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You Are Limitless

I am keen to share my conscious manifestation experiences, and I am writing this article based on my understanding, my opinions on conscious manifestation and what I have learned from Neville Goddard’s teachings.

I became aware of these teachings when I was manifesting my specific person, like the majority of people in this community. It happened in October of 2019 and my life started to change in a beautiful way.

One of the best phases of my life started during this time. In the beginning, I also got caught up with “techniques”. I used many techniques in a senseless manner and I got frustrated with no results. Then, one night, I started asking myself- “If I am God, then why am I stuck? Why am I searching for results on the outside?”.

The moment I realised who I truly am, my true identity, life became easy, light, free and loved.

Now I know I AM God and that’s the only truth. I AM GOD.

I’m limitless. This whole vast world is myself pushed out. Why would the creator of an entire universe fear anything?

Knowing who I truly am, I gave up on techniques. I am not against techniques but I think it’s important to know and understand who you really ARE!

Who is God? God is your own wonderful human imagination as Neville says. Which in turn means everything is possible for God. You can achieve anything just by decreeing it in your imagination and by being content with it. When you realise that everything comes from within, and nothing is outside, things start to get easier. Knowledge of your own identity nullifies the effects of your negative thoughts towards your manifestations. Knowing that you’re God, doing countless techniques based on a schedule is not necessary.

Your imagination is already doing everything to fulfill your desires. “It’s done” means that your desire is a done deal in your imagination (4D). So, to bring the desire into the physical world (3D), all you have to do is live from the consciousness of having it or live from the 4D. No need to nitpick your thoughts. If you think your thoughts are not aligned with your wish fulfilled state, change your state. You’re not just your thoughts, you’re not even the states, you’re the one who animates these infinite states. Basically, lead a carefree life as directed by Neville Goddard by assuming the feeling of wish fulfilled just prior to sleep. Assume the feeling, right *NOW*. And then drift of to sleep.

Hacking these inexperienced feelings aren’t tough, in fact they’re easier than you think. You don’t have to burst a blood vessel imagining to bring about your desires in the 3D.

You’re always imagining, even before you knew the law, but make good use of it now that you know how to effectively use it. You don’t need any power, you ARE the power. Whenever I’m in doubt I remind myself that I’m God and then all of my doubts vanish.

Stop complicating the law and imagine the best for yourself. Stop trying to change others because they’re just your reflection, they just reflect your state of being. Stop trying to change the world, since it is only a mirror of your state. As Neville said, leave the world alone and change your conception of yourself.

Accept your desire as being done. You’re already that which you want to be, your refusal to believe it is the only reason you don’t see it.

Adapt a healthy and desired self concept and always remember who you really are. Now you know you’re God and that you’re here to experience a human life. You can make it a more beautiful experience with this knowledge. You can feel low, negative, and sometimes even worried, but always come back to the truth that you’re GOD.

Live from the state of the wish fulfilled and feel into it- you only need the experience of the state. You need not forcefully make yourself experience or imagine things again and again. Enjoy the process of creation, because everything exists in YOU. You are also the past, present and future.

I AM the past present and future. Time can’t haunt you, because time is an illusion.

Everything depends on our attitude towards ourselves. That which we will not affirm within ourselves can never develop in our world

neville Goddard

I am God and I am limitless. I am Love/consciousness.

I intend that my post reaches those that are new to the Law, and helps others who are already aware of it, to understand it better.

About the Author

I am a banker and a conscious manifestation coach from India.


  • Hannah
    September 10, 2021 at 7:01 AM

    That was a wonderful read, Gauri! Thanks for putting it out into the world. I’ve been seeing this message so frequently the last couple of days, and I know it’s my Godself guiding me to the ultimate truth. I spent so many months trying to do techniques, hammering in affirmations and feeling disgruntled by the lack of movement in my 3D world. The law seemed so hard and so rigid. It was only when I discovered this blog and read the articles + heard the podcast that I fully realized how easy it all was. Your article perfectly captures that. It’s only when you return to the supreme truth of seeing yourself as God consciousness that everything feels effortless and easy.

  • Thais
    September 10, 2021 at 8:53 AM

    Maravilhoso post Gauri! É exatamente o meu reflexo no espelho da vida, constantemente me lembrando quem eu sou! Obrigada por isto!
    Thais ( Brazil)

  • Bhavna
    September 10, 2021 at 10:00 AM

    Beautiful Gauri. Agreed to your thoughts. 🙂

  • Ashley
    September 12, 2021 at 5:18 PM

    This was everything I needed to read right now, thank you! Question, how would you work on your self concept so it’s strong and healthy? Everyone says to work on self concept but I’ve never really seen how to do so, thanks! <3

    • Gauri Sharma
      September 19, 2021 at 12:30 PM

      Self concept=see yourself already what you want to be. It means see yourself a person who already have his/her desire. Always see this world from a concept where u are already with your desire. For eg u are a married woman success business man healthy person. How u see urself and what u think how world see u.. who have his desire now.

  • Mady
    November 22, 2021 at 8:55 AM

    Hi Gauri,

    Can I say this is odd and eerie and coincidental…Yet, I also know there is no such thing as a completely random coincidence. This past weekend, I finally got my -AHA moment regarding many of NG’s teachings. I went through an utter moment of despair last week provoked by some distraughting news and decided to go back to NG’s lessons…And that’s when it clicked and struck me. I finally got it. WHO is God; how are my desires already mine, etc….

    And this morning, your post fell on my lap! It said exactly, to a “T”, everything I have finally come to understand….And last night, before I went to sleep, I also put on a YouTube podcast of NG’s lecture on the 4D….And here we have it in your post a mention of that 4D…..Yes, my Inner Self, my Godself within is nudging at me, telling me on I am the RIGHT track…..that I got this through the “appearance” of your article…..Thanks again for writing this and for further explaining many of NG’s teachings/principles for all of us. Mady

  • Tony
    December 26, 2021 at 9:52 PM

    Did you end up manifesting your specific person when this all started?


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