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Reader’s Submission: Curing Others Through Imagination

Success Story 1: Depression

In the middle of May 2019, I imagined for a friend to overcome depression (that persisted for weeks). She knew not of any obvious reason, but hormones. Overnight she (my friend) told me that she was back to normal and feeling good. I was amazed and didn’t acknowledge it was a result of my one time imagination (for a few seconds to a minute), until she insisted it was the case, as she hadn’t shared her state with anyone else.

“Use your imagination lovingly on behalf of another”

– Neville Goddard

Success Story 2: Brain-Dead

I learnt from a colleague a week ago, that another colleague’s sister-in-law (an 18yr old) was hospitalized, had gone into Coma and was declared brain dead by the doctors. The doctor’s apparently suggested that they’d wait another 3-5 days, and if they saw no improvement then they’d have to pull the plug. I imagined (for 3-4 days) hearing the patient’s brother-in-law (my colleague), saying “she has recovered and is back home now”. He has a voice that sounds like a perpetual sore throat and that made it easy for me to hear him in my imagination. On July 8th, 2019, I was told that she has been discharged, is back home, and is absolutely normal.

My happiness knew no bounds!

Thank you to the Goddess within me, to Neville Goddard and all you Goddesses (The Neville’s Student’s team) who teach and inspire me, on an ongoing basis.

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A management professional, and an avid blogger, Lasika enjoys traveling and exploring planet earth. She is now learning to identify her Godself, thus doing away with limiting beliefs and living the life of a conscious creator.

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