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Everyone Is Yourself Pushed Out- Oneness

I know many of you have been wondering why this article has taken me so long to publish, and the truth is because everything I publish is from my own experience. I only release content that I use consistently and have enough evidence of its truth for myself. I truly believe that experience is the best kind of knowledge. Without experience, it is easy to assume that some things are impossible or that we are limited. So, I urge you to put everything into practice for as long as it takes you to gain faith. You may find along the way that your way of believing and interpreting things are different, and that’s perfectly fine! We are an infinite, abundant and everlasting consciousness. There is no right or correct way, which is why I always remind you guys to only ask permission from yourselves. 

My best, most instant manifestations, is when I have been true to my self, and have been authentic to my beliefs. Anytime I have denied myself of what I truly desired, even if it was simply a desire to feel differently, it only left me feeling constricted and tensed within. It also made me carry a lot of shame and guilt. When I allowed myself to authentically desire and believe what felt most right to me at the time, things always reflected back to me, within and on the outside, in a lovely way.

I believe that with understanding we are the God of our reality, comes great responsibility. Not only are we responsible for our inner world, our perceptions, our responses etc., but we are also responsible for how we utilize this power we carry within- this power that we are. As most of you know, in my previous article on everyone is you pushed out, from 2019, I stated that I believed that no one exists. Since then, I have evolved my understanding to believe and accept that people do exist, but that we are all one and connected. That we are all part of one God consciousness- one waking lucid dream. I believe that people come into our awareness- either through desires or experiences- for a reason (of course, because everyone is our mirror), and this is why I believe that we are one with the people in our lives and are manifesting. No one is separate from who you really are.

God is the Christ that dwells within us. It is the consciousness that dwells in everything and everyone- it is what our humanity is a part of. There is nothing that isn’t God, as God is in everything and everyone. It surrounds us. It is us. It is the loving awareness that rests in the state of security and trust, but also simultaneously the fearful awareness that forgets who they really are. We, as God, are carrying all of the states at once as we move about our daily lives. You can also say we are moving into different parallel realities, experiencing many different expressions of consciousness at once.

While we prefer to embody certain states in our lives, no state is superior to another. As I have stated in our podcast on changing physical appearances, when we judge the states we are in, it is easy to fall into the trap that one state, one moment, can manifest consequences. Instead, we should aim to feel the oneness with them and allow them to be present, knowing they will dissolve as we move into another state. I personally do not overly focus on the state I am in, in any given moment. What’s most important is to remember the being that you truly are- your true self that remains constant and valid no matter what state you are in.

Everything begins with us in this 3D world. When we release self judgement of our own states, we can allow ourselves to release judgement of the states and roles we place people in. When we judge others, we are essentially judging an inner story and assumption of ours on display. Understanding everyone is yourself pushed out starts with self reflection. If there is someone in my life that is not treating me the way I would prefer, I like to self reflect on what about this person’s behavior is triggering me- how does it make me feel about myself, them or people in general? These answers give me insight as to where my self concept is, and what assumptions and narratives I have been holding onto of them and of myself.

For example, I used to be afraid of expressing my opinions and speaking up. I didn’t want to be myself around others, in fear of being judged or saying the wrong thing. In turn, this assumption mirrored back people misunderstanding me, because that is what I assumed. They reflected back to me a behavior/version of them that triggered this story about myself and others, until I shifted that self-concept within. Once I accepted that it was safe for me to be my authentic self around people, I no longer had to change my assumption about every single person, because they mirrored back to me effortlessly full acceptance and love. 

This is why Neville reminds us that there is no one to change but self. Arguing with others, trying to convince them of something, or controlling and changing things on the outside, is only us fighting with our own reflections. When we react to someone consistently from a place of fear, it is only because a part of us believes and accepts their behavior, or else there would be no reason to react. You never have to convince anyone of anything, because how someone is showing up in your reality is not in opposition to your desire. Having a desire is a peek into what already exists for you. Since this is the truth, there is nothing or no one that you need to control, manipulate or influence in order to get your desire, because the desire itself means fulfillment already.

When I interact with others, I am able to see myself and my desires in them. There is no fixing, grasping, chasing or controlling involved. It is full trust in the oneness between us. It is the recognition of the True Self behind the ego mask that we are all wearing. In this sense, there is no one to recreate, because when we recognize others for who they really are, we can only ever experience that being reflected back to us. In my opinion, when we come at everyone is you pushed out from the perspective of wanting to recreate a person, we are already accepting that what they are mirroring back to us is something we have to effort at. Instead, I prefer to remember the divine love that they truly are. This occurs when we remember that we are one with everyone. Of course, this gets easier to accept the more you accept your true nature. 

This is not just a poetic and beautiful way to describe others, and it is also understandable that this may not be easy to grasp and accept at first. In fact, this is completely normal! I receive many messages from you guys telling me that you feel crazy for not being able to understand or accept this concept. I didn’t at first either, and you are definitely not crazy for feeling this way.

If the desire to be with a specific person, or to manifest a version of them, is already real and valid, then that means our current circumstance does not need to be recreated, because it is a non-issue. The circumstances will be taken care of on there own. Sometimes the person may temporarily reflect the opposite, but this does not mean things are not working for you, or that you have done something wrong. In these moments, it is best to remember what the reflections truly mean. 

I believe that we are all stepping stones for each other, leading us to the resurrection of our True Self within. To a higher awakening and understanding. Each time someone reflects back to you a narrative you carried within, and you choose to shift that by recognizing the love behind everything, you are walking yourself back home. You are dissolving the illusion of separation and validating your own experience. This doesn’t mean we accept unlovely and harsh treatments, such as abuse etc., or that we blame ourselves for these circumstances. Because these reflections are more than just the surface level of “I create everything”. Spirituality, understanding the Law and the Promise, is not meant for us to stay at the surface level, it is meant for us to expand our awareness- to break through that surface level.

Blaming is perceiving things from fear and not unconditional love. Blaming keeps us in the state of seeing ourselves as small. It puts conditions on who we really are. The same acceptance and love that we readily give others when manifesting them, is the same we should accept for ourselves. Because when we do, we no longer assume we can possibly mess up the way we manifest our relationships with others. When I have an off moment, when I argue with my boyfriend or a family member, or react to something, I give myself that reassurance that I did not do something wrong. And they mirror that back to me almost immediately. I am seeing them for who they really are in the moment, because I am choosing to remember who I really am.

A lovely client of mine mentioned to me that when she feels she’s being very reactive to others, she asks herself, “what is the assurance that I need right now?”. Often times, when the other person is not immediately reflecting back to us what we would like to hear/see, it leads to fear based actions and reactions. Things such as overanalyzing what they are doing on social media, overthinking a text message, wondering what they are doing behind our backs and asking about it, reliving a past memory, wondering if it matters that we never met them or haven’t seen them in a year, trying to get attention from a place of force, and the list goes on. 

I think the question that my client asks herself is perfect, as it puts the attention back on ourselves and takes away our need for external validation. We can then start to place our focus on the fulfillment, rather than the illusion of lack. It also teaches us to trust ourselves, our desires and our capabilities more. What we do not depend our validation on, can also not take it away from us. In truth, nothing is ever being taken away, but when the illusion feels strong and convincing, it can feel like that.

Sometimes that assurance is reminding ourselves that it’s okay to be vulnerable, to release self judgement, to believe in the infinite possibilities and the power we carry, or whatever else you may specifically need in that moment. I reassure myself by reminding myself that my Godself is within me, that I am safe, secure and taken care of no matter what. People mirrored this back to me by being supportive, and of course I always feel taken care of by my lovely boyfriend!

Our perception of others and their behaviors or actions, is always filtered through the lens of our state in that moment. This perception is all it takes to shift realities, just as a recognition of the Truth is all it takes to see shifts in the 3D world. A constant perspective shift that is dominant, manifests a consistent foundation. Many people believe third parties are obstacles (I strongly dislike the term “third party”!). There cannot be a third person that stands in the way of our unfolding- no one ever is. This perception comes from a state of assuming something can be taken away from us, or that there is competition. When a desire comes upon me, I always like to remind myself that it benefits everyone involved, and then I focus on me.

A perspective that is rooted in the illusion- forgetting oneness and the Truth- is thrown off by the surface of the 3D world, which leads to unnecessary control of things that are not an issue. This also causes us to unconsciously give people roles in our lives that are on a deeper level not in alignment with who we are. It keeps us from seeing beyond the limited perception of the Ego. This does not allow us to evolve to our awakening, and it keeps us from experiencing who people truly are. God rests in the knowing of what everything means on a grander scale.

I personally don’t like changing the assumption of every single person by doing too many techniques, but I am not opposed to it because I understand different things work for everyone. I like to observe from the standpoint of my True Self and then recognize and remember the Truth. I like to feel the oneness between myself and the other person, and see things from unconditional love. For me, this manifests people reflecting back to me much quicker my desire. Sometimes I do affirm specific things for specific people, if I feel called to it at the time. Honor what feels right to you in any given moment. I have learned along my many years of studying and implementing the teachings of non-duality, that when I remember who I am, who the other person is, and believe I am one with my desires, that other people reflect this back to me much quicker, rather than through micromanaging or hyper focusing.

There is so much more I will write on this topic, as I want to dive deeper into explaining multi-solipsism and parallel realities, and how I view this in relation to everyone is you pushed out. However, what I have outlined here today is what I believe is the most important, and that we do not need to know the mechanics of how and why. 

I want to end this by reminding you that it is okay if it doesn’t always feel effortless and easy, because it won’t always feel like that, especially if you are only starting to dip your toes into it. Even if you aren’t a beginner, it might still feel tough at times, and that’s okay! I remind myself that there is no one on the outside judging me or keeping tabs on me. I also understand that not every circumstance/person can be looked at in this way immediately, and that’s also fine. I am a huge advocate for taking care of our own wellbeing first, as this is also manifesting as well as being part of the bridge to our desires and resurrecting to who we really are. 

Remember, nothing can take away from your desires or from yourself, or invalidate them. Follow what feels right to you <3

About Author

Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


  • Steve
    March 25, 2021 at 12:04 PM

    Thank you Jennifer for another amazing article. I appreciate all the content you guys put out on the site, it’s so helpful. So if you are trying to get to your SP back and there is a third person involved, what are ways to overcome that especially if thoughts keep unconsciously popping up in ur mind of your SP and 3rd person?

    Thank you,

    • Nea
      April 12, 2021 at 4:24 AM

      Focus your attention within and focus on yourself. You know how the feeling of love, attention, and connection feels and you always have access to those feelings. Do something you enjoy, take care of yourself first, and enjoy your life knowing that your desires are one with you. And pro tip: every desire already comes with its plan, so you don’t need to figure something out or force it, you just have to allow your desires to unfold on their own. Everything is taken care of!

  • KBRE
    March 25, 2021 at 9:18 PM

    LOVED THIS! Read this twice already and will probably read it again as each time I read your articles I pick up on something new.
    Quick clarification question: in the 11th paragraph last sentence where you discuss remembering what the reflection of the opposite behavior truly means. Can you expand on what it “truly means”? Am I correct in thinking it is an illusion based on old beliefs/feelings. which is why it is a non-issue? Thank you SM and can’t wait for our coaching session in a few weeks 🙂

  • Bhavna
    March 26, 2021 at 7:45 AM

    You are beautiful ? ? Jen inside and out. I love how you portray things and it resonates with me. ?❣️??

  • Carrie Thatcher
    March 27, 2021 at 1:23 AM

    I read this twice. My big take-away is the question “What is the assurance I need right now?” Even just saying it, an entire down load of life moments came to mind that demonstrated the power of the question. Thank you.

  • Tanya
    March 27, 2021 at 2:28 PM

    I found the other perspective lonely. This one really resonates with me and makes me feel happy ?

  • Elaine
    April 1, 2021 at 5:09 AM

    Yourself and Kriston are my absolute favourites. No one’s work resonates more and I’ve a read a lot over ten years and couldn’t stop searching. So so grateful to have found you.

    Thank you x

    • S. L
      May 10, 2021 at 6:11 AM

      Wait so what are your beliefs in the multiverse theory? Are you trying to say there is no separation from the 3d which is already dead? If so then that would make it seem like the 4d has the same significance as the 3d which would make it seem like the 4d isnt the most important part of out existence. Or are you saying that we through love affect the 3d? By love would that be though our consciousness since we ourselves are love? And when you say that we are all connected do you mean in terms that all states exist in the mind therefore exist within the universe or are you saying that we live in a shared universe and are all aware of eachother and other’s manifestations which would imply that we aren’t the sole creators of our own reality? I’m just a little confused, I think its because I tried to link your article on how everyone is you pushed out and this article together and some of the things seem a little contradictory. I’m just trying to understand, sorry if this comes off as rude in anyway <3


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