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Manifesting Success by Creating My Own Rules

As I flip through the pages of my manifestation book, I see that 90% of my manifestations that I have written down have come to pass. One rule of mine is that everything I write down happens or, everything I write down IS. First, I think about my rule (everything I write down happens or IS), or I write this rule down on the page. I write down the date and then I write down the things I would like to experience or happen in my 3D world. I write down anything and everything- “big” or “small”, it does not matter, because what is a big or small desire anyway? It’s just how you perceive it.

For example, “The shoes I want are available again and for discount. It stays dry and sunny until I get to my office. Someone will give me flowers. When I walk on the street people smile at me. I see that I have lost more belly fat today. Five of my clients have come back. I am super successful in anything I do. I received a text message from my SP. I received good news today etc.”

I write down anything from specific to general. Then, I go about my day and most of the things that I deem as not so important, I forget about. These things tend to manifest quicker as I think that is because I do not obsess over them or have a lot of resistance towards them. The things I give important meanings to, I have written down twice or more times in a different way. Sometimes I have also expressed gratitude for these desires, because I did not see results as fast as I wanted. But, that has worked also! I have realized that everything will be manifested eventually in the 3D world, because how can they not if they are our own desires.

For example, I had written down on the 12th of March that a specific client, who is very picky, would be so happy and content with her eyebrows and eyelash extensions (I have a beauty parlor). That appointment was rescheduled three times because of the lockdown. On the 26th of May I did the treatment and she was happy and content ! Another nice example, is on the 5th of February I had written down that I received a nice bouquet of flowers. On the 23rd of April I got a nice bouquet of flowers from my Health Insurance because they failed to call me back when they promised to do so.

And I can go on, from the specific shoes I wanted to buy for discount, money, text messages, phone calls- they have all come to pass. My mother used this method to relocate a bush in her garden. The first person she had asked to remove the bush was asking for €50 to do it. He cancelled the appointment for some reason, and she felt a little bit irritated by it. I then asked her what is it that she wanted? She said that she wants someone to relocate the bush for free and that it would be done fast and effortless. I told her, ok so live in the end and think from it- “What would you be thinking if that bush was already relocated in your desired place? I now see the bush in my desired place of the garden; what an excellent place for it!”.

This bush was relocated for free by someone and it was all done very quickly and effortlessly. She wrote these things down, first writing and affirming “everything I write happens”. The bush was relocated by my sister’s boyfriend, for free, the same week. I got this method from Joseph Alai. He talks about it in his videos on YouTube.

I had another cool manifestation where I combined affirmations, scripting and visualizing before falling asleep. I have my business in a business center building. One day a guy rented the last places in the back of the corridor on my floor. Unfortunately, he began to make a lot of loud noises, playing loud music and singing with a microphone. It was terrible! I had complained with the administrators of the building and they talked to him. He temporarily started to be more quiet, but he was very loud on the weekends and gradually his noise disturbance was starting all over. I had written down in my manifestation book that we would have a nice chat about his work activities and that he would be more quiet. This indeed happened, we talked it over and he promised to be more quiet. During the first few weeks he was a lot more quiet, but then his singing and playing loud music began again. I then realized that I wanted him out of my building and that this place was not a good place for him. That he would be better off somewhere else where he could sing out loud and do all of his other loud noise activities. I also assumed it would be better for him to find another nice place.

So, I Intended that he would be gone and find a better place for his business activities. In the beginning nothing happened, or so it seemed. He was still making loud noises and he was still singing out loud. But I kept on saying to myself, “(His name) is already gone, it is done and happening now”. I got this sentence from the article The Bridge Of Events by Jennifer. I altered the sentence a bit, the original is, “It is already mine, it is done and happening now”. I tried the best I could to only focus on the fact that he was already gone and that he found a better place for his business. I can tell you, this was not easy, coming every day to work and hearing him and seeing that he was still there making lots of noise disturbances. But, I kept persisting.

One night, I thought to myself “Ok, what is my living in the end exactly?”. My end result was for him to be gone and out of my building (to a better suited place for his activities), and to have peace and quiet again on my corridor. So, I constructed a scene. In my scene I walked out of the elevator of my building and down the corridor. I saw the door of his room open, the sun was shining through and I could see the sun on the floor. It was very quiet. I walked towards his room and opened the door to see that the entire room was totally empty! I then called my mom and told her “Mom, (his name) is gone, the rooms are totally empty!”.

I kept repeating this scene over and over and fell asleep in it. And guess what happened? In two weeks, one day I walked out of the elevator of my building and I walked down the corridor. I saw that the door of his room was open, the sun was shining through and I could see the sun on the floor. It was very quiet. I walked to his room and opened the door to see that the entire room was totally empty! I then called my mum and told her, “Mom, (his name) is gone, the rooms are totally empty!!”. I then called my sister to tell her this story. A COPY OF EXACTLY WHAT I HAD IMAGINED HAD HAPPENED! Now I am assuming that he has a better place for his activities because I have not seen him ever since.

Another cool manifestation occurred just by “talking it into being”. I was discussing manifestation with my mother. We were sitting in her kitchen and I said to her, “Ok, let me test how quickly my God Self/Awareness will bring me what I want when I don’t have any resistance towards it”.

I said, “Ok, I want an electric water heater. I could use one, mine has been broken for a while.”.

So, I set the intention to have an electric water heater where I didn’t have to pay for it. I wanted it for free and I wanted a nice one asap. I did not write it down, I just declared what I wanted by saying it and knowing it was done the moment I declared it. Another two weeks passed, when I suddenly remembered in the shower that there was an electric water heater in my
building, in the kitchen. Nobody was claiming it, and it was probably from someone who had rented a place in our building before. So I went to my office and there it still was- a black electric water heater, totally fine and nice, and almost new. Of course I took it and now I am using it!


  • Missy
    February 23, 2021 at 11:07 AM

    Great story and congratulations on all your desires getting manifested so easy! Your story shows that practice and persist works.

  • Paul
    February 23, 2021 at 12:31 PM

    Thanks for this article. I also am writing a list daily ever since I heard Joseph talking about it. Several things came to pass, but the most of it did not (yet), even I do not even care about it. Like ‘I see my name written on a car’, For the more serious ones I wander; when you have written them down, but have contradictive thoughts about it, can they be eliminated, even when I made my manifestation rule that everything I write down will manifest?

  • Karin
    February 28, 2021 at 9:12 PM

    I am not listening to negative facts, only to The Truth! Such great testamonies- sometimes, I think that opportunities can be an answer to a prayer, like your thought in the shower. Believing in the assumed state, believing it is already so creates a shift in consciousness that makes new perpectives on old ‘problems’, easier to see, things that were right in front of you that you never really saw. 🙂


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