What kind of posts are approved in the Facebook group? Why was my post deleted/unapproved?

In our Facebook group, we believe in taking full responsibility for the events that occur in our lives, as that is what Neville teaches. The Law of Assumption states that whatever you focus upon, and whatever you assume, will grow and continue to manifest in your life. Therefore, for the best interest of you, and for the other members in our group, we do not approve posts that are reiterating what is happening in your current circumstances. It does not benefit you, and people in the group do not want to read posts, and comments, that are reiterating stories that they are trying to drop.

When you are posting a question, please refrain from re-telling the old story and what is happening in your current circumstances. Before posting a question, please utilize our search bar in the Facebook group, as there’s a chance your question has been answered already, with an ongoing thread. You can ask a question without venting and questioning your circumstances.

Venting and re-telling the old story, that you do not want, and what others might also be going through, can be triggering for some. These kinds of posts do not help to keep the environment healthy, and it does not benefit anyone, or contribute to an educational discussion.

In addition, before asking a question, you must be familiar with the Law and Neville’s work. While it’s great to get other people’s opinion, it’s necessary to educate yourself on the teachings from the source itself. This is to help you. If the answer to your question is still unclear, you may then proceed to ask a question, without venting.

Answering Questions On Instagram:

We do not answer questions that are sent to our direct messages on Instagram. The contact us page on our website is only for general inquiries regarding coaching, business, collaborations, and so on. Please do not submit a manifesting question, as we do not answer manifesting questions on Instagram or the website. You may submit a topic request for an article, and we will try to make an article for your topic, in the future.

You may join our Facebook page here, where we interact with our members as much as we can, to help give you support and guidance. You may also ask a question in the group, or search the group history to see if your question has already been discussed/answered.

If you still need any extra support or guidance, Jennifer and Kriston both offer coaching services. For Jennifer’s coaching, please click here. For coaching with Kriston, please click here.