I love words, and especially the power they have to transform conversations. 

Whether the conversation is within ourselves as inner mental conversations or with one of our many creations; it’s actually the same thing, since everyone is just a mirror of who we are and a projection of our consciousness. So, in effect, we’re just having conversations with ourselves all the time. 

I like prefacing my inner statements and rules that I make for myself with these words, “Because I am God…” because it immediately brings me back to remembering Who I Really Am. To the place of knowing that no matter what action I take, everything is fine and perfect because I am God. Adding the word ‘because’ makes it clear to yourself of who you are, and can strengthen any statement or assumption you add after it. 

When we use the word ‘because’ in our regular speech we use it to explain why something happened, or to give a reason for why we might have acted in a certain way. So in the same way, we can use ‘because’ to calm our finite logical mind and remind it of Who we really are. 

Feel free to play around with it, and see how it makes you feel when you add ‘because’ to your own set of rules and assumptions you use to create your reality.

For example you could say: 

“Because I am God, I am always doing the right thing and everything works out for me naturally and effortlessly.” 


“Because I am God I naturally live in the state of the wish fulfilled” 

Like the lovely and wise Jennifer, I too prefer to write out and script the way I prefer things or people to be in my desired reality. In the process of writing, an image forms in my head and kind of lodges there, and then I reflect on how I would have my inner conversations with myself and how I would talk to ‘others’ etc. I accepted a limiting belief that I needed to ‘visualize’ something in order for it to happen and made it an obstacle for a long time, until I realized I was doing it right all along! 

Jennifer explains in her article ‘How to Manifest Different Versions of People’ on the kinds of questions you can ask yourself and reflect on to change your self-concept. That helped me to make the shift into realizing who I really am, and I started to understand how powerful I am, because I am God. 

The other metaphor or image I keep in mind when viewing myself as God is that of the DNA double helix strands and how they intertwine with each other; one strand being our True God Self and the other being our human self (even though they are one and the same). So at the points where they converge is when our Godself and our human-self come together, but even when they separate – perhaps during our ‘human moments’-  it’s really just one continuous strand -God/Consciousness/You – that extends outward and shifts our reality in every moment. 

It’s not a perfect metaphor and I don’t know if it helps you, but it helps me when I have ‘human moments’ and when I react instead of responding. All I need to do then is to shift my state and go back to remembering that because I am God everything is fine and perfect. 

This image came to me recently when I was visiting my aunt in her lovely home after my uncle had passed, and she had this little desk light that looked like a DNA double helix. And my aunt being a scientist said that, that was what it was supposed to be, and I remember being mesmerized by how the strands wove in and out with each other. 

I also think it’s amazing that because we are Gods we are much more powerful than even our genetics, there is absolutely no limit to what we can have or be! 

Because you are God! 

About The Author

“Esther is a freelance writer and a health/wellness blogger living in the sunny little country of Singapore, or more fondly known as ‘the little red dot’. She was raised reading the Bible but it was only when she came across Neville’s teachings that everything clicked for her. She also understood and felt what Love really is and she’s enjoying exploring the depths of her imagination every day.”


  • Krissi
    April 30, 2020 at 10:38 AM

    Dear Esther, this is a very nice Post 🙂

    I will adopt your method and from now on everyday I think to myself “YES I will have it BECAUSE I AM GOD”.
    Thank you 🙂

    • Esther
      July 28, 2020 at 7:18 AM

      Hi Krissi! you’re so welcome, I’m really happy you liked it! so sorry for the late response.
      Much love

  • Paige
    February 28, 2021 at 2:27 PM

    Hi!! I’m new to learning about Neville Goddard and I’m so glad I have found this page, your writing is so helpful and really resonates with me. Thankyou so much!!


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