I often see a confusion on being God, being self, being ego self – and all these other descriptors used to help understand these concepts. I remember Jen and Kriston mentioning a few times in their podcasts that they are using the term realities, or identifying different realities for the sake of conversation but everything is in fact connected. And this is true. The connection between what you experience and what is in your subconscious is absolutely seamless. This includes your thoughts, ideas, fears, your actions, your interactions and your experiences. 

My intention here is to share my understanding of being still, of going within, and understanding how you are the God of your reality. As I do so, I am very aware that the message here is far greater than my words, and will only find you where you are. As you read this, do not feel any pressure to understand all of it right away. I would also suggest, that as you read this – be unafraid of the stillness, unafraid of opening yourself up. Be completely confident in pausing to learn, and do not see any confusion or growth as evidence to a past mistake, or a present halt in your journey. This will help you open yourself up to so much! 

Clouds of Feelings

“It is easier to ascribe your feeling to events in the world than to admit that the conditions of the world reflect your feeling. However, it is eternally true that the outside mirrors the inside.”

-Neville goddard

I wrote a long time ago in our facebook group that we are not meant to or supposed to think everything out. It isn’t a thought you have to push out of the skull into the ether. At the time I was merely scratching the surface, and I too found myself still stressing over my thoughts and mindset. Recently I was listening to Brene Brown interview the authors of the book Burn Out, who mentioned how psychological research has now helped establish that we are emotional beings that occasionally think, not thinking beings that sometimes feel something. 

This is a very important message to understand, not to fear your feelings and avoid them. This helps us recognize what we are feeling and then dissolve it. They further explained that removal of a stressor in your life does not mean a removal of stress. You see, they are explaining that the feelings you embody will enter you in a state. This state is where you, consciousness, start to create from. The experiences in your life then simply mirror the embodied feelings. 

Try and connect these three womens’ discussion with Nevilles teachings with me. Feelings store themselves within you when you react/feel them, and Neville teaches how feelings project your world. He repeats over and over to bring yourself to the feeling of the wish fulfilled. That feeling is the secret. If the removal of stressor doesn’t remove the stress, we can see that feeling is independent of an event – whether good or bad. 

It feels like a great analogy for feelings would be clouds that could rain, or cast a shadow over us. They may seem almost weightless, and in the background, but they have a huge mass of their own, weigh tons, and have a silent flight towards and from us. And if we do not want them to rain, we use our attention, our stillness to move the winds and allow these to pass. If we do wish for them to rain, we welcome them, allow them to settle and dance in their wonderful showers. 

The Body and the Human

The most important take away so far is that feelings, once felt, live within you even when you are unaware of all associated events. You know how when you gently desire a simple thing and then it happens soon after? When you engage your imagination, you feel it, and that feeling settles itself in your body like a feather. You did not have to think about it too much after that, you left the feeling within your vessel, and your consciousness mirrored it. That is what we call manifesting, what I am tempted to call casting. 

Your beautiful body and being, your human self, are homes for feelings that then place you in a state which the subconscious expresses. It is all seamlessly mirrored out. Once you feel the wish fulfilled, you have played your part. Now your thoughts, and actions, your being will show you what your state is because you too are simply mirroring your subconscious. You can use this to relive the feeling, cultivate it, nurture it and keep going within. You do not have to be afraid of your mind, pressure your thoughts, or suppress your feelings. Instead, you can watch them, go within and see what these thoughts are mirroring. What am I carrying within that is expressing itself through me and my current state?

“To play the game of life successfully, we must become aware of our every mental activity, for this activity in the form of inner conversation, is the cause of the outer phenomena of our life”

Neville Goddard

Things may come up, past unfinished feelings and emotions, clouds that could rain or shift, are merely casting shadows and you simply have to give them the gust of winds to pass. Harmonize yourself with your feelings, meet yourself as you are – and you will uncover why certain things have played out in your life in different expressions. You will find one source/one singular state that you have identified with constantly manifesting itself in different forms. 

“The fact that everything seen can be regarded as the effect, on a lower level of significance, of an unseen higher order of significance is a very important one” 


Once you ask yourself what it is you are carrying, what it is that is mirroring, you will be able to process the feelings that have settled and built upon themselves within you. You will also see what your desires really mean to you, and how they are absolutely yours. You will find yourself automatically living at the end of the wish fulfilled within yourself. This will automatically shift your state of consciousness. 

Build that relationship with your body. Allow yourself to feel and process all that it feels, and allow yourself to pause. This will help you see why it is that you are experiencing things as you are. Once you know the why, you will know you have no limitations. You will recognize that the stressor of an event has passed, and this is merely the stress settled within. It will dissolve itself. 

Feelings on Cue

It is possible you wonder how you would fabricate a feeling in your heart for something you cannot experience. It may feel fake, like a cheat code or a hack that you have to pretend your life around until it is real. The truth is, anything remotely like that is simply a denial of feelings within and thus a denial of your own state of being. And – well it may be obvious what that would do. This is why mechanically repeating affirmations, or law of attraction techniques, might feel frustrating and almost entirely unapproachable, because you’re unable to create space to feel that wish fulfilled. 

Imagination places you in the feeling of the wish fulfilled, mental diet helps maintain it. Mental diet isn’t so you suppress your counter feelings, but so that you address them. Neville taught to change your inner conversation, not to shut it down. Give yourself the comfort and confidence, meet yourself as your greatest friends and build trust in your desire. All these things will help cultivate the feeling of the wish fulfilled. 

In addition to this, being in touch with your feelings, you will unpack counter feelings – dissolve your doubts and it will all begin to show you what your desire really means to you. Remember, meanings come before manifestations – meanings and significance of something expresses itself in your life based on your state of consciousness. 

Casting Your Desire

I’d like to propose a word that offers a better access to Nevilles teachings, casting. You see, when you have felt your wish fulfilled, when you accept it, it has settled into your subconscious. It is the reflection that will be casted by this mirror. Your own thoughts are cast out from this feeling, so when you engage your imagination you are casting your desire. You’re casting a direction for your life, a decision, a wonderful beautiful reflection of who you really are.

This tells you that the ideas or forms of reality before you are not to be erased, discarded – they are simply what is being cast out through your consciousness. You don’t even have to work on stopping that “transmission”, you simply have to cast out what you prefer. You simply have to claim your desire, lovely reader!

“the law is automatic”

Neville Goddard

All else will automatically find its way. There is nothing to pretend – but simply feel the wish fulfilled. Remain in the confidence and persist! Cast your desires on to this screen of life, you will see things unfold. Your entire life has worked this way – now, this desire you have, this circumstance is no anomaly!

“The future is the imaginal activity of man in its creative march”

Neville Goddard

Come back with your lovely stories of you embodying the wish fulfilled, casting your desires and experiencing things you have always wanted in the world of shadows! I’ll be right here!

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Faiza is a designer living in Los Angeles with her cat and 20+ plants. She has been interested in understanding the meaning behind our being, our life since childhood and has been able to grow her learning further more with Neville Goddard and the IAm Love team!


  • Carrie L Thatcher
    November 6, 2020 at 11:39 AM

    I am choosing the word casting over manifesting. Thank you.

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    November 7, 2020 at 4:27 PM

    Love this , thank you 🖤

  • Alefia Kapadia
    December 4, 2020 at 12:28 PM

    Beautifully written Faiza. However I must admit it’s going to take a few more re-readings to actually immerse into the oneness of each word and it’s meaning expressed.

  • Roxanne
    January 8, 2021 at 12:21 PM

    So good, so good, so good 🙏🏻


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