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Living Your Life Right Now Is The Best Manifestation Technique

When I entered the world of manifestation, especially the Law of Assumption later in my journey, I came across many stumbling stones. The idea of needing a “good, strict” mental diet is, at least to me, not different from the positive thinking in the Law of Attraction. I did both, and besides frustration and becoming afraid of my own thoughts, to the degree that I even experienced panic attacks, these concepts did more harm than good to me. Anyway, everyone is different and if this works for you, please continue.

When I heard that your inner world creates your experience, basically your entire life, I thought “well, then I just make my inner world perfect, so that my life can be perfect”. I probably tested and practiced all of the manifestation techniques that exist. The problem here was, that I unconsciously and consciously made them the second cause, the second God. I made the “mistake” (note: there are truly no mistakes, but this helps understand the context) of putting my life on pause. I stopped hanging out with friends (also because I thought I couldn’t focus on my mental diet and that I couldn’t afford any negative thoughts), I stopped being vulnerable and fully authentic. I only talked about how perfect things are, to embody “living in the end”, because I thought talking about current circumstances in the 3D world would destroy my progress. I binge-read and binge-watched everything that I could find on Reddit, forums, FB groups, this lovely website here and YouTube to make sure I’m not missing something.

I stopped doing the majority of things that I enjoy besides focusing on university and my business – which I ended up doing in a way I did not like, as I became very attached to outcomes while I was imagining perfect results. I lost my spark; I lost my inspiration due to trying to make my inner world perfect. I could continue, but you see my point.

I had a really big misconception about the Law and made my life harder than easier. I’m writing this article because I’m sure some of you guys are going through similar stuff.

Now, I’m sitting here no longer afraid of my thoughts, no longer living entirely in my head and I truly understand what the Law is all about: Living your given life! Hence the title, living and enjoying your life right now, and not putting it on pause because you’re waiting for your desires to manifest. It is the best manifestation “technique”, and here’s why.

You would live and enjoy your life when you already have everything you desires, wouldn’t you?
You would respect, love and honor yourself when you already have your desired physical appearance and health, wouldn’t you?

You would only do what’s in alignment with you and what lights you up when you already have all the success and FUN in your job or business that you desire, wouldn’t you? You would enjoy spending time with your loved ones, and also with yourself, when you already know the relationship you desire is already on its way and your specific person is already yours, wouldn’t you?

I could continue this list forever but I trust you understand what I’m trying to say.

For some clarity, I would like to invite you to make a list of all the things you enjoy but stopped doing due to the “manifestation trap”. You could also play with questions like, “How would my day look like if I had all of my desires?”, “How would I feel knowing that every moment is a part of my desires manifesting?”, “How would I see myself, the world and my life now that I know my dreams are unfolding in front of my eyes?”.

Here’s another pro tip that is helping me tremendously in my journey: Celebrate all of your creations! Seriously, everything. Everything you see and experience is an expression of your God Self. You came here as a human to experience duality. The unconscious, infinite part of you, also often known as the “shadow self”, wants to experience the “less-than-ideal” things as well, which include some drama and mess. Those are not the problem- the shame, the blame and the judgment towards those manifestations are (but also don’t blame yourself for blaming and shaming yourself, it’s all a process!).

When you stop shaming and blaming yourself for unconsciously creating these “unlovingly” things, you interrupt “negative” patterns and become aware of what has been hidden in your unconscious. This also helps to understand that there is truly no separation and to realize how powerful you are. Again, “how would your life change if you stopped judging and shaming yourself for creating even some “chaos” in your experience?”.

You are exactly where you need to be, everything you experience is a part of the game called life. You’re perfect and awesome the way you are. Why not celebrate that along with everything that I mentioned here?

About the Author

Nea is a content creator and mentor from Germany who loves Japanese & Korean culture. Over the years, she learned more about the Law & non-duality teachings. In her mentoring, she is helping her clients to make peace with themselves & their bodies and she combines her own style of Manifestation with a refreshing approach of Shadow Work+Integration & Emotional Freedom. 



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  • Bhavna
    September 1, 2021 at 8:32 AM


  • Harunah
    September 2, 2021 at 12:59 AM

    That’s so funny. I did that until recently. The whole putting life on pause part, and finally got out of it. Thanks for sharing, Nea.

  • Hannah
    September 10, 2021 at 7:06 AM

    Nea I’ve been binge listening to your podcast after I read this article, and your approach made it all click for me somehow. I’ve been doing techniques for months, exhausting myself and putting life on hold. Thankyou for this message, it needs to be given out more often in the manifestation community. There is such an emphasis on mental diets and techniques and flipping thoughts that we sometimes forget to live life. So glad I found you! You clarified the concept of beingness and somehow I was able to exit the hamster wheel I’d been on for months.


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