How I, before age 25, manifested £100k from a 9-5 job, became debt free and bought my dream home within 9 months.

I’ve always had the core belief, even before being consciously aware of the Law, that “I can have whatever I want and nothing is impossible for me.”

I’m quite a believer in magical stories and have always been open minded, so when I was introduced to the Law I never once doubted if it was real. I just put it into action and started to consciously manifest experiences and objects on a frequent basis. I loved testing myself because I thrive off of personal development, so I found it quite enjoyable.

I’m hoping this story will help and inspire others to see their true potential.

I have a network marketing business that encouraged me to meet new people to grow my business and sales channel. A few years ago, I was a self employed network marketer, living with my parents and had outgoings of about £500 a month. So I didn’t need a huge full time income then. But I earned around £500-£1500 per month from the business so I was quite happy. But as I learned more I started to dream bigger, wanted to earn more money and I knew I could only do that by meeting new people for my business. At this time I only knew the Law in a way to manifest specific things rather than understanding my Goddess self, that everyone is myself pushed out and everything is already mine.

I then started a 9-5 sales job in order to meet new people for my business. Whilst I was taking action to do this, I had been affirming in the back of my mind that one day I will make £10,000 as a one month paycheck. I wasn’t bothered when I would do it but I KNEW I would one day. I assumed it would be from my network marketing business, as that’s what I’d seen others achieve. After a few months, I eventually fell back into the rhythm of a 9-5 job and felt ‘stuck’. So whilst balancing my business and my full time job I became more down about my situation. I got to a point where I couldn’t take the constant cold calling anymore so I went to hand my notice in. I said to myself “ok I’ll get through this day, my manager is absent so it’s an easier day, plus it’s nearly the weekend, then I can leave.”

That day I just concentrated on doing the bare minimum at work and focused on feeling good and having fun with my colleagues. I was making around 100 cold calls per day to random businesses that would constantly hang up. It was relentless. I rang this one business who actually wanted to have a conversation with me, so it cheered me up and they were really appreciating my help. So from then I called them everyday to chat but also to sell them our services (I wasn’t really trying to sell by this point because I’d stopped caring about my sales targets. I also didn’t know the importance this business would have on my life but because I felt good talking to them, I kept building the relationship). Within a few days of speaking with this business, a colleague approached me explaining the potential of what a business like that could do for me if I sold our services to them. I kind of just went along with it, I was heading to Marbella that week for my network marketing annual event so I didn’t give what my colleague said much thought because I was going on vacation. I just left the business call with my colleague and headed off to Marbella the next day.

A few days later whilst I was in Marbella I received a phone call from one of my sales coaches at work to ask if I was sitting down. I knew they’d been working on the business I’d been speaking to but I’d hardly given it much thought since I was abroad. I was actually quite new to the sales job so I didn’t know the impact this business I was talking to had and to be honest I didn’t really care because I didn’t want to work in that job anymore. She then told me that the colleague who was helping me with the business relationship had secured a deal with them and our company. That meant I would then be earning between £10,000 and £20,000 every month for the next 12 months PLUS my salary would go from £20k to £45k instantly.

Honestly, writing this now still feels unbelievable, but it’s true. I was 24 years old, living with my parents with £15k of rising debt. I obviously partied like crazy in Marbella when I found this out.

Within the 9 months following that, I paid off my debt in one month, I bought a 3 bed detached house in an affluent area ON MY OWN at age 25 and kept earning 5 figures every month. It felt like a dream, it was so instant and surreal that telling the story to people sounded so far fetched, I could tell they didn’t quite believe me. I was told by people how lucky I was, some doubted that the house was even mine and so on. But I knew I’d persisted for this, I intended for this and I didn’t just get what I asked for, I got what I DESERVED and more!

What I never doubted was ME. I never once said to myself that hmm maybe I won’t earn £10k in one month or worry about my increasing debt. I stayed true to my core belief that because I want something I WILL have it or as I understand now, it is already mine! I really concentrated everyday on being happy and having a good time. Everyday I affirmed that I will have a £10k month but I committed myself to it rather than attach myself to it. I knew it would come, just like the house, and I never gave up. Ever.

Also, I did question my debt when it started rising (before the windfall of money) but every time my mind would worry or think “how am I ever going to get out of this”, I was aware of the thought and would instantly correct myself to say, “look it’s ok you’ll pay it off“. Now I know this was my higher self talking to my ego.

About The Author

I’m Bronwyn, I’m in my late 20’s from the North East of England and I work in Advertising. I have been consciously aware of the Law for around 4 years and discovered Neville’s teachings in 2019 thanks to I AM Love. I like to remind myself daily that I have been perfectly created and whatever I desire is mine and has always been meant for me.


  • Laura
    August 17, 2020 at 11:54 PM

    I manifested this today. This is my new desire — manifesting six figures. Thank you!

  • Lou
    August 18, 2020 at 4:21 AM

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing ❤️

  • Patty
    August 18, 2020 at 2:30 PM

    Congratulations! This is a beautiful story of how to operate the law consciously while releasing resistance as you go because you know it is already done. I feel connected to you in a weird way because our names our so similar. My first name is Patricia but I go by Patty and my last name is really Hawley-Brownlow but I just use my maiden name for Facebook to keep things short.
    It is FUN to manifest things to demonstrate our creative power in the world and to recognize our ONENESS with all things. I have fun playing with my power and calling things that are not seen as though they are seen just like my Father, God who is within me as my awareness of being and is me as Patty, the physical avatar. Life is truly AMAZING when you know who you are and how to operate the law consciously. Keep posting your success stories as it is always wonderful to read about someone consciously using the law. 🙂


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