“There is no other limitation, other than man‘s capacity to believe what he has imagined. ― All things are possible to him who believes. So, the only restriction placed upon man is his ability to believe what his reason, what his senses, deny . . that‘s all. No other restriction.”

Neville Goddard

When you read Neville’s quote, does it feel too convenient to you? And how does that feel to you? In my experience, I have noticed that most of the resistance people carry is simply their encounter with the unbelievable convenience this process has. To the extent that they search for more “to do” and “to fix” in order to manifest their desires. You may feel it to be more plausible to perform extreme mental gymnastics than to accept your desire is done. 

This is completely understandable behavior that is nothing to be ashamed of or frustrated by. Once you set the intention, these ideas begin to dismantle on their own. Your mind is always looking to follow your assumptions. But I can provide a perspective I find quite lovely and helpful. 

Simply accept that getting your desires is effortless – that the process is convenient. That it absolutely draws from nothingness and comes about in a perfect manner. It may sound lofty, it may sound too good to be true – but the thing is – it really is that perfect! Everything else is just a systematic thought structure embedded in you because of your experiences thus far. Good things do not need to be earned. Happiness is not something scarce. Struggle is not necessary. All of these things are simply ideas that you have accepted and just because manifesting sounds too easy does not mean it isn’t real. 

If it feels too convenient, still, that you can have anything you desire, there may be some inherent judgement of your desire that you are carrying. You may be thinking that your desire is too difficult, too rare, too unnatural to you.  Return to stillness, return to the unjudged self within. You will see from here that all the conditions you apply are merely stamps you can scrape off.

You are already effortlessly manifesting constantly. You are already manifesting life with or without the desired outcome. You are already always selecting your truth. You are always already accepting something. If you are walking without the desired outcome, why not walk with it? In the grand scheme of things – they are the same. Then why not choose the one you’d enjoy? Why should you shrink yourself to fit the concept of self you hold? Why not shake it up and expand it with every passing moment? 

Here is what I really want to remind you: Do you remember what Heaven is? Heaven is referred to as the dwelling place of God, where God promises us every desire and every possible joy. The translations across religions and interpretations across the globe of God’s promise are so many – lovers, gardens, wealth, mansions – even subjects like equality, freedom and love. Everything is present for every single creature on earth in heaven – it is abundant, it is pure. 

If Heaven is a place of abundance, a place of freedom, love, safety – aren’t these mental states? Just as Hell – a place of suffering. Isn’t all suffering in the mind? And isn’t the opposite of suffering simply comfort and delight? If Heaven is where God resides, and God is within us – our imagination – then isn’t Heaven within us? 

The kingdom of heaven is within you. As the will of heaven is ever done on earth you are today living in the heaven that you have established within you. For here on this very earth your heaven reveals itself. The kingdom of heaven really is at hand. NOW is the accepted time. So create a new heaven, enter into a new state of consciousness and a new earth will appear.

Neville Goddard, At Your Command

Come with me into this idea, ease into it. When you enter paradise, everything you desire is provided in endless abundance. Knowing all that you do know now – knowing that God is within you – whenever you enter the dwelling place of God, that means you have already entered Heaven. It is God’s promise that everything is provided to you. Effortlessly.

Once you have entered God’s dwelling within you, there is nothing you cannot have. You do not need to be worried about any pre-requisites – there were no conditions applied. You are always welcomed here. Any time is the right time. Allow every contrary thought to become a passage back into your own heaven. Watch all your doubts and fears as simply empty thoughts and redirect your own feeling to your heaven. You will see that all things here are present for you. There are no exceptions, all things are fully yours. It is simply the promise that upon entering paradise, you will have everything you have wished for and more. 

This is God’s promise that you enter your imagination and it will provide you with every desire ever, this isn’t Neville’s promise or mine. God, your own consciousness, your own wonderful Self, your own awareness. You have already promised your own self all your desires, you have already created a heaven within and also already provided the path to enter it. Then, my dearest reader, why wouldn’t everything be effortless? Dwell in it! it is yours

So, my dear, lovely reader – right now when you recede into your imagination, remove conditions you will reach an empty stillness within. The IAm that Neville talks about. This place is where you enter and imagine, and you will witness the heaven within. When you witness it, all doubts and fears will fade. You will know it isn’t wishful thinking, because you will feel the faith run through your body. You will feel at home. And this faith, this knowing, this confidence you walk away with is what will show you the heaven of your own. Dwell in it! it is yours.

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Faiza is a designer living in Los Angeles with her cat and 20+ plants. She has been interested in understanding the meaning behind our being, our life since childhood and has been able to grow her learning further more with Neville Goddard and the IAm Love team!


  • Sabina
    October 9, 2020 at 5:10 AM

    Beautifully written and explained Faiza. This gave me an opportunity to start my day courageously and lovingly. Feeling and enjoying my heaven… ❤

  • Roxanne
    October 23, 2020 at 1:11 PM

    One of the most succinct and uplifting articles I’ve read on here. Bravo!!


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