convince yourself of this new assumption.

As I said before, that person cannot– and does not–, and will never, exist without YOUR consciousness. So it only makes sense that you are the one that needs to change, before they can.

You cannot contradict your new assumption, or like Neville says, you cannot serve two masters at once. In other words, you can’t be in two states at the same time. For example, you can’t assume that your lover is the most caring person that only wants to be with you, but then proceed to contradict that assumption by questioning what “he/she” is doing in the external reality. This means that your dominant state is lack, or not fully believing in your new assumption as of yet.

When you do believe in your new assumption, or at least when you are trying to make the effort to do so, you no longer react to your world of shadows. Or at least, your reactions become minimal.

You can change your assumption about a person, by simply just starting to perpetuate a new story. This means that all of your reactions, actions, thoughts, and so on, should be coming from the place of someone who understands how this works, and that this assumption is the only truth. Not from the place of what you are seeing in your external reality. In other words, you can not assume that your lover is in love with you, but then you proceed to question what he/she does when they text you something that is contradictory, or based on what you see, or what “others” are saying/doing.

This goes for your doubts and fears. You cannot hold true to a new assumption, and then become afraid of your thoughts. See them only for what they are, and view every single aspect of your journey as part of the bridge of events, all while assuming, “This is how things are now, however I say. Only my assumptions are real. It is happening now despite what this external reality shows me. Nothing and no one exists without me.”.

Persisting in an assumption does not mean you have to continuously repeat things. You are not trying to create someone or trying to manifest. You are only reminding yourself whenever needed, understanding the seed has been planted no matter what.

In order for your new assumptions to manifest in your external reality, you will need patience and an understanding of who you really are. If you find that you are being impatient, it could be an indicator that you either do not fully believe that this is how reality works, or you are focusing too much on this one desire, trying to make it perfect through your actions, or you are focusing too much on what the outside is showing you, rather than your imagination. You may not have enough inspiration within you to focus on other aspects of your life.

Ask yourself what you are waiting for, and ask yourself why do you feel the need to wait. Moreover, if you don’t fully believe that this is how reality works, ask yourself why. What is stopping you from knowing it is done?

Now that I know how reality works, and that this is all just a dream that isn’t meant to be taken seriously, I relax in this knowing-ness. I focus on other aspects of my life, and do things that make me happy. I always remind myself of who I really am, and with a changing of your self concept, the inspiration for doing other things in your life will arise within you.

Manipulating Others & Free Will

Since there are no others, and there is only one consciousness, yourself, then there is no such thing as manipulating or controlling “others”. Any technique you use for another person, you are actually doing it to your own self. These techniques and tools are only there to help you believe in your new assumptions, and to help give you faith. It is to help drop the desiring and to move into knowing it is done. On the other hand, if you don’t understand that techniques are only tools, you might get stuck in a cycle of always doing them from a place of force.

When you use remote seduction, the whispering technique, or so forth, you are doing it all to your own self. The only person that exists is you, and everyone else is a part of you. YOU are the source of everyone, they are all rooted in you. There is no “that other person”. You may use that term for the sake of conversation and socializing, but understand that there truly is no one else. You are always interacting with your own consciousness.

This is precisely why free will does not exist. Once I learnt this, I became much more loving and compassionate towards people. Yes, there are bad things happening and people doing bad things, but once again, it isn’t actually real. This is hard to swallow at first, because we are so used to giving into the illusions, but it’s actually so freeing. It is okay to notice imperfections. It’s even okay to not like people, and to not want to change everything and everyone. Not because they have any sort of blame for anything, but because life is a waking lucid dream, and no one and nothing exists outside of what you are consciously aware of. It isn’t meant to be taken so seriously.

Imagine lovingly for yourself and for others too, because each person is rooted in you. For every person you imagine for, you can say you are essentially imagining for yourself too. You can never see or experience something in your reality, that isn’t in the contents of your consciousness. So for every person you imagine for, you are healing a part of you. This is how I like to view it. In that case, I never have to worry about breaking a golden rule or hurting anyone, because I know that everything I do is for the best interest of everyone.

Everyone Is An Aspect Of Yourself – Blaming

The way someone treats you in your reality, is indeed a part of your reality, and a part of yourself. However, this doesn’t mean you should ever blame yourself for things. I blamed myself for my grandfather’s death, whom I loved so dearly, for years. I was unconsciously afraid of somehow manifesting deaths from people that I love and care about, that I would hyper focus on things. Such as when my mom wouldn’t come home a certain time she told me she would, or my boyfriend texting me when he woke up. My mind would unconsciously gravitate towards the worse case scenarios.

When I was younger, I was sexually assaulted twice, and I projected this fear out in my other relationships. To the point where I was afraid of being intimate in that way with anyone. I blamed myself consistently, and I thought something was gravely wrong with me. I even blamed it on the other guys, society, and just anyone I could. 

Now, I know better. Now I know, that I don’t need to blame anyone else or even myself for what I experienced, because there are no others, and this life isn’t real. Yes, it felt real at the time. Yes the hurt and trauma felt valid at the time, and you are totally allowed to feel that way. But at some point, I felt tired of basing my self concept, and my life, around things that only have power over me if I allow it to.

The only reason that occurred to me, and to anyone, was probably because of the idea of that thing being present in my reality. You see it on the news, hear it from others and so on. It’s not because we imagined that for ourself, we just unconsciously accepted the idea of bad things being part of our world. We didn’t know better then. Like Louise Hay used to always say— we were all only doing the best we could with the information we knew at the time. 

Now that I know better, I reject those things as being a possibility for me or anyone else I love and care about. I am no longer fearful, and even if I do have my moments, I know what those fears mean, and I know how to get past them.

With this being said, blaming will not do you any good. Not only the blaming of others, but of yourself too. It creates bad feelings, obstacles, and it’s just a general nuisance in your life to focus on what you could’ve done. If you focus on what you could’ve done, or wished you knew about your powers earlier, you’re not exactly utilizing it in that moment either. You’re being stuck in a past that is old and dead. Focus on what you can do NOW to change things, so you can finally experience the beautiful love that has been here all along.

So you can experience that amazing relationship from your lover, and harmonious and peaceful relationships with the rest of your creations, or “dream characters”.

These experiences occurred, I believe, to bring us to these wonderful teachings. So we can become aware of who we really are.

Forgiveness & Manifesting Apologies

“Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”

Luke 23:34

You already know that no one is doing anything to you. That the problem was not the other person, but your assumptions about them, the world, and your self concept. I often get asked if manifesting an apology is okay, or if it’s something you can do.

Think back to a time where someone apologized to you— you manifested that! Of course you can manifest an apology, you have been doing it all of the time. The only issue is, ask yourself why do you need to manifest an apology? Especially now that you know that there is no one else and that person did not purposely hurt you on their own, then what is the purpose of seeking an apology? Most likely it is for satisfaction, validation, or to just fulfill the scared, ego, human part of us. It’s also a lack of understanding how reality works.

When you seek for apologies, you are still not resolving the patterns and assumptions within you that created the problem. You are once again assuming that someone is separate and independent from you, with their own mind and consciousness. And so you seek for an apology from “them”. But who are they? They are you. There is no one to forgive.

Back to the blaming- never blame yourself, only forgive yourself for manifesting things, and try not to get stuck in a cycle of thinking what you “could have” done. You don’t even need to forgive yourself, because there is nothing wrong with you. It is okay that you created something unlovely. It doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. You know better now. You know how to tackle problems when they occur. You know you are only experiencing a dream that you will wake up from.

There is no “could have”, because opportunities are never lost. There is an abundance of love and everything else that you want– all of the experiences and doing things with people– ready and here for you. It’s all you. You cannot escape what you are.

The External Reality & Taking Action

I often get asked, “Well, he did this and that, so what does this mean? Should I text him? Why is he doing/saying this? Why did he post that thing on social media? Why did he block me?”. You may even wonder if you should text someone or not, or if texting them first will make you look needy or clingy. Or you may wonder what they will think, or what their intentions were behind doing or saying something.

You may even start to analyze the situation and the things they do, or even trying to decipher why. Or you may want to call them or text them just to say what’s on your mind, or question their actions.

These are all valid questions, but the answer is very simple. The answer to all of those questions are– whatever you assume the answer is. Yes, whatever YOU assume the answer is.

If you say, “I wonder if he did this because of this, or maybe I am thinking he did it because of this”, you are still thinking that he/she is separate from you and making their own decisions by themselves. If you feel the need to argue with someone, so they can hear what’s on your mind, you are still thinking they are a separate being from you, that is going to respond and react on their own.

There is no he or she doing something, there is only you doing it to yourself. The more you focus on why someone is doing something, you are not resolving it, you are only focused on a shadow. You are giving into an illusion

You may question all of these things, you may call, text, argue, or even nitpick situations. But just remember, you are only going to receive whatever you assume. There isn’t a separate being on the other line, responding with their own mind or separate consciousness. With this understanding, the need for those questions and trying to justify yourself, goes away. The stress falls away. The need to prove yourself falls away. Because you know that with every action you take on the outside and the response you receive from others, it only came from within you.

Forcing, arguing, or trying to convince someone on the outside is pointless. Because not only are you fighting with another aspect of yourself, you are fighting with a shadow, an echo. It is absolutely futile. Anything that you want to change, should only be done within. It doesn’t matter how much you give someone a “piece of your mind”, if you don’t resolve the issue within yourself, things will remain the same. It may feel satisfying at first, but you are not actively changing anything, only repeating what you have always been comfortable with.

In regards to relationships, if you feel the need to post things to get someone’s attention, or that if by doing so, they will react a certain way, again you are doing it to yourself. I repeat this a lot throughout this article, but, there are no others. No one is on the other side, outside of your consciousness, making their own decisions while you do something to get “their” attention. The response you receive, will be coming from your assumptions and your self concept. Playing games is what someone who does not understand who they really are, or how reality works, does.

Your imagination is the one and only creative force- it’s who you really are.

Any action that you take on the outside, should always come from an assumption that is in the best interest for you. If you want to text someone, assume they will respond lovingly. If they don’t at first, it’s okay. You know it’s only old and will fade away. If you hang out with a group of friends, or go to a family gathering, assume that you are the life of the party, or that everyone around you is wonderful and respectful. Whatever you prefer.

Even if things don’t go as planned, you know that it isn’t real. It’s all an illusion, and reality is extremely malleable. It is forever changing and conforming to whatever you say. The entire world and everything and everyone in it, is at your loving command,

With this understanding, assume that everyone loves and adores you unconditionally and that you are always treated with respect. Assume that you are the God/Goddess in your reality, and that everyone treats you like that– because you are! Assume that everyone is loyal, honest, trustworthy, caring, loving, and kind. Because why would you not want this for all of your wonderful creations?

Changing The Behaviors Of Others & Self Love

It is possible that you are filled with self love, and yet you may assume that someone else doesn’t love you. For example, you may love yourself unconditionally, but you do not assume that your friend’s boyfriend loves you. This can be the case for your romantic interest as well. It is equally important to not only change your self concept, but to change how others view you.

Changing your self concept (viewing yourself as the God or Goddess in your reality), goes hand in hand with changing your assumption of others. If you don’t understand how powerful you truly are, and that you are the creator of it all, you may never change your assumption about a person. You may victimize yourself and assume that things are solid, or that a person has free will and can never change. You may assume it’s hard to manifest a specific person because you can only manifest some things, and not others.

However, if you are only identifying yourself as a God, then your immediate thought will be- “Oh wow, I can change things. Reality is malleable. I can have anything and anyone I desire. Of course, it’s easy for me to manifest a specific person. I am truly a powerful manifestor”. Is this not a how a God would think? Are you not this very God?

Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

John 14:12

If you feel insecure, unworthy, or undeserving of a person, it only means you are still accepting those thoughts when it comes up, and identifying with it. The biggest illusion is feeling that who you really are, is the person with the insecurities, doubts, mistakes, fears, and so on. The more you remind yourself that none of that is real, the less you will believe it. Take it from someone who used to struggle with this for years. The solution is much more simple than you think.

No, you do not need to love yourself to manifest someone in your life. But, chances are high, that when you do, it will be easier for you to accept your assumptions.

Once you truly know who you really are, then self love comes easily and naturally. Because it is your natural state. Self love is not something that you acquire, it’s something that you already are. Your entire existence is love.

When you have finally accepted this, you will start to see others in a loving light too. Because you understand it simply makes no sense to see otherwise. You may choose to see imperfections in others who do harm, but it will not consume you, because you have pierced the illusory veil. You see those kinds of actions from others, not as a single isolated event outside of your consciousness, but simply another illusion and part of this dream that you will soon wake up to. It sounds radical, but I promise you it is so freeing.

You change others, by simply assuming they are how you want them to be, despite what the external reality is showing you. Say your new assumption out loud or in your head, write it down, or imagine it. Now, persist in this assumption, and it becomes easy, because you know how it all works. You may get upset or angry, and that’s okay. See it as part of the bridge of events, and keep getting better. Eventually the anger gets less, the reactions become minimal, and you are able to handle every emotion in a much better way. It doesn’t matter anyway, it’s all a dream!

I want to make a disclaimer, that there is no need to feel lonely, because you are not alone. This is a huge misconception when learning this concept. The reason anyone might feel lonely when first learning this, is because they are still identifying with their human physical form. Remember, you are not your body, you are consciousness. Your I AM-ness, the God that you are, is the only thing that you are. And within this consciousness exists your human physical body, as well as everyone else too. Your human self is not what influences or manifests your reality, it is your consciousness. We are all here participating in your consciousness’ dream.

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