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Rethinking the Role of the Mind in Conscious Manifesting

Many of us have stumbled upon conscious manifesting, particularly the works of Neville Goddard, when we were faced with gripping circumstances. Whether it be a job we cannot seem to get, a lover we cannot seem to have, or a life we just cannot reach; all these causes a sense of desperation within us that ultimately, lead us to turn to the realm of spirituality.

Neville Goddard teaches us that the power is within us. That the Divine is US. When I refer to the Divine, I mean the power within you. It’s simply for the sake of conceptualization that I will refer to you and the Divine as two separate entities. We go beyond our physical bodies, our minds, our feelings. Underneath it all, there lies Consciousness that encompasses all. Everything is that Consciousness, and we can observe this consciousness through our assumptions. Many refer to it as God, the universe, Source. Irrespective of the labels, however, it is the animator of the reality that we perceive through our human senses.

We are this animator. We are Consciousness experiencing itself. There is no separation because there is only you. When I say you, I do not mean the body you see in the mirror, or the name you’ve given yourself. Your personalities, your hobbies, or your fears. I mean you as in the Divine entity that so many of us have understood to exist outside of us.

It is completely understandable that despite recognising, or even just conceptualising said power, we tend to continue to conform to the long-accepted beliefs we had. The illusions of separation, time, and lack continue to act as the driving force of how we perceive our world. We perceive this power within through the lens of those illusions. We go from not being aware of our power at all, to viewing our power as a conditional achievement that we must work hard to fulfil. We doubt, we deny, we react, we go from blissfully believing to completely losing faith. However, throughout all this, we are still Consciousness. (I say this in the most loving way possible because it can seem difficult to throw away all these illusions so easily. After all, we’ve held onto these beliefs for decades).

Therefore, I want to invite everyone to re-examine the human mind in the Law of Assumption.

Many may argue that it is through our MIND that we observe our divinity. This is a misconception. The mind is the realm of perception. However, it is not the divine. It is the home to our senses and how we process them. The power within us is far beyond this. It is not the mind, and it is not the senses.

I first want to discuss what the mind is.

In our minds, lives logic and linearity. Our minds house our traumas, the beliefs that we adopted from what we have observed up until this point. It accepts that there will always be lack before fulfilment, because that is what makes sense to us up until that point. We believe that we can only ever understand how something comes about if we see a step-by-step process. Of course, we will think this way when we trust only what we are seeing. However, we struggle to recognise the source of what we see. This is what the mind does.

Therefore, when we first begin our journey, we act desperate in some sorts. We feel the need to track every thought and flip it the moment we think something we don’t like. We feel the urge to write out pages of mindless words, hoping that our desires materialize right in front of us. We feel the urge to argue with the person, stare at the rejection letter, plead, cry, scream and fight. We even talk into cups of water and drink it, hoping that it somehow shifts our state of being. We feel the need to do and do, until we have exhausted ourselves with minimal results. Again, we have filtered the Divine through the lens of logic, linearity and lack.

When we discover the concept of conscious manifestation, we immediately turn to our mind to help us conceptualise it. However, with our mind, follows the limits of logic and reason that we have grown up to filter our experiences through. We attempt to grasp a limitless concept in a limited framework, so of course it will seem difficult, strenuous, and confusing. When we rely so heavily on our logical mind, what we are inadvertently doing is trying to do is make the infinite a finite thing. We think that what we want, or who we want to be, is once again, an achievement. Something we must work hard for. We allow ourselves to be dictated by the limited, even after realising that everything is limitless. We are trying to understand one thing through the opposite of that thing.

I’ve repeated myself multiple times in order to emphasise how important it is to recognise that what we think, or feel, is not in any way, shape, or form, a ‘block’ to getting what we want.

This isn’t an encouragement to condemn the mind or to never think thoughts again. This is intended to serve as a reassurance that all those doubts, fears, and questions that your MIND conjures up, has nothing to do with whether you’ll get your desires. It has nothing to do with the ‘time lag’ of your desires. Your negative thoughts will not drive anything away.

I want to emphasise what the mind ACTUALLY is in conscious manifesting.

The mind is important in the role of manifesting and the divine. It serves as a device for us to recognise what we want; what it is we want to project onto our realities. And this is a beautiful thing. Without our minds, we could never lovingly feel our achievements, or even our pain. However, this is the scope in which your mind can process the Divine.

We are not the mind or the seeming duality it conjures up. When we recognise that we are beyond the limitations we have imposed of ourselves, the things we see no longer phase us because we are aware it serves a higher purpose. When we see something that seems to be going the complete opposite, or when we see lack, it is once again, our mind attempting to rationalise our perceptions. The Divine does not do this. The Divine is already encompassing what we truly want in this life, our desires and hopes. So, any circumstance is completely irrelevant because our higher selves see it as nothing more than a little bump in the road.

I assume when you drive, and your car jolts a bit, you don’t immediately wallow or cry in agony because you suddenly think you wouldn’t get to your destination. When there is a traffic light, you do not assume that you will not end up where you want to be. This is the exact way your higher self sees all the seeming ‘opposite’ results or otherwise ‘lack’ of movement.

We are allowed to feel the pain of what we see; we are allowed to let our fears and doubts arise because that allows for us to savour the seeming ‘good.’ We cannot observe love without observing pain, we cannot observe the having of something without observing the lack of it. However, these are all observations, and are occurring in the mind. And as we established before, our true power goes beyond this.

Next time there is a moment of wavering faith, a doubt, a breakdown, a seemingly solid circumstance that seems like it’s blocking all that you want, be still. Recognise that the pain you feel is not scorn from the Divine or seeming bad luck. It is perfect in its likeness. The Divine has already accepted all that you want, it is a gift that is being made and it is yours alone. Nothing can ever take that from you.

Remind yourself lovingly that the mind is not a cruel evil thing that is attempting to sabotage your desires. That your negative thoughts are ruining your manifestations. This is false. Nothing is ruined because it already exists within the Divine, and where does the Divine exist? Within you. You can never lose what is already within you; what is you. You are all there is, and you are all there ever will be.

Remember this and observe how wonderfully things unfold for you. Remember, your desires are always unfolding.

About the Author

Once rediscovering her true Self, Aluvia seeks to share her understandings of the Law, as well as continue to discover the true effortlessness of it. She loves drawing and public speaking, and aspires to be a spiritual writer one day. 


  • Ann
    June 18, 2022 at 4:05 PM

    This is all so confusing to me that I cried.

    I just don’t get it (Neville’s teachings and the Law of Assumption).

    Assumptions are thoughts. We create thoughts with our minds.

    If our thoughts create our reality, then how can we not be concerned about our negative thoughts? How can negative thoughts not affect our manifestations?

    Aren’t the negative thoughts reflections of our state (from which manifestation occurs)?

    If we will always get good manifestations no matter what we think and feel (because we are DIvine) then why does anyone ever manifest any thing or experience that they don’t want? And why did Neville offer techniques to control our minds and thoughts?

    • Sergey
      June 19, 2022 at 12:07 AM

      Ann, you cannot “get it”. Nobody can. When you say “I don’t get it” it is the confession that a part (your mind) cannot understand the whole (the Divine, who you really are). Well, it cannot and it says it – “I can’t”. So, there is a kind of a “report” which is thought of or pronounced. But the thing is You are not the one who is reporting. You are the One who hears the report, aren’t you? Or, better, You are the One in whom all this reporting ( “I don’t get it”) and hearing is happening. Turn away from the voice “I don’t get it” to the Hearer. This is what Neville (and not only him) tells us to do. And then… You will see that the same Hearer is also the source of the voice. And because it is so, it = the source = You = I can say anything and do anything and manifest anything, freely and joyfully.

    • Aluvia
      June 19, 2022 at 11:43 PM

      Hi Ann,
      Thank you for reading my article and taking time to comment. I’m sorry that my article confused you and made you feel frustrated. Before I give my insight to your questions, I want to remind you that you are completely allowed to dismiss whatever you feel does not resonate with you. Our reality is our own, and you are in charge of what resonates with you and what doesn’t.

      In my opinion, conscious manifestation is not just the manipulation of ‘thought.’ In my article, I stated that the mind is only the realm of perception, and thoughts included. We perceive either the lack of something, or the fulfilment of it, however, IT already exists within You (the Divine). What I believe Sergey was trying to convey is that your humanity is the identity in which the Divine (which is You) has projected itself onto. Thoughts are also formed through the identity you have worn for yourself.

      Assumptions are a thing that is ‘accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof.’ Meaning that an assumption is not just a thought, but a deeper knowing. This deeper knowing is accompanied with a feeling, which is why Goddard places emphasis on ‘the feeling is the secret.’

      Manifestation is the projection of what already is, on a screen we call reality. We can project these things through an inner knowing. Which can be considered a state, but it goes beyond that. All states are accessible to us, and it is constantly fluctuating. Jennifer has an article called ‘How to shift into a state and stay there.’ It talks of how every single state is of the Divine, and that even though we seemingly manifest good things even in a ‘bad state of being’, it is because we operate from an inner knowing, that irrespective of whatever state you’re in, things will work out for you.

      Of course, it is lovely to be in a ‘good’ state of being, but this is not possible for us to be in all the time. We will sometimes think negative thoughts, I’ve consciously created plenty of lovely things, but I know my thoughts were not always perfect. It is because I had a deeper KNOWING, which again, transcends thoughts. My article was intended to reassure people that even though they may be thinking negatively, or having doubts, that this does not mean they are failing or ruining anything. It was intended to let people know they are allowed to have off moments, and be gentle with themselves.

      When you ask ‘why do bad things happen’, I will be honest with you. I don’t know. I don’t know why, sometimes, even if we are in a good state of being, we wake up with off feelings, or something goes seemingly south. That is not up to us to figure out. It is a trusting that even though the mind may perceive an opposition of things, that we should be gentle with ourselves, rather than turning to blame our negative thoughts or our off moments. I consciously manifested getting into a very competitive degree, and I had previously failed a subject in high school, which showed up in my report card. Did it suck? Absolutely. But I realise now that I had to drop out of said subject in order for my final score to fit the requirement for the degree. I performed far better than I would have had I not dropped out. It is not a matter of managing every single step on the journey, but an inner trust that things are always working out for you.

      Again, I am sorry if my article did not resonate with you. I am still learning, and have simply shared the reassurances I needed to hear when I was beginning my journey. However, I encourage you to introspect, and figure out what works for you. Your reality is yours alone.

      • Ann
        July 4, 2022 at 7:20 PM

        Hi Aluvia.

        Thanks for responding.

        There is no need to apologize. No harm was done.

        I too am still learning and articles like yours are actually quite helpful because they do “encourage me to introspect and figure out what works”.

        I am in a much better place now than I was two weeks ago when I first read your article. The frustration and fear that I felt after reading your article forced me to acknowledge my lack of trust. I was still living in fear and that’s why the tears came so easily.

        So thank you for sharing.

    • Samara
      July 4, 2022 at 1:51 PM

      I think what’s it’s really about is – yes, your negative thoughts get in the way if you LET them. If you don’t let them, they do not get in the way. Relaxing a bit more about the role your mind plays in manifesting is ONE tool to not let your negative thoughts get in the way.

  • Ann
    June 19, 2022 at 10:20 AM

    Hi Sergey.

    Thank you for taking the time to respond to my comment.

    Since we are divine we can “say anything and do anything and manifest anything freely and joyfully”? Well then isn’t that proof that our thoughts don’t create? How can some thoughts have creative power while some thoughts have no creative power, if thoughts create?

    There is a student of Neville Goddard who is still alive and sharing his teachings on the internet. This person does not teach that negative thoughts are not a problem. Quite the opposite. He continually reminds us that our thoughts should be “of lovely report”, because our thoughts create our reality.

    So if negative thoughts are present, then even if we manifest what we want, won’t we also manifest what we don’t want?

    For example, a person can certainly manifest money (which was desired) and a disease (which was feared and undesired) at the same time, right?

    There are Neville followers who say that, since we are god, we can create the assumption that our negative thoughts and fears have no creative power and cannot manifest. What do you think about this assumption? Do you think it is really that simple? I don’t recall that from any of Neville’s work, but is it possible that Neville (and others) make it harder than it really is because of their own limiting beliefs?

  • Sergey
    June 19, 2022 at 5:00 PM

    Before everything else. The most important question is “Who am I?” Unless it is found out, anything else is just ego-satisfying murmur. You say “since we are divine”. Well, we are not. Unless you buy the pearl, as Neville says. Unless there is death of your small self, serving Caeser.
    You must be 100% honest with yourself. When you say “I”, who pronounces it? The Divine? Not Ann, but the Divine? Will you bet your life on that? Have you sold all your other beliefs and opinions about yourself and bought the Pearl? Or you are just pretending, because Ann wants this and that and she heard that announcing that “we are the divine” will help her to get all these fance things for her? What was your resurrection? Again, who is talking? Am I talking to God? Can you confirm without any doubt?
    The other side of the question is “what is this world about?” Do you REALLY see it not as things out there, but as a mirror? A mirror of something that come from inside of you? Not intellectually, not willingly so when hearing something talking like that on youtube, but really so? Do you live it this way, seeing every second the world as 4D of yourself and nothing else?
    These are the prerequisites for manifestation. You cannot change some bumpy “things out there” with your thought. No way. Everyone knows it. You can act freely only on what you are yourself. Quite plain. So, you need to know who you are and what does this “world” have to do with what you are. And it is the greatest inner transformation, without which it is just a fraud and lucky coincidences.
    Manifestation is a kind of magic, from a “secular” point of view. But to create magic you yourself must be a magician. You cannot just step up on a stage and expect that you repeat magician actions and pigeons will fly from all places. No, you train yourself to be a magician, and here it means a revolution in your consciousness. Buy the pearl first. Without that nothing makes sense.

    • Ann
      June 19, 2022 at 5:58 PM

      Hi Sergey.

      You don’t know anything about me but you assume that I am trying to manifest “fancy things”?

      If we are always the only creators of our reality, then it follows that we are always “divine”. Because “Ann” does not have the ability to create anything–good or bad–without god consciousness.

      If I am not divine when I create the reality I don’t want, then that means there is another power–other than the god consciousness–that has creative power. This is actually what traditional Christianity teaches–God vs Satan, with Satan being the power responsible for bad things and God being the power responsible for good things.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond. You did not answer any of my questions. I feel that your response was insulting and condescending and I do not want to continue to communicate with you.

      • Sergey
        June 20, 2022 at 8:38 AM

        Take it as a little test for your Divinity, Ann. A hint: God never gets insulted. Nor does even a man if he does not want to be. A small “i” is the one who reacts for any reasons it finds, but it is powerless to manifest, by definition. Who do YOU want to be?
        As for your questions. The secret is not to get answers, but to ask right questions. “Who am I?” is one of the best, as it goes straight to the source of all other questions and answers them.
        Be still (try not to get insulted when you are getting help in the form of not so much fancy things) and know that I am God (ask yourself “Who am I?”). Good luck in your journey.

        • Ann
          June 21, 2022 at 9:33 AM

          Why are you being antagonistic?

          If you do not want to answer my questions, then do not respond at all. I did not post a reply to argue with you or anyone else.

          Who are you to decide what questions I or anyone else should ask?

          I don’t need your wishes of good luck because I am divine. I create my reality–luck is irrelevant. If you really understood Neville’s teachings, you would know that there is no such thing as luck.

  • Ann
    July 5, 2022 at 11:03 AM

    Hi Samara.

    Can you explain more how you personally “don’t let” your negative thoughts get in the way?

    Also, what do you mean by “relaxing a bit more about the role the mind plays in manifesting”? Because as I understand it, one’s state of mind is most important in manifesting, whether it is conscious or unconscious manifesting.

  • Samara
    July 5, 2022 at 12:11 PM

    Hi Ann,

    It’s basically about using your mind to think about your mind in a way that relaxes your mind (lol). The thought “your state of mind is the most important thing” is personally stressful to me. On the flipside, the thought “my thoughts don’t matter” is also stressful because I don’t buy it (sounds like that one is stressful to you too).

    Just play around with different thoughts until you find one that relaxes you. I personally like “I am in the reality where my wish is fulfilled.” It doesn’t try to convince me that I have what I want right now, or even that my state is where it needs to be right now, but I can believe that my current state will somehow, some way, lead me to the correct state and my desire. Meaning – I don’t have to change my state or know how it will change, but I trust that it will.

    You don’t have to deny that your mind is important, but there are lots of ways to think about your mind that are acknowledging that truth while also relaxing. And relaxing will allow you to drop resistance to the belief that your desire is yours.

    • Ann
      July 21, 2022 at 10:55 AM

      Hi Samara.

      This was very helpful.
      Thank you for sharing.

  • Bianca
    July 11, 2022 at 2:46 PM

    How beautyful is this. THANK YOU


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