I had a small lump under my armpit and was scared that it may grow bigger and may later result in surgery. It was also causing a bit of discomfort. (A decade ago I had two huge lumps in my armpit which to be removed.)

I scratched that story from my head and started repeating my mantra that “ this will go away and will never grow back” and later forgot about it. Next day, the pain was gone and I thought the lump would have disappeared too, but it didn’t.

I closed my eyes and imagined how would I feel if the lump won’t be there anymore and kept repeating the same mantra. I then let it go.

After a couple of weeks I checked, it’s all clear.

You have to always believe and live in the end ? this made my belief stronger that I’m the creator and I can create the story the way I want it to be.

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