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The Feeling of Knowing When Manifesting

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The Feeling of Knowing

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Hi everyone, today I’m going to read my article called the feeling of knowing and this article starts off with a quote from Neville that says “you don’t attract that which you want but that which you are”.

Everything is about who we are and it’s not the question of what do you want to have but rather who do you want to be? That is our goal- being who we want to be. We are the creator, that unstoppable force, a God. Nothing can stop us if we know that we truly are the creator from within. We create every part of our life, not just half of it and not the other half. We are always a creator and not just for a moment, we always are and this is our moment to step into our true power.

The moment to accept that we are perfect in every single way. The moment to accept that the outside is the beautiful reflection of our power. It is in fact wonderful. We can’t ever be lost, we can only be lost in ourselves. But, deep down we don’t need to question where to go, we do not need to question anything at all. We know the way that we need to go, we know it perfectly clear. All answers are within. It is all in us. Whenever we feel and know we can, we actually do it. It is this feeling that has no boundaries.

Feeling of seeing joy and peace in every moment, the feeling of control in whatever we do. The feeling of knowing that this is the real us, this is the ultimate feeling and i absolutely love it. We are not a powerless force searching for love hope and faith. We are love, we are hope, we are faith. This is us. We are the biggest power there is. The world outside will change if we change inside, there are no exceptions. Everything outside of me I can explain from within. Every single detail of it. I always knew as a kid that there was more to life, I experienced so many things beyond logic. Back then I thought that I just had lots of luck, and I actually did.

I knew I would be lucky since I was luck. And if luck was a real thing, then there would be no professional poker players. With a very little investment we all know how to play the game and how the game works. But to feel and know that your card will turn next is a state of being and not necessarily a skill. I’m 100% sure that we can all remember moments that would happen because we knew it would. It is not a coincidence, it is the feeling of knowing. At moments our minds try to interfere but we just have to watch how nature works.

Ants for example make the most amazing tunnels without orders or having a five-year study. As far as I know, there’s not a university down there. I mean, they just do it. They just they work and they make the most amazing tunnels, it’s actually phenomenal. We all know the word talent, and this to me is the biggest illusion. What is talent even?

In the last seven years, I’ve became a dart fan due to its mental aspect. I was interested in how those men think. And Phil Taylor is the biggest dart player there has ever been, being a world champion for 16 times. Before he became a champion, he would practice and imagine himself playing a match against the best players. Yes, imagine. He was practicing while also imagining that he was playing the final. He dominated the sport for 20 plus years and won 16 times in the biggest tournament. It was not talent, it was knowing that he was a champion even while not being a champion. He was the best in his own mind, and therefore he became the best.

Become the best version of yourself in your own mind and view it to be true. You will know what it is since it will make you feel incredibly good. What makes us feel good within ourselves is the real us. When you feel this power you will see that you meet all the right “coincidences”. Suddenly luck is on your side, you meet the right people. You will see the sun shining instead of the raindrops, you see the good in everything. You don’t question how since you know it. The world changed because you changed.

The feeling of knowing changes everything. All those feelings within exceeds all our sources. Our mindset, our inner being, decides our happiness. And the biggest joy we will ever feel is the joy from within. It’s amazing.

The feeling of knowing is like what we call intuition, we just know what to do, it all comes naturally. Think back to all of those moments that just went so naturally. Recall that feeling of knowing and I’m pretty sure you had lots of them. Even if it was just that you would know how a friend would react. Since you think you know that person, so in your mind you’re like I know this person and the person is going to react this way. So you’re actually claiming already for that person to act that way because you know he is like that or she’s like that. So it’s gonna react like that because you know, because you’re holding this thought and image of that specific person.

And, the small moments are often forgotten but are actually a treasure. We can learn so much from remembering moments and feelings. Just little things that make us happy and what made us happy in the past, and what we knew of the feeling of knowing. Like, as I said about, just the little things of thinking what someone is gonna say. There’s so much other things that we just know that is gonna happen because we believe that it’s gonna happen, and when we believe it’s gonna happen, while they have it, it’s gonna happen. Recall those as much as you can.

Recall those feelings and moments as much as you can and keep holding them. Those feelings that makes you feel like it’s gonna happen like you know. Recall that and all it takes is recalling back the feeling of knowing, and things come naturally. Close your eyes and let the feeling of knowing guide you mentally. It’s totally clear who you want to be, everything is perfectly clear. See and feel everything coming naturally without any effort at all, simply because you know it will. Feel it through your whole body.

It is so important to just feel it. Live your life through the feeling of knowing that knowing everything goes according to your book. Thanks everyone for checking this video and listening to my article. You can find this article in the link under this video. We’re so happy and grateful for all of you and we’ll see you guys in the next video.

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