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Living Your Dreams Through Love


Love is the essence of our being, it’s what our true nature is, it’s who YOU really are. It’s who we truly are.

Whenever I see another human being, an animal, someone’s pet, a beautiful building, a kind smile paired up with heart warming eyes, the sky, anything at all, all I see is love. Even while scrolling through my facebook feeds, if I see something that the world perceives as negative, it’s all still love. Because our true identity is that we are God. We are one. Don’t be fooled by your birth certificate or your personal ID card of your home country. Your birthdate is much much older, but here we are, living the good life. Some are clueless about their true identity, while some know who they really are.

You know the phrase- “Love makes the world go round”? Well, love doesn’t only make the world go round, it encompasses the entire universe.

Whatever you see before you – the sky, the heavenly grass, the roads, the people you encounter everyday, they are all made from love. Also, they are only YOU. Isn’t it cool to know that you created your own universe only for yourself to enjoy? We are limitless, you see. We are whoever we want to be.

You want to make billions just sitting on the grass in your backyard? You can! You want to live the life of your dreams- have a dream job in your dream city with your dream man/woman? You can! It’s not even the question of if you can or cannot. It’s all already within your perfect universe. The only thing that you have to do is turn your attention to who you truly are and remember it.

You see, none of these experiences are out of your reach. They are all within you. Within your perfect universe. You’ve dreamt it, thought it, there! It was already created before you dreamt it. Your Godself is aware of your desires even before you dream it. And when you do get those little nudges from the universe (aka when your desires are born in your heart making them known to you), know that it’s just the universe’s way of telling you- “Hey! Look at this wonderful and amazing dream, and its only for you, all gift wrapped, with your name written in pretty calligraphy on it”.

It’s not even the universe telling you really, you know by now, it is YOU telling yourself!

So here’s a little something about me. I absolutely love shopping. And when I shop, I always tell myself that these wonderful items are presents from me to myself. Little did I know back then, I was gifting myself much more than I ever thought I could possibly imagine. I didn’t know that I had gifted myself a wonderful family, co-workers, experiences, friends, my own dreams. After I came across Neville, I realized that I’ve gifted myself everything I’ve ever experienced. This realization made me want to continue gifting myself only the best in life. God is within you and only wants the best for you.

Never settle for something that’s any less than what you deeply desire, for that’s not what God wants for you. God wants you to experience the best, hence don’t limit yourself. Dream the best and soon enough you will relive it as many times as you please. Truly, learn to ignore the physical plane, as this plane only leaves the airport to follow after your imagination. The imagination that has already arrived at the intended destination. Learn to ignore this physical plane and learn to only board first class on your imagination.

Everything always works out for us. Things are arranging in the universe so that we can experience exactly what we’ve dreamt about. God loves us so much that God wants us to have it all. It’s only the human self that was programmed to forget our powers, that limits us from living our dream lives sometimes. Know that being human isn’t a limitation at all. For this universe was created by you to have human experiences. It’s all a part of YOUR plan for yourself. So trust the plan that was so lovingly created for you. And while you are human, having human experiences, enjoy it.

You can safely ignore the experiences you didn’t/don’t like, they don’t matter anyway. Everything’s a shadow, unreal. You know that you can create whatever you like/prefer for yourself and only focus on that. Focus on the positive side of everything and you’ll find that only positivity grows. Give everything that you encounter love. Because in essence, everything is love and was created out of love. Don’t ever be afraid of anything. There’s nothing in the universe that can extinguish the love that you are. There’s only you in your universe.

How wonderful is that on its own.

You get to create things for yourself and for others (technically for you because everyone is you). So, be happy when you see someone happily living their dream life, for – number 1, you created it for them (aka for you). Number 2, they’re in your universe and everything’s possible for you too since it’s all sourced from within you. Number 3, your dream life isn’t just a dream (I mean, everything’s a dream anyway right- our desires, experiences, creations, a shadow and nothing to stress over about). Because your dream life is yours, for you to experience and relive in this dream world that you have created for yourself.

It’s a dream within a dream within a dream my friends. I am not going to refer to the movie inception on here because its been referred to so many times, it’s just passé now. Kidding of course, but I’m not kidding about your dreams guys. Know that your desires, your dreams, are meant for you. The ones which you truly connect with, for although each one of us are unique and have unique desires, we are all still one, we are one God.

To those who read this post and to those who don’t, to those who are aware of Neville’s teachings and to those who aren’t, I know that we are all safe and loved and living our best lives because in my universe, everyone is.

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Amy works in the Information Security field. She's passionate about fitness and her work. She discovered Neville in 2018 and being the researcher that she is, she dove deep into Neville's teachings as they resonated with her beliefs too!


  • Kieron
    April 27, 2020 at 1:28 PM

    Thank you AMY for such a beautiful and a very spiritual message . The posts on this website are a great guide to the understanding and implementation of Neville’s teachings .
    Regards Kieron.

  • Vishal Nair
    April 29, 2020 at 8:52 AM

    Amazing article ? more clarity on Neville each day

  • Nawal
    April 30, 2020 at 11:00 AM

    Amaaaaazing words??

    Thank you sooo much love❤

  • steve devito
    August 6, 2020 at 7:13 PM

    omg bless u


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