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Which Books & Lectures Should I Start With?

If you are new to Neville’s teachings, you may be overwhelmed by all of the information out there. No need to worry, we have you covered! The following is a list of resources that we think beginners should first start out with in order to really grasp the core of Neville’s work.

Neville’s 5 Core Lessons


  • The Law & The Promise – This book is one of Neville’s most famous and most read books. He goes in depth on how imagination creates our reality and how to utilize revision in our everyday lives. The best part is that Neville includes a ton of success stories and testimonials from people who have used his teachings to achieve their desires. Definitely one that has helped me tremendously!
  • The Power of Awareness – This is probably my favorite book of Neville’s. He teaches us that our mental conversations are a huge part in creating our realities and the power of our assumptions. Plus much more!
  • Feeling Is The Secret – I personally think this is Neville’s easiest book to understand. He delves into the concept of how our subconscious mind works and why feeling is the most important aspect when it comes to manifesting.
  • At Your Command – I am not too sure if this is his shortest book, but it’s a pretty quick and easy read and was the first book Neville wrote! He goes into detail on what “I AM” really means and how we can affirm/decree a thing into our world. It describes how consciousness is the one and only creator and he makes references to some biblical passages. God is our awareness of being and that is who we really are.


  • How Abdullah Taught The Law – This lecture is a favorite amongst our editors. Neville shares his first experience using the Law and how he was able to go to Barbados despite all of the seeming obstacles. He also talks about how Abdullah refused to entertain any of Neville’s doubts by slamming the door on him whenever he would question the Law. We learn that even Neville struggled and had his doubts in the beginning, but continued to persist!
  • Imagination Plus Faith – “Your own wonderful human imagination is God”. Neville speaks these very words and delicately describes to us how our imagination is creating everything in our lives. He ensures us that the only way to build up that inner faith is to put it to practice!
  • Live In The End – Neville is always emphasizing the importance of living in the end and walking in the wish fulfilled. He teaches us that we must first become the embodiment of our desires. We must walk in blind faith that what we desire is a done deal and ignore all of our external senses in the 3D world.
  • The Pruning Shears of Revision – Now, I think this is the most important lecture. Or at least one of the most important ones. Neville talks about how to revise our thoughts and events that do not correlate with our desires, and why it is important to do so. We must carefully adjust our mental diets as it plays an important role in manifesting.
  • Mental Diets – Which brings me to this lecture. As I said above, our mental diets play a huge role when it comes to manifesting our desires. What we feed our minds is ultimately what will out picture onto the screen of our world. Neville talks about his experiences with mental dieting and how we can fix our own.

*Please note that Neville has written many more books and there are hundreds of lectures online. You can find them all online for free. This is just a condensed list of where we think beginners should start. All of the above links belong to the respective owners and we do not claim ownership for any of them. They are merely shared for educational purposes.

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