Faith & Persistence / Living In The End

What Would You Like to Experience?

I choose to view my EXPERIENCE as the mirror of my mind. In other words, I can call them my DESIRES.

Desires (Experience) = wishes fulfilled/living in the end.

So many people seem to struggle with accepting their wishes fulfilled or living in the end of already having their desire. Some also find it hard understanding Neville’s teaching initially. I did too — I simply bailed on taking in the lectures and committing to putting in the “work”. What I discovered is this: Neville’s teachings/ choice of words are basically a case of semantics. When I read his lectures or books, I found myself trying to grasp what he really meant just so I could easily apply the teachings. I paused, then ran the word or sentence over and over in my mind and persisted in asking the God in me the meaning. I always got the answer!

So many of us come into this new way of life (the teachings of Neville) as a means to an end. We use his techniques to achieve our desires, only to be awakened to “Who we really are” and discover we truly are the cause of all the drama we have going on. We start asking questions and keep retelling the same story to ourselves. Behind every question deep down inside of us is that burning desire for something, whether it’s love, health, wealth, or a new job. Some of us are in a state of limbo, not knowing what we really want out of life.

At this point, it’s not about whether we manifest something or not, it’s complete emptiness – not knowing which way to turn to.

Let me ask you this “What would you like to EXPERIENCE?”

For the SP crowd, you may want to view your experience as – companionship (the feeling of closeness, true fellowship among two people) you’re not in search of love in the other because love is who you really are. Neville spoke about the feeling of companionship in one of his lectures:

“if you want to be happily married and there seem to be no one in this world, may I tell you, everyone is looking for the companion of his/her life. Assume you have found him/her”.

Neville Goddard

Do you fancy a better job/career/ business? Go through same process – “what would I like to experience?” Since I chose this current reality before me, I can change it to suit my preference, just as Jennifer Ramdeo suggests. Go into your imagination and MOVE. I was once that person who didn’t have a clue about what I wanted, going wherever the wind blows. Just a couple of months back, I decided to fully commit to this life of Imagination. No more questions, only what I choose to experience is allowed to manifest itself in my 3D world. Look at what you’re experiencing now, if you don’t like it, simply choose the opposite and experiment with that in your Imagination for yourself and seeming others,

When someone comes to you full of complaints and questions and telling same old boring story, lift them up in your imagination, experiment with them by seeing them experiencing the opposite of their struggles. Your experiment will become your experience.

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    November 7, 2019 at 10:44 PM

    Thank you for this!God bless

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    November 8, 2019 at 10:16 PM

    Just what I needed right now. Thank you so much for this.


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