When I would lose anything, my mother taught me a prayer to find it or make peace with the situation. Recently, I felt unwell and unsettled about certain things I was feeling. I shared it with my sister, who reminded me of this verse again:

“Surely to God do we belong and to God shall we return”

– Quran 2:156

Knowing what I know now, that God is your wonderful human imagination, this verse has so much more power. It makes complete sense to be an affirmation we use when we intend to find something. We belong to our human imagination, and to our imagination shall we return. You, with your body, your mind, your feelings, your dreams, your pain, your experiences, your truths and your lies – you belong to your imagination. All your movements through life, all your experiences and plans are only helping you return to your imagination. 

When I say imagination, I do not mean some reduced, vulgar form of fantasy that is unimportant or illogical. I do not mean that this reality you are currently living in is somehow fake. Or that your pain and wishes are somehow of a lesser value.

What you grew up learning imagination to be was never the full extent of the word. This entire universe down to the smallest grain is completely rooted in your imagination, including you. You, the human, are not floating alone in some space, projecting this universe through your ego. You the Godself are creating the image of you, the human self within an environment, with your imagination. As Kriston explains beautifully in the linked article, You the Godself, are the Observer within and the Animator.  That observation and animation is simply all made of Your imagination.

Reality is not less important because it is imagined. The word imagination needs to be expanded to encompass who you are and what you are experiencing.

“Stop believing in God, start believing as God”

Neville Goddard

 As we expand the word imagination, an opportunity for empowerment arises. Imagination is an act, it is performed, it is the creation of an image within. Imagination is you experiencing yourself, your desires and thoughts. It needs your awareness to exist. You can feel empowered in knowing that this God that you belong to, this imagination, this observer and projector, it is all within your awareness. It is all within your stillness.

“To God shall we return” – we return to our human imagination, knowing that our imagination is God, and knowing that it encompasses things beyond our awareness. We surrender to our stillness, become that what we imagine – that is believing as God. That is living in the end

Ideas of Self

 “Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live”

– Neville Goddard

Therein comes the greatest conundrum of it all, if it is all my imagination then why am I imagining that this is not working? Why did I imagine failure? Or pain? Or rejection? Why am I now imagining bad things through the fear of the unknown? Why am I not seeing things the way I want? How do I believe? Why do I not feel like I am God?

You might have noticed questions coming up when trying to fully embrace the idea that everything is us pushed out. The first question that comes up usually is that if I am doing this, why am I doing this to myself? How could I do this to myself?

Do not blame yourself, you are not choosing bad or choosing harm. Instead, the environment and your human presence is experiencing the concept of self you are actively holding in your Imagination

In more simplified terms; your Imagination (Godself) has observed a concept of self that you have impressed upon it, and it has now created a perfect setup to enact that concept. So you do not have to be actively convinced that you will miss the train, or lose your ticket. You have accepted your self concept/ your ideas about life to include these possibilities and certain chain of events. Your imagination is projecting out these possibilities in a perfect setup. 

This is what makes everything a mirror of your subconscious – where you have been neatly storing all your accepted ideas. The world you live in is the exact and perfect rendition of a world you have in your active and passive thoughts. Everything from your mind to your body is based on your conceptions of your self and your reality – animated by your imagination. So you did not choose those traumas, you did not choose the pain or the failure. You have already insisted that you do not want them, and that is understood. It is who you see yourself as that is playing out in your life. It is beyond your ego’s concerns.

Traumas and Fears

If you did not choose it, and you have carried a story within that has resulted in some traumatic experiences, how do you control this then? Will the trauma always be a part of you?

In my opinion, the answer to this lies in how readily can you accept better things and the fulfillment of all your ambitions and dreams. Traumas and fears can feel quite awful and leave behind a lot of pain, but they are still all from your own imagination. And once you shed the old stories you may have carried in the past, once you are willing to accept all that your heart desires – without reluctance or resistance, you have allowed the triggers to leave you.

I have written it elsewhere before, the idea is not to become tough as a rock. Rocks can crack, erode, break. The idea is to become like water that is non resistant, resilient, flows around obstacles and carries all with it without changing it’s own nature. With that you will find peace in the fears that you carry, you will allow things to pass through without letting them control your life, you will free your own self.

Traumas and fears are not just heavy emotions you carry. Sometimes the minor stresses you carry also add up. The inconveniences you expect, the uncomfortable parties, the annoying phone calls, the mundane work you have to do – all these ideas add up to what you are carrying within you. My advice is to start seeing what you’re carrying. And the scarier or uglier it is, the more love you should give to it leaving you. The smaller it is, the more you should tend to it. Slowly the dense dark clouds looming over you will also burst into a lovely peaceful rain.

For everything you carry within you, gently mold it into love. If you cannot change something within you into love – let it be. Do not feel the need to embody it. Do not fear it, it is only yours. When you’re ready, go back to it within yourself, and reshape it. That is all you have to do – your entire life – embody love, on the easier and the more difficult days.

Which brings me to the most important part of this article, of worth and love for yourself. How do you reimagine everything as love?

Being Enough. Being Love

I remember when I first came across these affirmations, I could not feel them. They were words, letters arranged, sounds I was familiar with but they meant nothing to my insides. They would hit a wall inside – well if I’m enough why am I still experiencing this or that?

Enoughness is not a stamp or passport to enjoying a different life. Enoughness is a state that is embodied. Affirmations are not anthems that get you to the other side of some perceived border. Affirmations are ideas you fully accept and embody. Bringing yourself to the embodiment of these ideas is where the question of worth lies. 

Considering that all things belong to your imagination including who you are, what you are, what you look like – also considering that imagination is an act available to you through your awareness, can you not engage in just about any version of yourself? 

When you experience resistance to an idea you want to occupy in your imagination, it is simply highlighting things you have otherwise accepted that contradict it. In addressing this resistance, you let it go. As soon as you let it go, you enter a freer state, where this imagination is easily occupied for you. Finally, the orchestrated projection that is rooted in your imagination changes form to match your shift. 

Instead, allow yourself to become absolutely nothing. Absolutely no definitions, impressions, limitations – and build yourself back up. There is only one vessel to fill in your life, that vessel is your imagination. To fill that vessel you have to embody the imagination. In embodying this vessel, you buy the pearl of great price – which is you giving away all your gathered impressions and ideas of self. Even the ones that are about you being a queen. You do not need power to act in this imagination. Force is unnecessary. You simply are being. You become. 

This is where love is the greatest and truest state of yourself. You start with enoughness, to realize that you are free to have anything and that is why  you are enough. You find your way to realizing that you are love. In your truest, raw form – you are Love. 

Love is access, Love is consistency, Love is provision, Love is listening, Love is enabling, Love is being. You are being. You are love. 

Since you are love, even if you do not live in the state of love, all that you carry is enabled, is provided, is consistent, is becoming. Residing in the state of love will give you the ability to enable that with you desire. You will shed the old self with love.

This state is not about feeling unimaginably happy (that can be one feeling in this state). State of love is when you radically accept who you really are and no longer entertain ideas to hold you back from your desire. State of love is when you feel uncomfortable but you welcome these feelings as they make their exit from your body. You do not fear them controlling your life – because you lead with love. Love is fully accepting all that you desire, because love is access. 

Greet your inner being with love. Greet your desires and your imagination with love, these are your true Godself. When you do this, your questions will change. You will start to allow yourself to show all that you carry. You will be unafraid. This is how we all expand.

True “Self”

Do you notice how all of this article is focused on changing within? On acting from the place of love? That is because your true self is perfect. It sees no flaws that would remove love from it. Your true self simply orients itself to the desires you feel – where do you think they come from?
They come from your own true self! Your true self, underneath all of this, is one with your wonderful imagination just as you experience it in your mind when you dream up ideas you like. It is one with your imagination instantaneously.

Ideas inconsistent with your true self’s oneness with your imagination are simply ideas you are accepting and allowing. In shedding these ideas, you’re not changing someone without. You are changing within – and everything without (which also belongs within) conforms.

When you reach this point, you will witness the fact that your worth does not lie in you having anything or looking a certain way. You will see that the physical, social, financial aesthetics are simply creations of your imagination, and with a change of inner perception you will see you will see these transform around you.

Traumas are also simply unanswered questions of worth and access that you may have in the universe. In fact, all forms of fear and resistance are rooted in the illusion that you do not have access to something. The romanticization of a forceful power, control and disciplining yourself lies in the illusion of earning that access. We are all the same, One imagination – One consciousness – One existence. You have complete access to all things and desires through the love you embody and treat yourself with.

You were completely accepted as a part of the universe with access to all things imaginable – the very moment you were born in this world. That is where your worth lies! In the ability you have over every single aspect of your life. The things you thought were “pre-requisites” are simply aesthetics of being that you imagined, you will feel free. Your worth is not depending on your body shape, features, relationship status, financial health, mental health  – that is the thing about worth; it does not depend on any factor. Worth is worth; independent, and bold.

Loving My “Self” 

Does that feel liberating? Love your self as you are. The oneness of all things is a serendipitous way of living that always traces back to what you carry within. This is loving yourself. Recognizing and embodying oneness.

From here, you will not care to judge yourself for any perceived flaws. You will feel complete and yet open to improving. Healing will no longer feel like a requirement but a lovely decision. As a result, you will be able to see how your appearance, your relationships, your finances automatically change – because you addressed your self with love. Expand and drench your self in the oneness of all things, in harmony with your own imagination. You will witness that your desire is a promise.

So, next time you want to manifest something, believe me, the method is very simple – act from love. Imagine it lovingly, allow fears to pass through you and expand into that version of yourself. Be kind to your self, it is only a part of your Imagination. Allow life to bewilder you with its beauty that it gets from the loving state of your imagination. Live your life with the worth and validation you deserve, allow the access and go all in! You will see how unstoppable you are.

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Faiza is a designer living in Los Angeles with her cat and 20+ plants. She has been interested in understanding the meaning behind our being, our life since childhood and has been able to grow her learning further more with Neville Goddard and the IAm Love team!


  • Salma
    September 16, 2020 at 5:31 PM

    Faiza! This was beautifully written. Thank you! I am new to Neville’s teaching but also was raised
    Muslim, so the quote from the Quran had such a deep meaning to me. Thanks again! Keep writing. 🙂

    • Shaina
      September 19, 2020 at 11:24 AM

      I absolutely agree! This was a wonderful article and it resonated with me as well because I was also raised Muslim and have been learning about Neville’s teachings. Thank you– I appreciate it 🙂

  • Mayra
    September 16, 2020 at 9:57 PM

    This was trully inspiring. It made my day. Thank you.


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