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Self Acceptance & How to Handle Negative Emotions – Reader’s Submission

When I woke up this morning, since my daughter Maja was at my ex mother in law’s place with her dad, I knew this was going to be the day I write my very first article. I am really grateful for this privilege, especially because as someone who loves writing, it is something I consciously manifested.

As I was contemplating what to write about, I logged onto Facebook and saw some posts that I felt inspired to comment on, while simultaneously I was contacted by some beautiful people for advice. Interestingly, but not at all surprisingly, the underlying theme was pretty much the same under the posts and in the conversations: how to handle negative emotions and whether or not we really need to care less to manifest our desires.

So this is going to be the topic of this article as well. 

Like most people, at the beginning of my Neville journey, I heard a lot about self love and how it’s the number one requirement to manifest things. Therefore, I dived into self love meditations and started working on myself like crazy. The meditations worked for a while, but as time went on, and the more I read about self love, the less I actually felt like loving myself. I felt more frustrated and ashamed. Frankly, because most posts and articles regarding this topic highlighted how we should not feel a particular way, especially condemning “neediness” and desperation. So I got stuck fighting these emotions, feeling worse and worse until I eventually learned. I needed to accept myself all the way, including my negative emotions, because resisting them was just exhausting me.

I am God, even when I feel like crap, even in the lowest of the lowest victim mode. Now I treat my human self like my child, in a sense that when those negative feelings surface, I realize that she is simply telling me how scared she is. So the question is, do I condemn and criticize her for being needy, or do I compassionately embrace and reassure her, as I would a real child that’s letting me know she’s terrified? The latter clearly works well for me. All of the negative emotions come from a fear of being powerless and defenseless and by pushing against them, they just multiply.

 I also tend to look at my human self as the lead character in my favorite movie. I’m rooting for her to be happy and get everything she ever desired. I don’t condemn or judge her, but simply want the best for her. I feel nothing but empathy when she’s down, but with the absolute certainty, that she’ll pull through. She simply has to, because she is my hero. After accepting myself in this manner, even in my worst moments, I quit being angry at myself. I stopped thinking that I could be ruining my chances of happiness by being “needy”, and finally felt peace that all of my desires are mine, including the man of my dreams.  I gradually have come to terms with this, with accepting that I am God, even when I feel the opposite. No one can take my desires away from me, not even the most invasive, doubtful thoughts, unless I assign power to them. 

Essentially, I realized that whatever I persistently assume IS the only truth. I fully accept and love myself, and I always assume that I am loved and accepted by my man, even in my neediest, weakest most pathetic moments.

I am still the Goddess of my Universe, even when I don’t feel like it at all! The question is, do you accept yourself in those moments of weaknesses? Do you believe you’re lovable even in your worst mood? When you act crazy/needy/clingy/desperate/possessive/jealous/codependent/insert any and all of the worse adjectives you can think of? Do you? 

The way I see it, is that self love should mean self acceptance. Yet so many people only talk about not needing anyone, not putting anyone on a pedestal, and not being attached. God forbid that I should care too much, and should ever feel vulnerable. But seriously, who would want to be in a relationship like that?  I sure don’t.

The other day I watched a YouTube video of a pretty popular teacher stating that relationships where both parties are crazy in love with each other, are inevitably unstable and generally do not work out. That’s clearly a limiting belief and one I really don’t wish to accept as true. Nor do I have to. Frankly, given what I went through with my first marriage, which now I’m aware I created, I’d rather be alone than settle for anything less than my true desire, which is full of passion. 

Life is a dream and there are no absolute rules about relationships except for the law of assumption. Everything only works, or doesn’t work, according to my assumptions. Everyone, and everything, reflects back to me my beliefs about myself and others. Therefore, I always assume the best.

I actually love the thought of having someone “complete” me, adore me, and being the one and only love of my life, my soul mate or whatever. I am the creator of it all, so why wouldn’t I create the most romantic fairy tale, if that’s what I desire to experience, and with the person of my choice? YES, I want it all. I want the perfect, most romantic, crazy, passionate relationship, being head over heels in love. And yes, I want it to last for the rest of my life. I want to be honeymooning for as long as I am alive.

“I can tell you now, the world is a dream, and you are The-Dreamer-of-the-Dream. You can change the dream if you know you are dreaming, but if you don’t know you are dreaming, you can’t change the dream. If you know it’s a dream, you can dream, because the power of The Dreamer is in you. And that Dreamer is God.”

Neville Goddard

The details of your story do not matter and should be judged by no one, as long as they serve you and you know that you’re the power in your life. Knowing who you are should always be your main focus, as this knowing makes everything fall into place easily and effortlessly.

 You are the most powerful being in the Universe, the God/Goddess of your reality and you can manifest all of your desires. It is NOT that you can manifest your ex back, a new car, a new house, lots of money, and then, oh by the way, you are God. The latter being more common is precisely why so many are lost and confused.

Just manifesting things will never satisfy you, yet so many teach that as the primary focus. You need to go within, connect with your inner God/Goddess and always remember that you are truly magnificent. A lot of people get frustrated because most desires seem impossible from the human perspective. So when the doubts and negative emotions arise, they create resistance within themselves for feeling them. Neediness is really just an aspect of fear.

You’re not fully aware yet that you’re God, and that everything you desire is already yours, therefore you’re afraid of being hurt, rejected and disappointed. I used to condemn myself for being a very emotional and needy person, which literally turned me into hating myself. Until I realized that, as God, I am entitled to feel any way I choose, without having to condemn myself. I do not have to feel powerful all of the time, and I can even have my moments of self pity, and still be God. I can never take a break from being God, I always am.

 Chances are, if you feel exhausted it’s because, like me, you’ve been trying too hard and pushing against your human self and emotions. When all you have to do, is accept yourself now and realize that you don’t have to lift a finger. You’re already perfect just the way you are, you don’t need to change, and nothing needs to click. You don’t have to work on yourself, struggle, none of that.

As the popular songs say– “love your perfect imperfections”. You’re always God, always doing everything right. Spend more and more time looking at your human self as your God/Goddess self viewing his/her wonderful creation, and don’t force yourself to feel a certain way. You’re still the very same God, even when you feel the exact opposite. You’ve had the same power within you your entire life, therefore you don’t need to fight to get it back. In fact, you can’t get something back that you never lost in the first place.

You’re God dreaming that you’re … (insert your name here). It’s NOT … (insert your name here)… dreaming that you’re God!

When your poor, fearful human self confronts you with doubts, assure her that you’re much more than human. Embrace and comfort her. Just be gentle and accepting. It’s like your child coming to you, telling you she is scared. Even if you know she may be unreasonable, as there are no monsters under the bed, you reassure her, comfort her, validate her feelings, and then go on to tell her why she has no reason to be scared. You certainly wouldn’t start scolding her about being needy and desperate. Also, remember God wants the human experience, so it’s natural to have human feelings. No need to fight them and get rid of your humanity entirely.

The illusion of separation was created, so a reunion could occur between your human self and the God within. You are reuniting with yourself every time you form a love connection with a seeming other. It does not matter if that is a friend, family member, or a romantic love interest. It’s almost like you have two personalities that you keep switching between- your God and your human self.

You do this until you realize that they are actually one, and everyone and everything in your life is YOU. At first you may tend to identify more with your human self, and find comfort in knowing that your God self has got your back no matter what. But as you practice the law and become more experienced, you’ll start identifying more and more with who you really are, and you’ll realize the truly incredible, infinite power you hold. Nothing exists without you, independent of you, and your desires actually need you to keep them alive, not the other way around. And because of who you are, everything is effortless.

You’re loved. In fact, you ARE love and you have all the knowledge, all the power, and all of your desires.

About The Author

Reka lives in Hungary with her beautiful daughter Maja. Since becoming conscious of the Law, and her true identity, she’s been learning and practicing more and more every day, as well as helping others to do the same. Reka is also a freelance writer and translator, specializing on articles, and teaching materials, about the Law in Hungarian.


  • Winter
    November 12, 2019 at 11:54 PM

    Thank you so much for writing this. A huge weight has been lifted off my heart. I certainly was not accepting myself. Looking at it like a child or lead in a movie is very helpful. Thank you ❤

  • Rotterdam
    November 13, 2019 at 4:00 AM

    Dear Reka,

    Thanks for this article. I too was struggling with self-love as I did not understand this concept well. I tried hard to love myself and this is where I did’nt succeed. “Trying hard”. I knew that nothing was wrong with me and I already loved myself. Then I came across this blog and read articles by my favourite Jennifer Ramdeo and Nicole. Now I am so happy, calm and peaceful knowing that I am GOD. Everybody and everything conforms to my desires. So glad Reka that you have brought up this now. There are many people who curse themselves for being needy. We all have negative aspects and one should accept and gradually change it. Well done Reka, bless you and Maja for a life full of happiness, joy, peace, harmony and abundance. And you know it is done.

    November 13, 2019 at 6:28 AM

    Very inspiring story..Love it..

  • Jennifer H
    November 13, 2019 at 9:36 AM

    Hello, I cried reading your post. I have manifested my SP, and I struggled with the same exact things you did which actually led to the break up in the first place! You are ABSOLUTELY correct, there is nothing wrong with wanting a head over heels, make others puke (lol) loving relationship. Thank you. Hugs.

  • Ashley
    November 14, 2019 at 8:16 AM

    This is one of my most favourite articles on the whole website. This is so beautifully written, and for as long as I have studied the Law, I still learned something new from this article. You put things in such a way that I have never heard before, which makes me think of things from an entirely new perspective. What a wonderfully refreshing and insightful approach to the Law you have! Thank you so very much for this.

    November 14, 2019 at 2:43 PM

    Thank you so much for your beautiful article. I love the line “I’m God dreaming that I’m Milly.” & “Spend more time viewing my human self as my god self would view her wonderful creation.” Such incredible profound lines. Thank you! I love the idea of seeing my doubts as my little girl being scared. Just acknowledge & be with her compassionately through it. It doesn’t change that I am god.

  • Kanchan
    November 23, 2019 at 5:10 AM

    Thank you so much for writing this article
    … I reallu needed to read all of it and to be remembered of who I am. I guess I am currently going through what some call the ‘darkest before the dawn’ period where things around and inside my head are a bit whacky, but I am holding on with tue belief that everything is going on perfectly and I need not be scared. I am God, so why should I be scared or even be scared of being scared. Thanks a lot again Reka… ❤️❤️??

  • […] confidence in yourself and God. Embracing our human experience is part of accepting our Godself, so accept it lovingly without judgement. Because “I have said, Ye are Gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalms […]

  • Jaunette
    May 8, 2021 at 10:04 AM

    This was extremely beautiful and so helpful to my morning meditation on being aware of self and acceptance of self. We spend years trying to build on ourselves and in a flash the surroundings can distract us and we never really lose it, but it’s gets buried deep down within. So I thank you for reassurance of how to return to our true self and love it regardless of any one negative thing❤️


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