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What It Means to Ignore the External Reality

You may have already heard how important it is to ignore your current circumstances and your external reality. When we perceive this term from a surface level of awareness, we are often guided by fear, which can lead to reacting rather than responding. Because of this misunderstanding, it can feel difficult to navigate everyday situations while trying to stay in your desired state. You may wonder whether taking a specific action is right or wrong, if it will hinder or speed up your manifestations. Some even fall into the trap of placing their lives on hold while waiting for things to change on the outside. 

Ignoring the external reality doesn’t mean to literally ignore it. Rather it’s acknowledging the fact that we are the creators of our lives. It is about remembering that all is within, and therefore recognizing that no matter what we are currently facing, we have to observe and adjust what is going on within instead of reacting without. It is an awareness of being. An awareness that knows that our outer world is nothing more than a reflection, which we can steer at any given moment. This doesn’t mean that our outer world is our opponent. In fact it’s our friend, since it’s a reflection of us and we get to decide what meaning this reflection has. It is like an input and an echo of output. 

Consciousness- who we really are- is infinite and limitless, and what we perceive on the surface is a very small aspect of awareness. While we may only see and experience one reality from moment to moment in the 3D world, our imagination is everlasting. To see with the eyes of God, is to respond beyond the limited human perspective. It is the ultimate trust and faith in the unseen. Not only in the unseen realities, but in your True Self. Responding beyond the human perspective does not mean dismissing it or being in denial about your external reality. It’s about being all inclusive and remembering that what you see is not in opposition to your desires or to yourself. When we respond from love, we no longer feel the need to pretend like things do not exist. Because we do not see the external reality, or the circumstances, as being either right or wrong. We do not see through the lens of duality. They no longer become a question of “Why is this happening to me? Why does my 3D world look like that?”, but an opportunity to choose love and transcend what we experience.

Of course, when it comes to more pressing matters, this is not always easy. To see with the eyes of God, and therefore with the eyes of Love, does not mean rejecting what you see and feel, or what you have experienced in your life. It is not about reducing our trauma, pain, hurt etc., to a phrase. This is because the Being that you are to the core has already held space for these experiences. It is the space, it is the driving force that brings awareness to who we are. There is no such thing as handling things in a “right way”, because your entire existence has already been the way, and it has been so unconditionally. To ignore what rises within us, and on the outside, is to resist the vehicle that is leading us to experiencing our true nature. 

Consciousness is not limited to only one way of looking at things, or one perception. There are infinite ways to perceive your experiences here in this 3D world, and being all inclusive means you are recognizing that each moment of your life has been perfectly orchestrated and projected out by you, not to oppose you but to support you. This is what it means to choose love. Love is not to be confused with feeling “perfect” feelings, or doing what you may perceive as the perfect action or reaction. Once you see things in this way, you have already placed the meaning of God/consciousness/love/imagination into a limited box, and when you do this to yourself, you are seeing yourself as a limited being. A limited being who only gets it right sometimes, and other times they do not. This is furthest from the truth. There are no mistakes in this process, and the way you choose to see your experiences and journey is perfect for exactly where you need to be.

Even when we feel overwhelmed by the 3D world and it’s too hard to ignore, it is here to support us. The outer world is a reflection from within and it is showing us what we want to be different. It’s an opportunity to perceive things differently and to be aware of what is going on within ourselves, therefore changing it. This is easier said than done, and you shouldn’t put yourself down for temporarily perceiving things as unlovely or unfriendly. Being aware of this is not to judge our way of how we perceived things in the past. It’s an opportunity to change ourselves in this moment by remembering who we really are- an infinite loving creator.

What Does it Mean When Opposite Results Manifest?

Our reflection is not separated from us. The reflection in itself is neutral. If we see our reflection as divided from ourselves, we are creating separation. Our reflection is one with us, since it is simply another expression of ourselves. It is not something to be judged but rather to be observed and experienced. If we judge it, it will be harder to see the bigger picture. The moment we enter a state, our life starts to shift. In some cases this might seem like it’s causing the opposite effect in the outer world, which will lead us to believe that we’re doing something wrong. 

To see from the eyes of God, is to not only trust in the unseen but to also trust in what you are currently feeling and experiencing- within and in the outer world. The truth is, the terms “outer world” and “inner world” also create the illusion of separation. These terms are really only used to portray to the linear mind the relationship between the cause (our imagination), and the effect it produces. Oftentimes, people will confuse a desire with something that they want really badly, but can’t have. When you see a desire through these lenses, you are automatically creating separation between yourself and the desire. Because this is how you are approaching your desires, is why you may assume that some things around you- good, bad or indifferent- have nothing to do with the fulfillment of them. 

If we see it from a space of oneness and love instead of an outer and inner world, or as something being opposite, we’ll feel and know that everything is serving us. That there is nothing to be achieved but rather to be acknowledged. When we see things in this way, our desires will not seem unattainable or out of reach, or something that we have to put a lot of effort in, in order to experience. From this space we are not questioning whether or not we have to take a certain action or change something on the outside, since there is nothing to act upon and nothing to change. 

The change has already taken place the moment you accepted the desire, and what you perceive as opposite results are never actually opposite, this is simply an illusion of duality. This illusion is meant to be worked through from a state of remembering who you are.

If our outer world is not as we like it to be we have not failed. We can never fail to acknowledge a state. We are always acknowledging a state and we can choose which state we are acknowledging through our awareness. In our imagination we are holding all of the cards and it is up to us to decide which cards we are choosing to play. By acknowledging a state, creation is finished. No doors are waiting to be unlocked after acknowledging a state. All doors have already been opened through the keys of consciousness, and all impossibilities have been resolved. The only distance between our desires and ourselves is the belief of there being a distance. All infinite possibilities are within and are waiting for you to recognize them. There are no limits through the eyes of God.

Controlling the 3D World

Your instinct may be to wonder how to control what seems to be in opposition to your desires, when you look into the 3D world. Thoughts may arise to the surface that tell you that what you see is delaying your manifestations, or that you have been doing something wrong the entire time. You may even start to doubt if the Law works or not. What most people do not realize is that the desire itself means fulfillment already. When you ask, “How do I change this circumstance? How can I control this person? How can I make this go away so I can get what I want?”, you are forgetting that the desire is a part of your being, and not an idea that you received from nowhere.

If you leave the 3D world alone, remembering that this reflection is only a temporary experience, you are demonstrating trust and faith in your imagination, the desire, and the process- all of which are still you, God. God is the imagination, the desire, and the process. God is not fragmented. It sees no separation between the desire and itself, rather it sees itself in the desire. It sees the fulfilled desire in everything and in everyone, because it knows it is the desire in its entirety. 

When you see yourself in the desire, it no longer becomes a question of what you have to control, manipulate or influence in order to get somewhere, because you understand that the destination was within you all along. This destination may be outpicturing in different forms of expressions in your circumstances, some not so good than others, but now you see your desire in the process. It is perfectly okay to take actions from this space, whether that be activism, signing a divorce paper, paying a large bill, supporting a cause you believe in, texting your person etc., because these actions do not invalidate your desires, rather they strengthen your trust in who you are. The only control that needs to take place is from within. We prefer to see it more as allowing, rather than controlling.

Oftentimes when we are thinking about controlling our within, we are interpreting it as that we have to force it which leads to frustration, but when we allow it, it feels natural. When you allow, you act from a state of love that strengthens you instead of acting from a state wherein you are hoping that your actions will earn you the desire. Our actions do not create our state but our state creates our actions. Therefore the question is not “what should I do?” but “who do I want to be?”. Allow yourself to be your true self for the feeling of fulfillment instead of the need for fulfillment. Allowing means to trust in creation, that creation is finished the moment we enter the desired state and that it’s all unfolding in our way, even when it might look like the opposite is happening.

How to Respond to the World

Being God is not limited or confined to one feeling or one way of looking at things, because you are the embodiment of God consciousness no matter what you are feeling or what is occurring around you. You are not being God only in certain moments, you are God in the entirety. Your Godself wants to play all of the roles- all of the parts of being a human. It is about being one with these roles when you encounter them, and remembering that consciousness is able to hold every state all at once with its unchangeable truth right behind it. This includes the roles we see out in our world that we do not necessarily like. You may wonder, “How involved in the outer world can I be?” or “How much impact do I have on these world issues? Can I even change them?”. 

As we have written earlier, there is nothing to change because each role that is playing out in the outer world is walking us back home to the truth of who we really are. The entire journey of being a human follows along a path of crystal clear answers to fulfillment. When you remember this, you respond to the world from a place of knowing that what you need to realize will be revealed to you, and this alone will cause a shift in the outer world. From loving awareness, you can guide yourself through the world in any way that feels the most comfortable to you. 

When you see or hear something that you do not like, do not resist it in fear of things manifesting in an unlovely way. Rather sit with what is arising within you, and feel yourself as one with the state that feels uncomfortable in the moment. In this way you are increasing your awareness instead of giving power to the state, and demonstrating the meaning of the first principal- “Be still, and know that I am God” (psalm 46:10). There is no denying that sometimes we will feel hurt and pain from what we experience and observe, and it is perfectly okay to feel this way. Your feelings are always valid, simply because the human experience is valid. When you sit with a feeling or a thought, you are no longer seeing one state as being more superior than another. You are simply being- without any judgment, restrictions or conditions on yourself. There is no blaming involved, of yourself, others, or the world.

It is no longer, “I cannot participate in the outer world. I cannot feel this feeling and think this way”. This way of thinking transcends into “I will approach this in the way that feels the best to me, and I will do the best I can knowing that there are no mistakes”. When you think this way, you are responding from love and the wish fulfilled. You are allowing the knowing that everything is working out for you to take the lead, and from this knowing things shift and manifest for you.

Operating from love- seeing everything and everyone as one, dissolves each and every imaginal obstacle and transforms it into opportunity. Nothing outside of ourselves has ever been shown without meaning. All meaning has been assigned by us. Through the eyes of God, everything that is or ever has been, has been here for our greatest good, and it is up to us to decide whether we see everything as one or separated. Whether it is all here for or against us. Choose to see from the state of love and oneness. Choose not to ignore your external reality but to acknowledge and see it as one with us.

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  • Nad
    September 28, 2020 at 12:30 PM

    Wow! I just shared what helped me with someone who is experiencing a resentment towards their SP on another Neville related community. Basically this. I came to this while feeling something wasn’t clicking to me when I took this path, and ACKNOWLEDGING liberated me. But the mods of that community weren’t happy with me saying that’s it’s not Neville’s, you don’t need to release, or tap out anything. As I remember Neville said: “Test”. That mods comment made me a lil sad and then getting a notification about this article. ??? Every time I ask myself an answer or whether I am right or wrong, 3D conforms quickly. Thanks so much for your work

  • Nea
    December 4, 2020 at 6:15 PM

    I re-read this, now coming from a place of Oneness and not a lil separated human trying to understand everything – and wow, it clicked, I had such a realization & I’m so grateful for this blog and everything you guys do! Thank you for being me pushed out!

  • Kee
    August 18, 2022 at 1:06 PM

    Thank you for these thoughtful and profound articles. May I ask a more fundamental question (as more of a beginner)? If the acceptance of the desire is it’s fulfillment, and nothing else needs to be done, really, then why do those who truly acknowledge and accept a desire (both conscious and unconscious manifestors) sometimes see non-fullfillment? My cousin’s mother was ill; the whole family desired more (unconscious manifesting) than anything that this woman recover but she passed on. Shouldn’t the acceptance of our desire itself have led to its fulfillment as creation is finished. There was a similar story on Reddit of a conscious manifestor who had successfully manifested many things but couldn’t bring her boyfriend to health. Is there a missing piece here? In the former case, one could assume that the family never recognized themselves as the operant power, but based on my very rudimentary understanding of what you’ve said, perhaps that’s not even necessary as whatever is happening is playing out perfectly anyway. In the latter case, I assume there was a recognition of the person being the operant power, so what might have been “wrong” there? I hope my questions are making sense. Please know that it’s an effort to understand, not negate anything you’ve written.

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