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If Feeling Young Is the Secret, Then Being Young Is a Promise

“Age and decay are the sleep -not death- of youth and health. Recognition of a state vibrates or awakens it.”

Neville Goddard, “Prayer: The Art of Believing“

I started this article as a thought experiment on my personal experience, because I wanted to open up a topic I would like to read more about. Instead of spending hours online looking for others’ success stories, I assumed my personal story could make a valuable contribution to all other stories in this beautiful conscious creation community. I am not a health professional and what worked for me may not work for you. Just read this with an open mind and take what resonates.

When I discovered Neville Goddard, one of the first books I read was “The Power of Awareness”. I immediately found myself befriending the concept of state of being and EIYPO and somehow making all of this a lifestyle felt really natural. Which of course led to me finding this amazing blog. I can’t stress enough how inspiring and helpful Jennifer’s and Kriston’s articles have been for me. There was also much more content on such a deep level- like a whole lot of Nevilles in different people!

Jennifer’s articles about shifting time have literally blown my mind and the leftover resistance I had on this subject- and resistance did I have! Even if it now seems very distant. However, thanks to dealing with that same resistance, I started looking at all the things I already created in my life. The thought of creation being finished and us always creating intrigued and excited me at the same time.

“To go north, you must go south. To reach the west, you must go east. To go forward you must go back, and to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow.”

(Quaithe to Daenerys Targaryen)
George R.R. Martin, “Songs of Ice and Fire: The Clash of Kings”

This quote has been a lot on my mind since the beginning of my journey as a conscious creator, because it depicts the illusion of time and space perfectly. To go forward as a creator I had to look back on all the beautiful things I already created. So “Forever 29” immediately came to my mind.

What started as a running gag in the artistic community (I am a performing artist), resonated with me instantly, even if it was on an unconscious level back then. So I went with it nine years ago and it turned out to be one of my very first manifestations. I remembered accepting staying young for as long as I like, as a normal state of my mind very early on. I never really accepted that we have to get older when a certain number or society tells us to, instead of us deciding when and if we feel like it. Since I had no clue about conscious creation, I considered myself odd for even considering these options and of course my outside world reflected that in form of discussions on this topic, which of course perfectly mirrored my state of being odd.

However, even on an unconscious level back then, I was still dominantly embodying the state of being young. There are plenty of photos to support this claim. The only confirmation I need is my own, but I enjoy seeing my outside world conforming. It just strengthens my conviction of needing the solid base in my inner world first. Over the last couple of years, I’ve seen many friends and colleagues worrying about their physical appearances and expecting changes to come with the years. I’ve seen them running from one aesthetic procedure to the next, with the results being everything else but satisfying, and it looked like the time would have its way and nothing could stop age-related changes in their bodies.

There was a lot of fear of judgment because of the ever changing beauty standards. I have absolutely nothing against these procedures and I firmly believe people should do whatever they feel called to, if it helps them maintain their desired state of being. All of these methods like aesthetic treatments, subliminals, meditations, massages, nutrition etc., work. However, like every other technique, it all comes down to which state are we in. The power is always within and it is just a matter of personal preference where we put this power. That also explains why we see some people doing the said procedures and having amazing results, while others struggle.

I’ve never had any surgeries, but I did take very few other aesthetic procedures like facials and similar. And although minimal, they had an amazing lasting wow effect. So it hit me last year why it was like that- because I’ve always approached them from the state of staying young instead of doing something against looking older. Even before I was aware of my True Self, it was with the sense of fun and delight in being young instead of fighting the age. When I began my journey as a conscious creator, I looked back at how I was feeling about my body and myself in general. I realized I have always loved my body, appearance and myself and I just had this burning desire to enjoy it to the fullest for as long as I see fit.

I used to feel guilty for being like that and of course I would hear people call me vain, selfish and in love with myself. They were just responding to the state I was entertaining. I briefly fell for the illusion and even got a few lines here and there, together with few grey hairs. However, I’m thankful for that beautiful contrast, because they brought me here. Without it, I wouldn’t have been here where I am now and now is a beautiful place to be. Besides, since our bodies are our projections, even those changes can be reversed.

As my state of being shifted, everything around me shifted. For example, there are so many scientific examples, and facts of our bodies’ amazing capacity, to regenerate and renew themselves. Just like nature blooms and blossoms every year over and over again, and by that stays forever young, it’s the same with us. The moment I dropped the illusion of linear time and space, all these things made themselves visible to me. We only ever see the contents of our consciousness, so as our consciousness expands everything else expands too. I know that majority of people desire to be young and healthy, and I’m convinced it has nothing to do with being the walking ads for aesthetic surgeons or investing insane amounts of money in the anti aging industry.

Like I said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with any of it, it all comes down to personal preference. From my experience, it is about living our best life in the best years and exploring this wonderful human experience from that perspective. Again, it is about coming from the place of love and abundance instead of lack and fear. I really want you to know that there is nothing wrong with desiring being young or any other forms of physical changes. We are already infinite and complete so we are just restoring our True Self to an utmost expression.

I am also very aware that I am coming from a place of someone who already had a very good self concept and body image. That doesn’t make it a harder state to attain for someone else, it just points us gently back to loving ourselves as the key to anything we are consciously creating. I believe this state of being truly makes the world a better place, because if we can choose to stay young for as long as we desire, all of the deadlines and pressures suddenly fall away and we can wake up to living our best possible lives. For me it is about recognizing what the state of being young is and the contents of that state.

What activities, vocations, life choices and feelings does this state contain?

From that end, everything else just falls into place. It is the law. For example, for me being young equals going to concerts, dancing until dawn, sleeping for a few hours and waking up the next day feeling as new and fresh as ever. Also, being very grounded in the present moment. That’s what I discovered while exploring backwards, gently sitting with any resistance that came up. Oftentimes, we are afraid of looking back because we are afraid that we are dwelling or messing something up.

There is a lot of advice with dos and don’ts out there. The only “do” needed is really being honest with ourselves about our desires and what we really need to embody. And that may be completely different for each person. There are authors and coaches saying you always need to state your true date of birth, because otherwise you are not accepting yourselves, blah, etc. However, if just the mere thought of it bumps you out of the state, then ditch the numbers. If there’s no linear time, who knows what our real birth years are? Who knows if our ancestors really lived shorter or if they looked what we think is 50, but actually died way over a hundred years old?

Also, maybe being young for you is not a celebrity at 21, but someone who is 35. We only know the stories we accepted as true. I personally like creating something new out of the old stories. So, do assume new thoughts boldly if they resonate with you. Never start embodying someone else’s story without checking with your inner world first.

It has been said many times now: there is nothing to mess up and embodiment is a very unique journey for everyone. All that successful embodiment requires is knowing ourselves and being honest about what we feel and need. Then, we accept and claim our desires without any conditioning. The whole point of sharing this experience is to encourage anyone in this community to believe there is no such thing as an unattainable state of being. Nothing is ever lost or gone forever. There’s nothing to fear. Being young is as natural as the beautiful nature we are blessed to be a part of.

About the Author

Pamina is a European performing artist exploring the law since 2021.


  • Soma
    September 25, 2022 at 5:23 PM

    I have never resonated with aging and I believe it is a program that society as a collective has accepted as true kind of like a mass hypnosis. I may have missed it but you don’t mention your chronological age or how much younger you look although you say it has a been a successful manifestation. I turn 50 in a week and half. I have had no procedures or surgery or facials. I work from home so barely wash and moisturise my face. On a good day when im in a high vibration usually when partying…ppl have thought I’m in my late 20s. Otherwise it’s anything around 30/32. On a bad day when I’m tired I pass for 35 and that is only because my energy is low at that time. Aging is all in the mind so you get to decide what age you want to be. I absolutely feel no connection with number 50 or even 40 and that is the secret. It can’t be forced and you can’t be afraid of that number…. You just simply have to feel naturally no connection to the number as if it belonged to someone else and not you. It’s a bit difficult to explain in words but hopefully someone will understand what I mean. Dont let a number define you unless you want it to Choose a desired age and let your body conform to it.

    • Pamina
      September 27, 2022 at 9:52 AM

      Hello and thank you for your comment. I haven’t mentioned any numbers because I don’t identify with them & being certain age in numbers has different meaning for everybody. According to linear time I turned 38 this year and the last guess someone took was 28ish. Best wishes to you.

  • Fiadh
    October 3, 2022 at 4:31 PM

    Thank you for this wonderful article about the truth that I used to feel alone in or afraid to fully accept and embody for a vast array of reasons that only reflected ideas I had accepted from outside of my own true knowing.

    • Pamina
      October 8, 2022 at 1:53 PM

      Thank you for your comment! I’m glad the article resonated with you.

  • Nea
    October 9, 2022 at 12:41 PM

    this resonates with me! “ditching the numbers” inspires me to letgo of the number of my height stated in my passport and ID card and seeing people in or close my ideal height (or other features) as reflections of my ideal that I already carry within me. but I also practice meeting myself where I’m at = feeling a lot of resistance and doubts bc before becoming aware of that this 3D world is always changing and malleable, I was told it’s impossible to change your height (in my case becoming shorter, changing the shape of a body part, etc) and send this part of me love, compassion and create space for her. your article was refreshing and what I described fits well into the quote you shared “…to go forward, you must go back, to touch the light you must pass beneath the shadow” ~

    • Pamina
      October 10, 2022 at 9:03 AM

      Thank you very much for your beautiful comment. It really warmed my heart to read it. I love how you applied it on other levels of physical appearance and the way you are meeting yourself where you are at. Also refreshing to read.

  • V
    October 22, 2022 at 6:27 AM

    Thank you so much for penning this beautiful article and sharing your experience. For a long time, I embodied youth and I used to laugh with people saying that I stopped aging at 25 and whoever I meet, people still think I am in mid 20s. A sudden death Of a colleague recently did impact me more than I thought and suddenly I have found myself ageing in form of grey hair and some fine lines… it was only a few hours ago I had these moments and then I find this article which has truly uplifted my mood and reminded me of my own choices and focus… going back to basics and reminding myself that I am in charge of the body, not the body.

    Again, thank you for sharing and reminding me that numbers don’t mean a thing, only what I choose to embody and my body must conform. Thank you 🙏

    • Pamina
      October 25, 2022 at 8:34 AM

      I thank you for taking the time to read. To hear that this article resonates, helps and uplifts so many wonderful people is an amazing gift to me. Here’s to your Forever 25 🤩🙏🏻


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