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Manifesting A Specific Person & Changing Their Behavior

This is my success story on how I manifested a specific person, and how I was able to completely, and I mean COMPLETELY, change his behaviors in less than 6 months. I also want to preface this by stating that I could’ve manifested this change, much quicker, had I been more consistent with my self-love and Neville’s teachings, and did it for the right reasons. However, I was quite hot and cold with everything, hence why I attracted a hot and cold relationship. Once I decided I would really dedicate myself to this, it only took 3 weeks.

In October of 2018 we met while working together at JFK airport. Our workplace is important because it plays a huge role in our relationship. I had been saying self love affirmations before meeting him as a way to boost my self confidence, having been working around so many people. I had absolutely no intention of finding a boyfriend anytime soon. But the affirmations were obviously working, hence why I attracted my SP.

Fast forward about 2 weeks into our “relationship”. I stopped working on my self love and things started going downhill really FAST. I suddenly became very clingy and also paranoid that he was with other girls or looking at other girls at the workplace. I started accusing him of things constantly, and we were always arguing. I would always listen to his problems and give him advice. I would buy him small gifts and stay back after work to see him when I got off early. Yet when he got off of work early, he never stayed back to see me. He didn’t reciprocate these things. I also started realizing how he refused to take me on a date. Whenever I mentioned it, he would either casually change the conversation or tell me he “wanted to get to know me first”, (just at work or through texting, but never on a date).

I eventually confronted him about it and he asked for us to take a break so he could figure things out. This was a month into our “relationship” by the way. It was at this point that I came to my sister for help and that is when she introduced me to Neville Goddard and Agnes Vivarelli, who is a follower of Neville, and emphasizes the importance of self love when in a relationship.

I hadn’t fully understood Neville’s teachings, so I stuck to only listening to self love meditations, mostly with the goal to get my specific person back. About a few days after our break, he texted me and we “got back together”. I stopped working on myself again and things started getting worse a week later. I had a friend who was a supervisor, who actually got me the job, and who worked for the same company as my SP and I. Him and my SP apparently knew one another, but didn’t like each other due to some strange love triangle between the two of them, and my SP’s ex girlfriend falling for my friend about a year prior to me entering the picture.

My supervisor friend basically explained to me how my SP cheated on his ex girlfriend even though my SP told me it was the other way around. I confronted him that same evening and I asked him to be honest with me, in which he said “I don’t want a relationship with you”. He also confessed to still having feelings for his ex girlfriend, and implied that he turned to me for comfort to distract himself from her, essentially as a rebound.

I was extremely heartbroken, but he said he still wanted a chance in the future to be serious with me, so we decided to go on another break. If things didn’t seem bad enough, we still had to see each other at work. On top of that, other coworkers that I had never even seen in my time working there, had been popping up left and right, telling me about my person’s reputation at the airport. They told me stories about him wooing all the new girls, only for him to drop their pants and leave them. Everywhere I looked, everywhere I turned, everyone was telling me to stay away from my SP. My SP himself told me that he was “no good for me”.

At this time I was just starting to get into Neville’s teachings, and so I worked my hardest at ignoring my outside senses. I started working on my self-love again, but, this time I was doing it with the intention to love myself. I told myself that I deserve this. That I at least owe it to myself to love all of me for ME, not for anyone else. Surely enough, after a week we started talking again, however we weren’t back together. We continued to talk as friends and I continued to work on myself.

Things started popping up AGAIN that was contradicting my desire. The same supervisor friend from work, told me that my SP had a different girlfriend before we met and I wasn’t sure if he was still with her. I confronted him about it and he said it was over between them. At this time my SP also got fired from his job and now there was no way of me being able to see him. During the last week of November, while talking to him on the phone, he mentioned he was going on a vacation to Fiji for two weeks, in early December, with another girl.

I made the intention that he wasn’t going to Fiji because I said so. I also want to note that during this time, I started to familiarize myself with Neville’s revision technique, as well as with the concept of everyone is you pushed out. After our phone call, I cut him off completely for 3 weeks. I assured myself that he wasn’t going on a trip with another girl, and only focused on working on myself, and living in the end of having an amazing relationship with him.

During this period I avoided social media, but my supervisor friend decided to show me my SP’s Instagram. He showed me a recent picture posted by my SP, with the “new” girlfriend that he said he was no longer with, months before we met. I was furious, but despite that, I ignored it and continued to persist. I revised seeing the picture without the girl in it, and that it was just him.

About three weeks after our heated phone call, I felt inspired to text him. That’s when things between us started to completely shift. I affirmed that “I AM deeply missed” and he told me how much he missed me. He finally asked me to be his girlfriend, and wanted a commitment, and he finally asked me to go on a date. He admitted to not going to Fiji after all. I asked him about the photo from Instagram and he apologized and took it down.

My revision worked! Fast forward to January, and he started to become more affectionate and romantic towards me. We were calling each other cute pet names, and sending each other romantic text messages (yes, with those cute emojis LOL). It is now early April, and he is absolutely head over heels, madly in love with me. I know for a fact that I’m the only girl in his life. People, like my supervisor friend, and others who used to reflect the part of me that doubted my SP’s faithfulness, have completely left my life and I’m more than okay with that.

I get texts after texts, saying things like “I miss you baby”, “I need my girlfriend”, “I love you baby” etc. In fact, this morning at exactly 1:43 am, I received a text message saying “I miss you”. He’s mentioned wanting a future with me and says how cute it would be for us to have a baby together. He’s says things like “I want you and only you”. I affirmed that he always wants to make sure I’m okay and literally two minutes later, I get a text saying “it’s okay babe are you okay?”. I affirmed that he is so understanding, and I get a text a half hour later saying “It’s okay babe I understand.” I affirmed “I AM craved”, then I get a text saying “I’m always craving you”.

When we first met he was quite the club goer and he drank an awful lot. He would even call me at midnight drunk while driving, having just come out of the club. I obviously hated that with a passion, so I decided to affirm that he no longer goes to clubs and he rarely, if ever, drinks. Since affirming that, he hasn’t gone to a single club, since New Years, and to my knowledge he hasn’t been drinking. He has only been focused on work and bettering our relationship.

Although everyone has their own techniques that work for them, affirmations have worked WONDERS for me. I also want to mention that I rarely, if ever, visualized. I mostly just used I AM affirmations followed by whatever I wanted to hear. Working on my self love and changing my core beliefs was my way of changing my concept of myself. Neville stresses the importance of changing the concept of oneself because everyone is YOU pushed out. So you MUST change yourself and not the other person. Otherwise, it’ll be a temporary fix to a deep seeded issue that must be fixed by looking within.

I had all the odds stacked against me time and time again, but I kept pushing no matter how exhausted I was. I didn’t want to give up on my relationship, even though it was tempting at times to just drop him and move on with someone else.

I want to make sure that everyone knows how important, ignoring your outside senses are. I repeat YOU MUST IGNORE. I know how hard it is and how exhausted you are. I know that at times you just want to give up, especially when you see people in such amazing relationships that you desperately want to have with your SP. But Neville says to PERSIST, PERSIST, PERSIST!I’ve completely changed my SP and my relationship, and we’re just getting started. I am optimistic for our future together and I hope every single one of you get to the place that I am in now, by realizing the power you have within you.

I did not go searching for success stories online. I did not spend hours (or even minutes), watching YouTube videos on “How To Manifest Your EX Back”. I didn’t vent on social media. I didn’t vent to anyone. I didn’t stalk him on social media. I didn’t look for new techniques or wondered if I was doing something wrong. I just let go of resistance and lived my life. I lived completely in the end. When you are actually living in the end, you wouldn’t feel the need to do those things anymore. Because you know your person is already yours. When you do these things, when you click on those videos, etc., you are actually accepting and acknowledging that you have an ex or that there is a third party. If doubts came up, or if I felt like I was “checking” for texts, I simply re-affirmed my affirmations or watched a funny video. My affirmations mostly focused on changing my concept of myself, and loving who I really am.

I also want to note, DO NOT micromanage. Forget about attracting a text or a phone call. GO STRAIGHT TO THE END ONLY. A text message doesn’t guarantee a healthy, long lasting, faithful relationship. But if you imagine yourself in a loving relationship with your specific person– the texts, phone calls and dates will naturally follow. So many people have had success and you CAN NOT, and WILL NOT be the exception. Please remember that. I wish you all the best with your relationships and I hope you all find the love and happiness you deserve.

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