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Your Desires Are the Only Reality

You don’t have to worry, your desires are the only reality. Therefore, they’re already yours.

I know you may have read this many times since you have discovered how reality works- since you’ve discovered you are God. However, maybe, and it’s absolutely normal, you haven’t fully understood it. In fact, and at least from my point of view, understanding who you really are is not something you can do with your logical mind. Even if you have always been a spiritual person, this can be hard to assume, or maybe not. No matter what, if you are struggling with these ideas, please don’t be hard on yourself and take your time to fully assume the Truth.

Today I want to tell you my story, with the only purpose of helping you to accept, in the most effortless way, who you really are.

Like plenty of people in the manifesting community, I discovered the Law of Assumption while I was trying to make a man come back into my life. Notice I said “trying”. That word alone can summarize how I was totally unaware of my power at that time. Of course, the whole relationship with him was influenced by my ignorance. In that moment of my life, I think I was totally at the mercy of his desires.

Then, and in the most unexpected way, I found Neville Goddard. It’s funny, because I had always been a very spiritual person, always looking for ways to improve my life, but I never found a single word about the Law of Assumption. Of course I knew about the Law of Attraction, but at this point you should already know that the Law of Attraction does not state that we are God. And as I wrote before, I absolutely believed that my person had free will in my reality. Therefore he seemed like he did, before and after the breakup. Why do I find it funny how everything came to pass? Because I guess my Godself prepared all of this to help me awaken at the right time.

It’s more than the responsibility of what you’re assuming when you discover who you really are. It can be very overwhelming, I know. But, if you are reading this, let me tell you that at least for me, it’s simply because you are more than ready to apply the Law in your life. Because once you know the Truth, you simply can’t go back to your previous life. Your whole perspective changes, as you have been trained to think about the shadows of the three-dimensional world as the only reality.

Despite this, you have been manifesting your entire life. You have always been projecting yourself. You are the light, and the three-dimensional world is its shadow reflected on a physical level. The only difference is that you were totally unaware of this and, consequently, your manifestations were unconscious and automatic.

As I’ve mentioned before, this man left me and I felt so helpless and rejected. At the same time, I couldn’t forget him. My friends wanted me to forget him, they told to me that he didn’t deserve me, as he literally ghosted me. I had never been ghosted before and I remember feeling so powerless.

Why didn’t I give up? Honestly, I can’t explain it. Now, I feel grateful for not doing so. And not because of him, but for me. Because my feelings lead me to discover who I really Am. How can I not feel grateful for this experience? As it brought such a gift- the biggest one.

My first steps as a conscious manifestor were like baby steps. I remember reading a lot about the Law and about Neville. Less than two months later, something clicked. Suddenly, I realized how this man simply reflected my state of not feeling good enough, rejected and other fears of mine in the relationship. Yes, I had read the theory before but, at least in my case, that day I had this “revelation”. And although I had been affirming in a more or less consistent way, I am pretty sure that realizing how simple things are, was a game changer. Moreover, a few days later I discovered this website, and the beautiful articles helped me to really feel that he wasn’t separate from me.

In just a couple of days, he came back after he left for 3-4 months. On the surface, was he immediately the man I desired? No. However, that was only because I wasn’t already the woman I am now. Remember, there’s nothing to change but self. Despite him coming back and even wanting to see me again, (and by the way, not mentioning a single word about my behaviour in the past) I still gave too much credit to the physical world, and soon all of my fears came back. And guess what, he left me again.

I felt confused but, I decided to focus on myself. I wasn’t angry at him, but I knew that the 3D was only reflecting my state. I didn’t want to experience these types of circumstances in my life again, so I needed to change my assumptions.

Following this website’s approach, I started embodying different states. For me, it has been the biggest thing to learn and, why not say it, the hardest one. Shifting and embodying states is so easy that our mind refuses to accept it. But as I have told you in the beginning, this is not a matter of the logical mind. This is a matter of acceptance, of faith. This is not something you do, this is about being. You are already God. You are already Everything. You carry the whole Universe inside of you. You are living your human life as a certain individual, but that’s just a physical form of life. All of us are God, here and there, now and then, everywhere. Yes, you are this individual but you are also your person. Nothing is separate. Separation is an illusion, as all of the negative thoughts, feelings and experiences are too. Separation is the forbidden apple that Eve and Adam tried.

If you are God, and you are here on Earth to experience all of your wishes, why would you accept pain, suffering or lack? Yes, they exist if you assume so but, always remember they are just illusions and shadows. You are the one in control. And you, your True Self, is nothing but Love, Bliss, Abundance. You are God, the Alpha and the Omega. God is all that exists. So are you. In my reality, I have assumed that everything which doesn’t come from Love, doesn’t exist. Only Love is Real. Our True Nature.

I have to tell you that this knowledge didn’t come in a few weeks. After this guy left me again, I got sick. Sickness is not something that worries me but, in this case an old symptom (and very annoying and stressing) came back. I was resisting it once I discovered the Law, feeling the fear of it being manifested again. One more time, I was giving my power to the world of illusions. So, it did, it came back. Suddenly my person and my sentimental life came second, and I focused on my health. And once again, despite all the moments of pain and suffering, I feel grateful for this experience. This has been the last brick in my learning on being a conscious manifestor, I guess. Or at least, a very big one. This chapter of my life pushed me to fully assume my True self, my Power. Now I know that only my word is what I need to manifest. Now I know that only my Desires are real. Now I know that if I have a Desire, that’s the only reality for me. Now I live my life knowing that I Am God. Knowing that everything I desire is already a part of me, it lives in me. I got it. I am not worried about the physical world anymore.

I can’t finish my story without giving thanks to the entire I Am Love team for their tremendous generosity in sharing their knowledge but, especially to Jennifer, who has always been there to support my journey. As she always says, the true persistence is not about your desires, but about yourself being God. As I said in the introduction, there’s nothing to worry about. Your desires are already yours. They’re not going anywhere. They are just waiting for you to remember who you really are. Once you do it, and accept it, all of your desires will manifest in the physical world.

Just give yourself permission to experience them. Lots of love.

About the Author

Moon has always been a seeker but, when she believed she had all the answers, the questions changed. Since then, she lives her life remembering who she really is and her power, willing to experience all of her desires.


  • Carrie
    September 27, 2021 at 2:21 AM

    Wow. Your story is exactly mine, with one slight difference, I am the mom of the daughter who got ghosted by the guy. Both she and I adored him. As a married woman, I had experienced break ups both when I was dating and through my kids. Nothing prepared me for this one. He had even been the one to present the marriage assumption. He was/is truly the best boyfriend that had crossed our path. Anyway I too found Neville and the Law because of this loss. We too ached in a way that can’t be described. I am still grasping the I am God factor. It hasn’t sunk in yet, but studying the law these past two years has brought me so much insight, wonderment and hope. Thank you for encouraging all of us onward. Congratulations on finding your true self.

  • Karen Leigh
    September 27, 2021 at 6:08 AM

    This made me so happy! I love this! Thank you

  • Harunah
    September 28, 2021 at 1:04 AM

    This is so beautiful, and I can relate to a lot of it. Thank you Moon

  • Avinash
    November 6, 2021 at 6:43 AM

    I am going through same situation where I know my wife is “cheating “ on me. But she is simply repeating what my ex girlfriends have done.

    I realized it’s not about them. It’s about me and what I was feeling deep within.

    Just assuming myself being god resonates deeply with me, though at times, it feel surreal.


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