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Reader’s Submission: How I Manifest Money

We have been led to believe that we are just humans limited to this physical body. All of the suffering in life comes from only identifying yourself with this garment called the ‘body’. If you understand who you really are, then you will have a broader understanding of life and how it works.

Whether you will accept it or not, this truth cannot be denied that “you are a spiritual being having a temporary human experience”, and not the other way around. Your senses deny that you are more than your physical body, but when you have some kind of mystical experience, you will come to know that there is something more to life than what you currently believe.

I want to discuss one of the main issues that a lot of people are struggling with nowadays, and that is the topic of money. For our survival money is important. Money is nothing but an energy, a very divine spiritual energy. Once you truly understand who you really are, then manifesting money becomes a game which you will play without worrying so much. Understand this now, that you are a spiritual being and money is also a spiritual energy. You both are essentially one.

People generally carry negative beliefs about money from their childhoods. These beliefs are not theirs, but borrowed from their parents, teachers and other people. Because of this, over time people develop their behaviors on the basis of beliefs which repels money instead of manifesting it.

I am going to share with you a powerful technique to manifest money fast, which has worked for me every time.

A year ago I had the desire for Rs 1500/-. It is a very small amount, and I don’t know how I determined this amount, but I wanted it, so I started to count the money in my imagination (I used Rs 500/- denomination currency). Within the next two days, a colleague of mine asked me whether or not I could help her file her friend’s tax return, and I said yes. I filed her return and was paid Rs 1,500/- because of the small work involved. I received the cash three days after doing my imaginal act. I imagined only once. With my imagination, I manifested a client who paid me Rs 1500/-.

We all know that imagination creates reality. Some people may not believe this to be true, but even if they do not believe, this creative power will continue to work either knowingly or unknowingly. So why not take conscious control of this creative power and use it to manifest the money that we desire. Neville puts a lot of emphasis on using your imagination and becoming faithful to it.

Here is my technique:

  1. Decide exactly how much money you desire.
  2. Before falling asleep each night, take some currency, which is the highest in the denomination. For example, in India the highest denomination currency is Rs 2000/-, so I would take that. Take as much as you have.
  3. Now concentrate on smelling the money, and feeling the touch of how it feels to hold it. See the money, its color and texture. Now start counting the money, and as you are counting, give thanks. Feel the gratitude of having it, and now place this money under your pillow knowing that it will be doubled once you wake up. Don’t feel silly, as it will surely get doubled, if not instantly, but certainty.
  4. Take seven comfortable and deep breaths, and then count down from 50 to 1 slowly, repeating in your mind and focusing on your breath. If your mind wanders then bring it back, don’t worry.
  5. In your imagination, see yourself holding the same currency, which you have just held before laying down. Now feel the touch of how it feels to hold this money. See the money, its color and texture, and now start counting the money.
  6. Repeat step 5 over and over again until you fall asleep in that state.

Keep your faith strong and don’t worry about how you will receive the money. You should focus only on feeling the reality of your wish fulfilled.

Feel free to share your experience using the above exercise with me at

About The Author

From an early age, Jacky Rajgor was deeply interested in the Bhagvad Geeta, Vedas, Upanishads and other Hinduism books, and was deeply interested in knowing who he really was. What is the purpose of life? The journey began again some years ago in the search of the ultimate truth. After having some mystical experiences, his interest in learning about consciousness and the nature of reality increased drastically. Like other people, he has also read countless books, watched many seminars, and practiced many things in the past. For some reason he stumbled upon Neville’s teachings, and all of the other teachings that he had learned in the past made sense to him. After learning so much knowledge, he has the burning desire to share it with everyone so that they can also benefit. He is not a famous author or a philosopher, but he is a common man just like everyone else who practices the principles which gave him great results.

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