Neville’s teachings have taught me that a desire is more than just something we yearn for. He taught me that all desires stem from God, and that by judging any of them, I am not accepting a part of my divine being. He also reminds us that our imagination is the gift of God. Our desires are us, because they have never been separate from us. Having the desire means completion itself. This is why we are reminded time and time again that creation is finished, because the desire is part of who we are already. It has never been something separate. 

The yearning and questioning of a desire is only to have us recognize our true power to our fullest potential. Desiring eventually transcends to feeling it as part of your being, when you remember you are already one with them. This is what living in the end and embodying your desires help with. To help you eventually remember that you have never been lacking the desires you’re yearning for.

“If I want something, I know the desire comes from the Father, because all thought springs from Him. Having given me the urge, I thank Him for fulfilling it. Then I walk by faith, in confidence that he who gave it to me through the medium of desire will clothe it in bodily form for me to encounter in the flesh. 

Don’t get in the habit of judging and criticizing, seeing only unlovely things. You have a life – live it nobly. It is so much easier to be noble, generous, loving, and kind, than to be judgmental. If others want to do so, let them. 

They are an aspect of yourself that you haven’t overcome yet, but don’t fall into that habit. Simply thank your heavenly Father over and over and over again, because in the end, when the curtain comes down on this wonderful drama, the supreme actor will rise from it all and you will know that you are He.”

Neville Goddard

The question of whether something is possible or not, or whether free will matters, then becomes a non-issue. How can we question any of these things, if having the desire itself already means completion? Everything is God, everything is consciousness, everything is imagination. We are one with every person, thing and experience. When you question whether someone’s free will, will interfere with your desire, you are automatically separating it from yourself. This way of thinking comes from the many years of denying ourselves of what we truly desire. Maybe in fear of it being selfish, going wrong or that it may be taken away from us. 

The role of a desire is to not make us feel like we are lacking or missing something from ourselves, but to remind us that we are infinite and complete. To remember that the things we want really badly are a part of our entire existence. You are the desire, the desire is you. God rests in the knowing that there is no need to micromanage the state we are in, or every emotion, feeling and thought, because we are already one with our desires. You are one with the person you are manifesting. It isn’t about making them feel the same way but about remembering the oneness between you both and the love you both are.

One of the reasons we come into conscious manifestation is to get something, and for most of us it’s a specific person. Maybe you have argued with them in the past and things ended on a rough note, or maybe you have never met your ideal person. Maybe there is a circumstance on the outside that you feel is hard to ignore. When we think the desire is something separate from us, and therefore something we have to strive for, these past/current circumstances will feel like things we need to control. You might feel like you need to analyze not only every thing the person is doing/saying (or not doing/saying), but also your own self. But, this is still doing something to get somewhere. When in actuality, the desire is right here in the present moment, and you’re only meant to be here and observe how things unfold.

The destination to your desires is in the present moment and free will is not an issue. You may be thinking, “but Jen, I am here in the present moment and I do not see my desire!”. We aren’t manifesting from our logical human self, we are manifesting from our subconscious, from that infinite limitless self. Your Ego wants to tell you the desire is not here yet, but your Godself understands exactly how all of what you are seeing, feeling and experiencing is perfectly a part of the desire manifesting. All a part of the divine plan. The wonderful paradox is that when you feel this completion within you, things manifest fully very rapidly! This is how I choose to manifest my desires. And we feel the completion within by focusing our attentions back on ourselves.

When a desire comes upon me, I remember that it is a real reality that exists within me, not outside of me.  As Neville has said, the desire comes from the Father and as you know now, the Father is not separate from us, it is us! It is who we really are. How can free will then be an issue? How can anything be an issue if the desire comes from the wholeness, oneness and completion that we already are? You may fall for the illusion that you are not where you need to be, or that you need to strive, which will only continue to keep us in the midst of a very convincing illusion.  

Neville tells us that the desire will be clothed in a bodily form for us to encounter in the flesh. To me this is very important, as it is a subtle reminder that manifestation is not creating from thin air, but bringing something which already exists into our view- into a physical form. We are merely taking that which already is a part of us (the desire), into a bodily form to experience in the 3D. This is exactly what a part of the human experience is about. The desire is waiting for you to give life to it in a bodily form, not the other way around.

You may think you are influencing or manipulating someone, or making them love you, but this way of thinking only further enforces separation and feelings of being loveless. When we remember we are one with our desires, we bring ourselves back to the feeling of wholeness and completion, to non-separation. There is nothing to be changed or controlled from this place, but only a being. A being with everything and everyone, and an understanding that the desire is in all of the pieces we think are broken, including ourselves. This is why every moment is part of the process. The next time you feel like you are reaching for your desires or are questioning the other person, remember that you are one with your desire. Feel it in your being and remember that it doesn’t benefit anyone if you deny yourself something you truly desire.

About Author

Jennifer is a freelance writer currently working on her first fiction novel. Living in the labyrinth of New York City, she has learnt to use the Law in every aspect of her life to awaken the Godself within her. Her aim is to spread this beautiful knowledge to others so they may also find peace and love within.


  • Patty Hawley
    February 12, 2021 at 11:21 AM

    This article touches on the keystone of Neville’s teachings – Hear O’ Israel the Lord our God is ONE! There is only God (I AM) here in this 3D dream world manifested as ALL forms including all of humanity. The journey is in Consciousness from the idea along with all of its self-concepts, thoughts, feelings and beliefs of being a limited human being TO the remembrance that you were God the whole time because God (Consciousness) is ONE and INDIVISIBLE. God completely emptied Himself to become us (give us life), so we must completely empty ourselves of being a limited human so that we can live FROM the idea of already being a Spiritual Being one with God having a human experience. This is why Neville told us to drop all false human beliefs. It is a journey, so just notice where you are within Consciousness while also KNOWING that you are LOVE – God made manifest in human form. I love the way you write, Jen – you nailed this one! Love you to infinity and beyond….xoxo

  • Bhavna
    February 12, 2021 at 1:26 PM

    I love you ❤️ ? Jen. Absolutely, upto the point. Thank you so much for posting this. You are the best Nevillite which resonates with me fully.

  • Bhavna
    February 12, 2021 at 1:57 PM

    This line – it’s doesn’t benefit anyone if you deny something you desire. It just got nailed inside me.

    • Avinash
      November 6, 2021 at 12:09 AM

      Hi Bhavna. This got nailed inside me too.
      Feels like a movement within me. Letting go of the concept that things and desires come to me, instead it is part of us.

  • Agnetha
    February 13, 2021 at 3:37 AM

    Hi Jennifer, what a wonderful article. It really has only expanded my understanding and in so greatful for it. I am hoping u can clarify something for me please. I’m married and I have a little girl. My husband is a good man but the last couple of years have been rough because he has no clue how to talk to a person. He treats me like I’m his child and speaks to me in the same manner constantly trying to better me because apparently to him I’m broken or in need of bettering even though the things he wants to fix in me isn’t even a problem. So going back, I didn’t know what I wanted when he asked me to marry him because I noted some of his ways I didn’t like but thought I could get use to because I lived him. Till after the wedding I still had so many doubts about it but due to many old beliefs I stayed as i was a born again Christian with an obligation to stick to the vows I made before God. After being with my husband for over 10 years, I am so over it. I dont even have the desire to change the way I see him. This is what gets me. Since I technically created this version of him, surely I should desire to save my marriage but I don’t. Instead, I now have a desire to be with someone else. I don’t even know the person! I feel stuck. I keep thinking of the story of Moses and how God hardened the heart ofthe Pharoah. I just don’t want to fool myself into thinking this is right out of fear of losing what I have now. Like I said my husband is a good man and he takes very good care of us. It also worries me how this will all play out. I feel guilty for thinking and believing that I’m allowed better. I’m allowed an SP that loves me for me and treats me like the queen I am. But why don’t I desire then to just be with my husband? Do u think it would change if I tried harder to see him in a different light and see him as the person I need? Or should I just live in the knowing its all done and allow things to play out the way they are supposed to knowing all things work out for me no matter what. I feel like trying and wanting to be in control is my problem right now. Any advice in this regard would be helpful. Thanks in advance

    • Angie
      February 26, 2021 at 8:23 PM

      I can identify with your story sister. I married not knowing who I was with very low self esteem not wanting to be a single mother. Basically all the wrong reasons! Also a born again Christian I was taught you do not divorce lol. We are just on different planets or frequencies and towards the end of my marriage, we did divorce, I manifested a man into my life experience. Did not plan on having feelings but it was almost instant. Our interactions got complicated bc he tried to stay away out of respect for the marriage but we were powerfully drawn to each other and had to fight our feelings and manage our interaction trying not to flirt and drive each other crazy. Bc of holding back from expressing ourselves out of fear and doubts we created, or I created a push and pull dynamic. During these months of no contact I have struggled with guilt for the divorce and desiring another man, letting him penetrate my heart and have tried to let him go but I can’t. The desire never leaves. So now I do not push away my desire but live in the knowing that is it done and will manifest in divine timing when I am fully aligned with that reality. I’m eternally grateful for being led to this site and I can tell you your desire is real. Imagine yourself as the queen you are and live like it! Either your husband will become everything you desire or someone else will be manifested into your reality that matches your desire. My understanding from this is do not have guilt for your desires bc they are from God, which desires to experience through us as God in human form, the truest purest expression of love. Blessings!

      • Agnetha
        May 4, 2021 at 4:47 AM

        Thanks Angie for taking the time to respond. I hear you and appreciate ur feedback. I have noticed that I have some inner work to do and now that I have read Jennifer’s post again, again I am reminded of the truth. I get it. I get my desires are mine and that I must stop denying them to myself. Its a limiting belief that I have identified and am now working to move away from that belief. I know I read this post before but I read it again and made notes and sat and pondered it this time round and now I feel I have a much better understanding. I feel empowered again. I will definitely come back to this post in future especially when I’m having moments of doubt or frustration. Thanks Jen and thanks Angie for ur story because it’s made me realize that I shouldn’t feel guilt for desiring what I desire. I will definitely remember this. Blessings to too

  • Jana
    February 13, 2021 at 2:35 PM

    Thank you for this beautiful article, Jennifer! When we remember these truths and remember who we truly are, all the questions, doubts, fears and falling for the illusion of separation just fall away.

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  • Namrata
    February 22, 2022 at 2:21 AM

    Thank You Jennifer, your posts are really helpful ❤️

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