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Truly Validate Yourself on the Manifesting Journey

Often times, we may fall into the trap of not being able to truly validate ourselves during our manifesting journey, even those who have been consciously creating for quite some time. We may feel burnt out due to being faced with circumstances that demand our attention, not fully having faith in ourselves or even questioning the possibility of our desires coming to pass in the first place.

When we are faced with these uncomfortable situations or circumstances, we may believe that the only way we can get rid of it is to ignore it. So we will sit there, trying to push against these feelings and emotions. Afterwards, we may even end up feeling worse than before, but that is okay. Throughout this article, I will continuously remind you that it is okay to feel these doubts, these worries, and to observe them without judgement or fear that it will mess something up.

The Nature of our Desires

I first want to remind everyone of what a desire truly is, to understand the relationship between our desires, our true selves, and the ego.

“Look upon your desires -all of them- as the spoken words of God, and every word or desire a promise. The reason most of us fail to realize our desires is because we are constantly conditioning

Neville Goddard, At Your Command 1939

Truly meditate on this quote for a moment. Let it sink into your chest, stomach, or wherever you ground yourself in. Your desire is a promise, as it is a word of God. It is You, beyond the physical identity you have occupied for yourself, calling into the screen of life, an experience to enhance your life. It was meant for you, and it always will be.

Your desire is a promise, whether you recognize it in the moment or not. It was always a promise, and it was always meant to come to pass. You (Your True Self) knows this, even if your mind cannot conceive of this at this very moment. It will know this, even if you forget it repeatedly. It may be difficult to accept in this moment, but realize that your desires were never a desire, it was the foreword that this experience is going to materialize into the physical.

Once we look upon our desires in this light, we can recognize how to validate ourselves. We can be more in tune with our needs, knowing that it will not interfere with our manifestations. We are able to give ourselves the love that we have learnt to seek outside of ourselves, not realizing that the love we seek is ingrained within us, in our true selves. When we do this, we may start to notice that we are more relaxed and less threatened by negative emotions or circumstances. We slowly but surely remember who we truly are.

What Does Validation Truly Mean?

In the simplest of terms, validation is to recognize how you are feeling in the moment and accepting it with love. I do not mean to accept the doubts, worries or overthinking as truth. The only truth is Love, and anything that contradicts that is completely false and is merely a mask that covers the truth- but, the truth prevails. Love is mentioned a lot in the manifestation community, particularly this website. It may seem like an abstract concept, and we wonder how we can truly express it in our lives, and that’s okay.

Introspection is key to remembering who we truly are, and each of our expressions of Love will differ from one another.

The reason it seems so abstract to our minds is because Love is all there is. Our minds sometimes struggle to conceptualize the vastness of the universe, of atoms and the very metaphysical concepts that shape our world. This is the same way we struggle to intellectualize Love. Because it is all there is. Everything in your life, underneath, is Love. And when we somewhat understand this, we realize there is no single ‘correct’ way to express this love towards ourselves.

However, I want to ask a few questions that may help you try to recognize some of the ways this love can be expressed to yourself.

What truly feels good to you? What makes the warmness that is your True Self envelop in your body, wherever this feeling may express?

When we contemplate the answers to this, or even remember this question when we are experiencing that warmness in our bodies, we are realizing what it means to truly validate ourselves. It can feel tempting, when seeing others who have experienced success, to attempt to adopt their ways. This can be very helpful of course, but sometimes our egos demand a different form of validation.

When completely ignoring reality may work for someone, or even some instances, other times, it may not be so easy to do this. Sometimes, we cannot simply shut down a thought. For me, it is reminding myself that no matter what I feel, or think, or see, that my desires are already here and now. That I can cry, or lay in bed for a day, letting myself feel all the things I must feel, and I will still get what I want. I can face a circumstance and not enjoy it and allow myself to not enjoy it.

I can embrace the hurt I feel without scrutinizing myself, and after the storm fades away, what remains is my True Self, and all my desires. I can let myself feel as horrible as I need to and soothe my ego. I can let her cry and feel these unlovely things because they are not the truth anyways. and that is okay. An analogy I like to use is I am fully aware of the ending of a movie. My higher self knows that it will work out in the end, but that does not prevent me from grieving with the characters of the film.

In this case, the characters are the physical identity we carry for ourselves, and the people and setting around us. I know that even if I have an off moment, feel stuck or tense from a circumstance, a fear, or a doubt, that I will still get what I want. Sometimes, I may not even know how this happy ending could possibly come about from the current circumstances.

I’m sure most of us have felt this way about plenty of movies before. Once we tap into this knowing, which takes practice, our perception of life shifts. We recognize that this life is no longer happening to us, but through us. We know that in the end, we will live the life we truly desire, and it will work out perfectly.

Sometimes, we may think that negative circumstances can only be dissolved if we affirm against it, or completely deny its presence, despite the tension we can feel in our bodies. Despite the triggers that are continuously poked by this circumstance, this fear, or this doubt. We say affirmation after affirmation, only to be met with urgency and panic. We push and push against it, rather than taking a step back and understanding what this trigger, circumstance or otherwise is truly trying to tell you.

What have you accepted as a truth for yourself in this reality, and are you remembering who you truly are?

When I ask this, I do not mean you have to feel happy and high just because you’re aware of a higher purpose. I ask it to remind you of a cushion you can fall back on. That even if you have a tantrum, swear at the world or curse at a wall, you will be okay, and your desires are done deal.

It is not your ego declaring war on your desires. It is not the world declaring war on your dreams. It is not the universe, God or your Higher Self denying you of anything. It is a reminder to return to your True Self, as well as recognizing the needs of your human self, and that is okay.

Oftentimes, we forget to be gentle with ourselves. We assume that because we are this powerful being, we must not feel doubt, or pain, or fear. We have conditioned our True Selves, not only our desires. Because we have done this, our egos will remind us again and again that the limitations we have placed on ourselves are not the truth.

Again, that’s okay. It is completely okay to feel fear, overthink and question ourselves. It is okay if we need to cry it out. It is okay if there are days where we pause, not think about our desires, and just let ourselves be. It is okay if we “slip up”. The reason why I keep emphasizing that this is okay, is because once again, we already know the nature of our desires.

It is not something we get, but something we are. The only real thing we must do is be gentle with ourselves. Next time you are faced with something that seems unlovely, take a moment to step back. Focus only on yourself and remind yourself that no matter how uncomfortable you feel in the moment, your desires are still yours.

About the Author

Once rediscovering her True Self, Aluvia seeks to share her understandings of the Law, as well as continue to discover the true effortlessness of it. She loves drawing and public speaking, and aspires to be a spiritual writer one day.


  • Donae McDuell
    August 28, 2022 at 5:29 PM

    Wow! Just wow is all I have to say. It is indeed confirmation for the recent conversation in my head. I appreciate you all so much and I am happy that I happened upon this page. Thank you so much for this timely message!!!

    • Aluvia
      August 30, 2022 at 4:43 AM

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it and that it resonated with you <33 All the best

  • Debbie
    August 30, 2022 at 10:33 AM

    Does this mean if I can concieve my desire it exists?

    • Aluvia
      September 4, 2022 at 5:34 AM

      Yes, your conception of it indicates it exists somewhere within you, and it is a matter of embodying a wholeness with it!

  • Joey
    September 5, 2022 at 11:48 AM

    How do we deal with desires that feel immoral or desires which would require an entire change of the past , to feel those desires are fulfilled and get past the guilt and lack of faith ?

  • Julia Malykhina
    September 18, 2022 at 9:17 PM

    Aluvia, I did not expect this article to touch me in a way that it did. The understanding that we are all Love came upon me like a wave and made me tear up. Thank you for sharing this knowledge with the world!


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